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CPA Conversion Crusher Review – Can You Really Effortlessly Make $321 per day?

June 10, 2016 6 Comments



Product name: CPA Conversion Crusher

Program owner: Abul Hussain, Venkata Romana


Price: $4.95, plus 5 upsells ( $17 – $197)

Overall rank: 50 out of 100


The creator of CPA Conversion Crusher is Abul Hasan and there are also several other partners involved in this product like Venkata Romana. I’ve seen this guy in another program, Commission Monster. Both programs are mediocre and in my opinion they can’t deliver what they promise.

When it comes to CPA Conversion Crusher, Abul claims that you can effortlessly bank between $109 – $321 per day. Is this true? Maybe… But from my personal experience with affiliate and CPA marketing I can tell that his claim is WAY exaggerated.

To be honest, I’m tired of programs that make big claims and can’t deliver even a small part of it. By this I don’t mean that CPA Conversion Crusher is a waste of time.

It does deliver some value and in my review I’m going to explain exactly how you can benefit from Abul’s program and if CPA Conversion Crusher is worth your time, effort and money.


The main idea behind CPA Conversion Crusher

The idea of CPA Conversion Crusher is all about teaching you how to make money with CPA offers that you can find on various CPA networks, especially on Peerfly and Maxbounty.

Training is not bad and you can find some good info inside the “course”. It’s not actually a course. It contains a single YouTube video 30 minutes long. Plus there are many upsells from $17 up to $197.

CPA Conversion Crusher is a mediocre product and requires investment into other upsells and paid traffic. If you are a complete beginner I would recommend to start first with affiliate marketing. Allow me to help you and recommend a complete program with supreme support and all required tools in order to be successful online. And I’m actually a member of this program. It’s FREE to join. No credit card required. Take a look at the comparison table and feel free to create your free account.


Pros of CPA Conversion Crusher

  • Affordable price
  • The training contains some good tips


Cons of CPA Conversion Crusher

  • Too many upsells
  • Unrealistic claims
  • No active community to get support from
  • Requires a solid budget


CPA Conversion Crusher

In short, CPA Conversion Crusher is a YouTube video 30 minutes long that you get access to after paying $4.95.

You might be thinking that after paying 5 bucks you’re going to get access to a complete system that will teach you everything for $5, but unfortunately I have to disappoint you because it’s not going to happen.

The good thing about CPA Conversion Crusher is that Abul Hassan tries to teach you the stuff he is doing himself which means you’re going to do what works. But from my experience I can tell that and it happens most of the time that what works for someone else doesn’t always mean it will work for you too.

If you have no experience in cpa marketing I would like to give you some info on what is required from you as a cpa marketer. After watching Abul’s video you have to go to CPA networks, such as Peerfly or Maxbounty and create your free account.

Unfortunately, not all CPA networks will accept you. Most of them won’t accept, but some of them will. For example, I got approval only from Maxbounty and Peerfly and these two networks are in fact, one of the best networks out there.

If you don’t have any experience in affiliate or CPA marketing most likely they won’t approve you. So, this is something you must keep in mind before you decide to buy CPA Conversion Crusher. Once you’ve been approved you will have to choose cpa offers and start promoting them.

There are free and paid offers and beginners should always start with free offers because they are easier to convert. Very often people don’t know which offer to promote and overcomplicate the process. You just need to find an offer and promote it to the right audience. That’s it.


CPA Conversion Crusher training

The training consists of one video in which Abul gives some valuable info on how to organize your cpa campaigns. He explains exactly how he gets conversions with his cpa offers, what tools he uses.

He talks about CPA Conversion Crusher plugin that he uses to build his landing pages and if you choose to buy his upsells you can get access to that plugin too.




The plugin allows you to create a landing page with questions designed to engage your visitor and get them to take action so you can get the conversion. The idea is great, but I’m sure it’s not enough to get enough clicks converted into action.

Success comes through a combination of a good offer that converts well, good landing page that converts well and promoting an offer to the right audience. In order to complete all this successfully you need experience and knowledge and then you need to try various offers to see which one converts well.

I’m still struggling with it and that’s why I can’t honestly recommend you any CPA program including CPA Conversion Crusher because I’m still not successful with CPA marketing. But I have success with affiliate marketing and I believe it’s easier than cpa marketing.


How to be successful with CPA Conversion Crusher?

In order to be successful with CPA Conversion Crusher like I said above, you need to choose an offer and promote it. There are two ways to promote cpa offers.

The first method is through creating a landing page and driving traffic to that page. Your main task is to get people to take action which may be playing a game, submitting their email address or answering questions.

If they do you then earn a commission from a CPA network. The second method is through building an mail list using a landing page and then promoting cpa offers to your list. Both methods require time, effort and investment.

There is no an effortless method that Abul is talking about. This is not true. In oder to be successful with CPA Conversion Crusher you need to drive traffic to your cpa offers. You can drive traffic through SEO (search engine optimization) which takes time and it’s not the best option because cpa offers are valid only for a short period of time.

You can also create videos and upload them to your YouTube channel, but this method also requires certain skills and knowledge and it takes time to get your videos ranked on the first page of Youtube search results.

The other fast method is to buy traffic from Yahoo (Bing ads), Google (Google adwords), Facebook (Facebook ads). Buying traffic is not the best option for beginners because you can waste all your budget and get zero or little results.

The main problem with this approach is that you create an ad thinking that your ad is great and super appealing and people will click on it, but in reality you get tons of impressions and very few clicks that don’t lead to any action from the side of your visitors.

I personally promoted cpa offers on Yahoo and Facebook and got very few clicks that resulted in commissions. I find this method very difficult compared to affiliate marketing.

Most people think that promoting free offers is easy, but in fact it’s much harder than promoting an affiliate product that requires the purchase.

I’m successful with affiliate marketing but still struggling with cpa marketing. You need to buy a high quality course or preferably get private coaching from a cpa expert and gain the required level of knowledge and experience.

But it still requires some budget to try offers and see how it works for you before you start seeing regular income from your cpa efforts.


What I don’t like about CPA Conversion Crusher

As I said above, the price for CPA Conversion Crusher is more than affordable, but there are several upsells inside the members area which means the product is incomplete.

There are several upsells, from $17 up to $197. And the worst thing about Abul’s approach is that there is not a single word about upsells on his website.

This is definitely misleading in my opinion. And there are some other costs, such as paying for a landing page software an autoresponder. All this means that you need:

  • To spend a good amount of money for other products in order to be successful with CPA Conversion Crusher
  • You need to try many offers to gain experience
  • You need to buy traffic for your cpa offers

This is what you should expect from CPA Conversion Crusher

There is too much hype on the sales page and I strongly disagree with such an approach. To be honest, I use this approach too, but I always mention that making money is not easy and I don’t make any promises.




Abul makes too many big claims on his website and tries to convince you that making money with cpa is super easy and once you buy his course you will be successful. I think it’s misleading.

Abul uses testimonials on his website and to be honest, I don’t welcome this approach. I can’t prove that these testimonials are fake, but I’m pretty sure that all at least some of these people are paid actors from

I also noticed that when I clicked on the links on Abul’s website I was very surprised to find out that links lead to invalid pages which is very bad for Abul’s reputation.





What I like about CPA Conversion Crusher

They have a Facebook mastermind private group where you are supposed to get support from. This is definitely good that they try to support you. But I don’t know how active and helpful they really are.




Final word on CPA Conversion Crusher

My final opinion on CPA Conversion Crusher is that this product is very specific and I believe that it’s not for everyone. Abul makes some big claims and promises he fails to deliver and I strongly disagree with such an approach.

In my opinion, it’s misleading. But the price is pretty affordable and I think anyone can buy this course for $4.95. But you must understand that you can’t expect much from a product that costs you 5 bucks.

CPA Conversion Crusher requires a solid budget to invest into this program because you must buy traffic and drive it to your CPA offers.

I have some experience with CPA and know firsthand that making money with cpa offers is not easy at all. In fact, I have an experience with affiliate marketing and I’m successful with it. I find promoting cpa offers much harder than traditional affiliate marketing.

In fact, I’m making a good regular income with affiliate marketing and a few dollars with cpa marketing. CPA Conversion Crusher doesn’t deliver everything you need in order to start making money with it.

You need to buy several other upsells and even this doesn’t guarantee any income. You need to spend a good amount of money before you start seeing regular income from your online efforts.

I believe CPA Conversion Crusher is not for beginners and if you want to learn how to make money online you would better start first with affiliate marketing and the best program I can recommend you is one that I’m a member of.

You can find the link at the end of my review.


Final glance at CPA Conversion Crusher

  • Affordable price
  • The training contains some good tips
  • Too many upsells
  • Unrealistic claims
  • No active community to get support from
  • Requires a solid budget
  • Overall rank: 50 out of 100


Want a better alternative to CPA Conversion Crusher? Here is my #1 recommended program! No obligations. It’s free to join.


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  1. For anyone sitting on the fence as undecided about whether to go for this program, you’ve offered a good clear analysis of it from personal experience. There’s nothing better to base comments and analysis on because it gives your review of the product authority. It’s especially good to see how you compare it feature for feature against WA, and give a bullet-point overview of the pros and cons. A lot of people investigating schemes like Conversion Crusher are susceptible to extravagant promises because of a need or wish to make money. Your review was very effective in highlighting the extravagant claims about how supposedly easy it is to make money with Conversion Crusher. This was a very helpful review that will likely save some people from wasting their time and money. Very nicely done.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for the comment David and I have to agree with you that though the program is good and the price is affordable, there are though some major cons in it and that’s why I don’t think CPA Conversion Crusher is for everyone. Mostly because the program is incomplete and there are too many upsells. Second, Abul makes some unrealistic claims regarding how easy it’s to make a few hundred dollars a day which is not true to be honest. I have some good experience in affiliate marketing, but I’m personally still struggling with cpa marketing. I think he should make more realistic claims and be more open with folks.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the detailed review which gives clear idea what CPA Conversion Crusher. What I really don’t like about offers like that, is that they offer you something for one price, but later you find out that what you got, isn’t everything, and that you should buy more, and then you get another upsell and another upsell.

    • Rufat says:

      Like you I hate programs that focus more on upsells rather than helping folks. In general, CPA Conversion Crusher is a good product, but there are too many upsells and plus promoting cpa offers is not easy. I personally prefer complete products that offer all inclusive price which is not the case here. I wouldn’t recommend this product for newbies to be honest. It requires a budget and a lot of experience.

  3. Anh Nguyen says:


    It seems like CPA crusher is yet again a bad make money online program that’s more interested in making a great sales funnel for themselves than for the user.

    And as you said, WA is still a better choice. As a member myself, I can attest that. 😉 Do you think this program is worth a try?



    • Rufat says:

      No, Anh, I can’t say that CPA Conversion Crusher is a bad program because it delivers some value and you really can learn a thing or two from the creators of this program. But claims are big like always and it requires a budget and results are not guaranteed. I really don’t know Anh, if I can recommend you this program or not because I’m not successful with CPA marketing. My success is very limited to be honest. But I’m successful with affiliate marketing and that’s why I recommend you to first start with my recommended program to see how it works for you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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