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Clickbank Emperor Forever Review – Incomplete Product

April 28, 2016 6 Comments



Product name: Clickbank Emperor Forever

Product owner: Mrrightme


Price: $9.93 , after discount $6.95

Overall rank: 20 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended


Clickbank Emperor Forever is a Clickbank product that has been advertised for some time now and the owner of this product, Mrrightme claims that with this guide you can start making $2000 per day.

Mrrightme claims that he or she has become a Clickbank Apex Elite member. Maybe, I don’t know.

But like I said in many of my reviews on various products, if someone makes a lot of money doing something, it doesn’t mean that you can copy their steps and start making the same amount of money.

It’s simply impossible. When it comes to internet marketing, i.e. making money online, there is no such a thing as copy my steps and paste my results for yourself.

Yet I come across many such products and it’s not a secret that the best place to find such low quality products is a Clickbank.

The claim is very serious and in my review of Clickbank Emperor Forever I’m going to dive into details of this product so you can decide if it’s worth your money.


The main idea behind Clickbank Emperor Forever

Clickbank Emperor Forever is a PDF guide on how to make money from Clickbank. You will learn how to choose products from Clickbank (a marketplace of digital products) and promote them using various methods, such as Bing Ads ( paid PPC traffic), YouTube.

Mrrightme also explains how to set up your Clickbank account. That’s pretty much what you are going to get for $9.93 or $6.95 after discount. And there is also one upsell that will cost you $75. But I will give more details on it further in my review.

Clickbank Emperor Forever is a mediocre product that doesn’t deliver on its promises and doesn’t provide quality support. Though it’s not a scam, I can’t recommend it either. If you are looking for a genuine program with quality training and support I can recommend a program that I’ve tried and I’m still a member of it. You can try it for free with no strings attached. No credit card required.


Pros of Clickbank Emperor Forever

  • Mediocre training
  • Affordable price


Cons of Clickbank Emperor Forever

  • No real support
  • Incomplete training
  • Complaints
  • Expensive upsell


Clickbank Emperor Forever explained

To be honest, this product doesn’t contain any unique information and you can find the same ideas elsewhere on the internet for free.

I’ve seen the same stuff in some other products, such as Affiliate Income Secrets, Commissions Monster and other similar products. The idea is pretty the same.

You create your free accounts with JVZoo or Clickbank and start promoting their top selling products. That’s it. There is nothing new in this product.

In fact, when you pay Mrrightme $9.93 for the PDF guide you don’t get any special info that can help you build your online business. The information is very generic.

If you need to know how to create a Clickbank or JVZoo account you can watch tons of videos on Youtube or find this info elsewhere on the internet. All this info is free. You don’t really need to pay $9.93 for this type of info.

If you want to know which Clickbank products are top selling products you can do some search on Google and it will take 5 minutes to get this info. Just type “20 or 50 top selling Clickbank products and you will get that info for free.

BTW, when it comes to this info, Mrrightme is not going to provide it in the PDF guide. You will have to pay $75 for his upsell in order to get access to his website where he reveals this info.

Alternatively, finding top selling products on Clcikbank is not difficult at all. Once you’ve created your free account you need to go to Clickbank marketplace and choose a product that has a high gravity, which means it’s a top selling product.




Preferably, look for products that have average rebills which means you can make a recurring commission from the product.

Also look for products that have the lowest refund rate. This is really important because normally it means that the product is of high quality. These are simple rules to follow when choosing a product from Clickbank or JVZoo.



When it comes to Clickbank Emperor Forever training, Mrrightme offers you some sort of trainings on Youtube and Bing ads ( PPC paid traffic) from Yahoo. The information like I said is very generic.

It’s not a rocket science to know that YouTube is a great source of traffic and you can make video reviews and add your affiliate links to make money using this method.

In order to successfully market your products through YouTube you need a step-by-step video training on how to use YouTube, which software to buy to record your videos, how to rank videos on YouTube etc. PDF guide is not a choice and it’s not going to help you in that.

When it comes to PPC training, Clickbank Emperor’s training is very limited and I’m sure you won’t get anywhere with this type of info. Mrrightme doesn’t even explain how to set up a PPC campaign with Bing ads.

There is no info on how to get the lowest price per click by optimizing your ppc campaigns, how to choose the right keywords.

But you can get keyword list for all his campaigns if you pay for the upsell that will cost you $75. Mrrightme also promises that he will be sending you updated list of keywords each month.

I don’t really think it’s a good idea to pay $75 for the keyword list. You can find keywords using free Google keyword planner. There is no need to pay $75 for this type of info.

The good part of Clickbank Emperor Forever training is that Mrrightme shows you how to get $100 credits for free from Bing ads. Again, this info is available for free on the internet.




You can find tons of videos on YouTube. Basically, you need to create your Bing webmaster account, Microsoft account and then claim your $100 credit.

There are tons of video guides on YouTube. Alternatively, you can contact Bing Ads by phone or live chat and they are very helpful. I know this first hand.

Also, you are not explained how to set up a domain or your wordpress website. Of course, you can send visitors directly to a Clickbank product landing page too, but sometimes it’s not enough and you need to create your own landing page and write a product review. None of this is explained in the guide.


Why Bing Ads?

He also recommends to advertise on Yahoo search network instead of Google because Google traffic converts better. It’s true, but Yahoo traffic converts very well too.

I know this first hand. Another problem why he doesn’t recommend to advertise on Google is because Google is VERY strict and doesn’t approve most of the campaigns.

I personally have two websites and followed all Google rules and yet they didn’t approve my sites. I even had several phone conversations with their support team and in the end they told me that they didn’t approve sites in the money making niche at all.

I think they should have told me about it in the very beginning, and I was surprised when they didn’t approve my sites.


Does Clickbank Emperor Forever really work?

Yes, the method Mrrightme tries to teach you works for those who know how to advertise on Yahoo or Google.

If you don’t know how to make your campaigns profitable you simply can burn all your budget. I mean even if you buy Mrrightme’s list of keywords it doesn’t guarantee any income.

As simple as that. If you don’t have money to spend on paid traffic then buying Clickbank Emperor Forever doesn’t make any sense.

You can of course promote products through YouTute too, but you need to buy some other quality training that will explain how to advertise on YouTube effectively.

All in all, I believe this product is not going to deliver what Mrrightme promises you. I have experience with Bing ads and Google Adwords and know first hand that promoting products and making your advertising campaigns profitable is not going to be easy at all.

You can organize it in a way you think it should be profitable and may not get the results you expect from your campaign.


Reliance on paid advertising

Mrrightme also tells on his website that in order to be successful with Clickbank Emperor Forever program, you don’t need SEO, video marketing, Facebook, Twitter, article marketing, email list, hard work. Is that true? Not at all.




In fact, he denies all proven methods that lead to massive success in your online business and I completely disagree with this approach.

Success with his program relies completely on paid traffic and even in this strategy he doesn’t provide quality training.


Is Clickbank Emperor Forever really a top selling product?

In my opinion and the opinion of many other internet marketers that I know and who know how to make a buck online, promoting Clickbank products is not always a good idea if you value your reputation.

I’ve seen many “top selling” Clickbank products that were removed from Clickbank later due to many complaints from people that fell for promises like we see in this product.

Just think of this product that fails to provide quality training and yet it’s considered as a top selling product.

I value my reputation and never promote fake products on my website and nor do I recommend you to do so if you plan to work long term online.



Though Mrrightme offers two types of support, by email and Skype, you can’t get any support from this marketer.




Take a look at the complaint from a website of friend of mine. Fariss says that tried to contact Mrrightme via Skype and failed to get any support.




He failed to get any good results with Bing ads campaigns. Do you need any other evidence? It proves once again that Clickbank Emperor Forever is not a top selling product and I don’t recommend to invest your hard earned money in this product.

BTW, he uses some testimonials on his websites and to be honest, they don’t prove anything.


Final word on Clickbank Emperor Forever

In my opinion, Clickbank Emperor Forever is a mediocre product and if you don’t buy the upsell for $75 then buying the core product for $9.93 or $6.95 doesn’t make any sense simply because it doesn’t contain all the info you need in order to be successful with this product.

The method requires a budget and experience. Copying and pasting won’t work. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

No one is going to sell you their profitable campaigns. If they sell it means these campaigns are no longer profitable. The product is not a scam, but I can’t recommend it either.


Final glance at Clickbank Emperor Forever

  • Mediocre training
  • Affordable price
  • No real support
  • Incomplete training
  • Complaints
  • Expensive upsell
  • Overall rank: 20 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended




Want a better alternative to Clickbank Emperor Forever? Here is my top recommended program. It’s free to try.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Great information on your page and a good review that is well thought out and comparative in many ways. As I continue to look for alternative ways to make an income this is definitely an informative site that will save more people a ton of headaches as they search for additional income. It looks like Clickbank Emperor Forever is not the best option out there.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Jeff, In my opinion, Clickbank Emperor is a mediocre product with some major flaws. I think there are tons of programs like this on the internet and one should think well before investing their money. If you do some research on this program you will realize that it’s by far not the best opportunity out there. If you have any other questions, let me know.

  2. Dave says:

    A very informative site, I’ve just embarked on my WA journey and hope to have success to some degree in the next few months. I definitely haven’t signed up for GET RICH QUICK like Click Bank Emperor Forever. I want a long term sustainable business, I’m also involved in another programme which I became part of in 2015. WA has taught me so much in a few weeks that I KNOW that as I development my skills. it will pay off eventually

    • Rufat says:

      I believe you will achieve success if you stay patient and work hard, really hard. The fact that you didn’t sign up for Click Bank Emperor Forever is a great news because the training is incomplete. As I see, you don’t have much experience in making money online and since you found the right program and I’m actually a member of it too, I recommend to stick with it and you alright. If you read the comment above taken from a website of a friend of mine you will realize that Click Bank Emperor Forever is definitely not a good choice. The main idea of this product is driving paid traffic, but there is no quality training on this.

  3. Timothy says:


    Thanks for pointing this out. I appreciate that you don’t think Click Bank Emperor is a scam, just a bad product. The word scam is used too much these days. Some things are not illegal, just a waste of time.
    I’ve actually never heard of it before today, so I’m glad I never got involved!
    On the other hand, I’ve recently hooked up with WA (Wealthy Affiliate) and they are awesome! A good product to be sure.
    I can definitely see the value in WA and you’re right, it will take some time and hard work to see results. But that’s the way it is with anything of great purpose.
    All I’ve seen so far is really good people in the WA community trying to help each other to succeed. That’s something you can’t easily find out there.
    Again, thank you for your honesty Rufat and I know you’ll succeed too.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I really don’t think it’s a scam because it provides some value and the method it teaches is realistic. But I agree that nowadays the word scam is used too often and many website owners call every product they review a scam. I strongly disagree with such an approach. I always try to be very honest and realistic and explain what the product is about and people see my honesty and realism. I give them a chance to choose one of two programs, one that I review and the other one I recommend and most of the time they take my recommendation.

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