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Commission Breakthrough – My Honest Review

February 28, 2016 2 Comments



Product name: Commission Breakthrough


Price: $34, after discount $24 + upsells

Owner: Bruce Kelley

Overall rank: 5 out of 100

Verdict: Scam


Commission Breakthrough is a software that will make you rich at the push of a button. I’ve been writing product reviews for a few years now and from my experience I can say that all push button softwares are a waste of time.

But anyway, I decided to take a closer look at this program to see if this program is really worth the time and effort. I found quite a few videos on Youtube that were very positive in regard to Commission Breakthrough.

Soon I realized that all those reviews were made by people trying to earn an affiliate commission only. I even found a video made by Kelley in which he called his software as a real money making software and he even asked to keep this information 100% confidential.

He claims that his software will allow you to pull money directly into your bank account. Whether it’s true or not, I’m going to do some research and find out if it’s true or not.


Pros of Commission Breakthrough

  • Affordable price


Cons of Commission Breakthrough

  • No real training
  • No support
  • Website url is no longer working
  • Software is outdated
  • False promises about making tons of money
  • No money back guarantee
  • 3 upsells
  • Many complaints




Commission Breakthrough review

The promo video on Youtube by Kelley is 30 minute long in which he tries to convince you that an internet elite group tries to keep the secret of making money online and only few people have access to the secret.



It’s not an Advertisement

He talks about how he has been scammed many times and promises to save you from from all the crap, but in reality he tries to lure you into another scam, this time of his own. In short, he doesn’t provide any training.

His program is a software that supposedly should help you put your online business on autopilot which is hard to believe. And it’s really useless.


Can Commission Breakthrough really do all the work for you?

As I said, Commission Breakthrough software will do all the work for you. Kelley says that with his software you don’t need to build websites, write articles or sell anything. You don’t even need to drive traffic to your website.



It’s not an Advertisement


The software will find products for you and once they have added to your site, it will send targeted traffic and you will start seeing huge numbers in your bank account. In fact, it’s not true.

There is no software in the world that can do this type of work on autopilot. It’s simply impossible. You definitely need to have a beautiful website and customize it according to your needs.

Without having a professional website you will never be able to take your business to the next level. Without writing quality original content you will never be able to drive massive traffic to your site. Without traffic you will not be able to make sales.

Quality traffic comes only through search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, Youtube, email marketing and there is no software that could send you such a traffic at the push of a button. This means Kelley is simply lying to you.


Commission Breakthrough’s coding errors

Aside from being a complete waste of time, Kelley’s software is a big headache. Many people using it have complained of the software to crash their computer.



It’s not an Advertisement


Instead of helping them make money it caused them problems and they had to delete the software.

Besides that, many people have complained of being unable to use the software because Kelley doesn’t educate them in this regard.


Commission Breakthrough tools

The software can build a website for you and connect your website to a BrainHost web-hosting company for which you have to pay $10 per month.

It’s very expensive because web-hosting will cost you much less if you do it through well-known hosting companies, such as Hostgator, Godaddy.

Kelley does so for the sake of earning a commission off you. This shows that Kelley doesn’t care much about your success.


Option 2 will allow you to do it yourself through a subdomain which is not so good from the perspective of search engine rankings.

The software has three sections:

  • Traffic
  • Watchers
  • Revision stats



The traffic allows you to set your traffic in a way you want it to be delivered to your site. You can set your traffic as daily, weekly or monthly.

By setting traffic I mean it shows you how much traffic you can expect depending on the keyword phrase you check through the software.

To be honest, the data can’t be relied on because the software is outdated. Kelley promises you the amount of traffic that you can get if you insert your affiliate link in an article on Wikipedia.

The truth is that you have no control over the link inserted in any of Wikipedia article because Wiki’s staff will have to approve it manually.





In the next “Watchers” section you will be able to check how many people read any particular article on Wikipedia which means the more people read it, the more traffic you can theoretically get to your website.

Another problem is that the more people read this article and edit it, the more chances that your links will be edited and likely deleted. Anyway, using this software can easily get you banned from Wiki and secondly the software is very buggy.




Revision stats

Finally, it shows you how many times any particular Wiki page has been watched, edited per week and per month. If you see a lot of activity on a particular Wiki page it means that page is not a good choice because most likely your link will be deleted by someone else.




Traffic from Wikipedia

Kelley also teaches you how to find pages on Wikipedia and insert backlinks to your site. What he teaches you is not going to work because most of the time your links will be removed by Wikipedia staff manually. The idea is simple.

People try to get backlinks from Wiki because it’s an authority site and if you get such links, you will gain authority too and at the same time you will get traffic.



It’s not an Advertisement


But unfortunately, it’s not going to work as easy as Kelley tries to persuade you.

Also, Commission Breakthrough software theoretically should help you find a niche and tell you if that niche is competitive enough or gets traffic.

The idea is great, BUT the software doesn’t work. As simple as that.


Complaints about Commission Breakthrough

After knowing all these facts it’s only natural that there are many complaints about this software. After 5 minutes of search I found several complaints.

To be honest, there are too many complaints and I simply can’t put all of theme here.

I decided to show you only few of them. Even these few complaints clearly show that Commission Breakthrough is not worth the effort and time, not to mention your hard earned money.




Support at Commission Breakthrough

There is no support simply because the website url doesn’t work. But I’m not sure, maybe they moved their site to a different url. Whatever the case, with so many complaints, false promises and buggy software, I don’t think you can expect any good support from Kelly or his team.


Final word about Commission Breakthrough

The idea of this program is all about automating the whole process and making money at the push of a button. The idea is absolutely bogus. If it was so easy I would be the first to buy it and recommend to everyone.

Plus, I could earn tons of money by promoting this software. And the worst thing is that Kelley’s website is already down which means you are saved from falling for this scam.

Instead of wasting your time and effort in the wrong direction, I would recommend to set your mind toward the right program that will teach you how to make money online and will show you the whole process through a step-by-step guide.

This is the same guide that I’ve followed to start making a good income online.

You can start with a trial account that doesn’t require any personal info, such as credit card or phone number. During trial period you can ask questions and get support and I personally will welcome you once you’ve created your free account.


Final glance at Commission Breakthrough

  • No real training
  • No support
  • Website url is no longer working
  • Software is outdated
  • False promises about making tons of money
  • No money back guarantee
  • Many complaints
  • Upsells
  • Overall rank 5 out of 100
  • Verdict: Scam



If you have fallen for this scam please share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Tired of programs like Commission Breakthrough? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!

It’s free to join.


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  1. Adam says:

    Nice Review

    I wondered about Commission Breakthrough and how it all worked. It seems to be a lot like Millionare Bizpro. I seen many YouTube videos on that also a push button service. But like you said all they want to do is sell you Millionare Bizpro. Commissions Breakthrough sounds like the same scam just under a different name.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you find it helpful. I think from this review it’s clear that Commission Breakthrough is a total waste of time. I’m really tired of all these push button softwares that promise to make you rich with a few clicks of your mouse. Complaints added to my review make it absolutely clear that this system is not going to work in the way they promise you. I’ve seen tons of such programs and I’ve seen tons of similar complaints from people who have lost their hard earned money.

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