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Does My Paying Ads Work? – Why I don’t Recommend My Paying Ads

April 16, 2016 4 Comments



Product name: My Paying Ads

Program owner: Uday Nara


Price: Free to join + Requires a minimum budget $5 to buy ad packs

Overall rank: 30 out of 100


Does May Paying Ads work? It really depends. It may work for some people and may not for others. Why? Because Revenue sharing companies are not reliable.

It’s not just my opinion. It’s the opinion of many people who have tried My Paying Ads or some other revenue sharing programs, such as My Advertising Pays or Traffic Monsoon.

It really doesn’t matter which revenue sharing program you want to join. I was a member of Traffic Monsoon, one of the best revenue sharing sites, for several months and then I was kicked out of the program. They scammed me out of my hard earned money with no explanation.

I know people who tried My Advertising Pays and were scammed too. Believe me, My Paying Ads is not different from these two programs. BTW, Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays are WAY more popular than MY Paying Ads and yet they are not trustworthy.

Yes, it’s true that many people have made a lot of money with these programs, BUT there many people who lost a lot of money too with these revenue sharing companies.

And I’m talking about thousands of dollars. Anyway, in my review of My Paying Ads I’m going to explain exactly what this program is all about, how you can make money with it and should you join this program or not.


Pros of My Paying Ads

  • You can advertise your business
  • You can make money on autopilot 🙂
  • Support is not bad
  • Instant withdrawals – $5 minimum
  • Over 100.000 members


Cons of My Paying Ads

  • Requires a budget -from $5 up to thousands of dollars
  • No guarantees of revenue
  • You can lose your money and your revenue in no time
  • Complaints
  • No refund

Though this program is not a scam, I can’t confidently recommend it. It requires serious investments and there is no refund. This type of “business” is not sustainable and you can lose all your revenue in no time. Allow me to help you and recommend another program that can show you how to make money through legit methods and I’m actually a member of this program too. Take a look at the comparison table and feel free to join my recommended program. It’s free to join. 


My Paying Ads advertising services

Like any other advertising and revenue sharing program, My Paying Ads allows you to advertise your business if you have one and at the same time it allows you to invest your money in order to become a “partner” of My Paying Ads and get a small part of the profit of the company.

It really does sound great and appealing enough which is the reason why so many people invest their hard earned money in this “business”.

But you must remember that if you plan to advertise your business within My Paying Ads network, you must understand that you’re going to waste your money.

Because when it comes to revenue sharing sites, their network is a closed system and an overwhelming majority of their members join these programs only with one simple goal – they want to make money.

They have no interest in any services or products people try to advertise inside those networks.

That’s why, I really don’t recommend to buy advertising services from revenue sharing sites. Trust me, I’ve been there. I bought their advertising. It’s useless. It doesn’t work.


Tutorial on how to use My Paying Ads

If you want to know how to use May Paying ads program, you can type “My Paying Ads Quick Start Tutorial” on YouTube and watch the first few videos that will explain everything in details.

It’s not so easy to understand how the whole system works because it’s little confusing, to be honest. But in my review I will try to explain it in simple terms so you can understand exactly how it works.


What you MUST know before you invest your money

The most important aspect that is common to all revenue sharing programs is that they all are unreliable. By this I mean that you need to be very careful before investing your hard earned money because there is no guarantee that you will earn any revenue from revenue sharing sites.

Yes, I agree that their compensation plan is very appealing and many people buy into this type of “business”. Yes, it’s true that you can make money by simply clicking on 10 ads daily and earn revenue. But you must keep in mind that you can’t earn revenue if you don’t invest your hard earned money.

If you invest let’s say $50, then it doesn’t make any sense to participate in revenue sharing program. You simply can’t make any money with such small investment.

You need to invest at least $500 to make this program work for you in a way you might be expecting. Even if you invest and start earning revenue every day you still can’t take your revenue.

Because if you do so, then again it doesn’t make a sense to participate in such a program. But I will explain it further. Plus you must keep in mind that all revenue sharing sites warn you that you shouldn’t invest money if you expect guarantees from revenue sharing sites.


disclaimer (1)


They simply don’t guarantee any revenue to anyone. You must keep this fact in mind. If you plan to invest your last money, then don’t do it.

I did it with another program, one that is very popular on the internet, WAY popular than My Paying Ads. And I lost my invested money. I lost over $500 with Traffic Monsoon.


Support at My Paying Ads

I have come across some positive opinions on the internet about Uday Nara and would like to share my thoughts on this. Yes, it’s true that he is a helpful guy and tries to help their members.

But does it really mean that you can trust My Paying Ads. I don’t think so, to be honest. Why?

Because I’ve seen many complaints about revenue sharing programs and can say the following. If you want to know if a particular website is trusted or not, you shouldn’t read positive reviews.

Try to do some additional deeper research and read negative reviews so you know what you can expect from the program. Just an example, before joining Traffic Monsoon I read many positive reviews about Charles Scoville, the owner of Traffic Monsoon. I found many good words about him.

But the truth is that I was kicked out of the program and in fact Traffic Monsoon scammed me. I lost over $500 in this program.

And their support though was helpful in the beginning, didn’t solve my problem. They simply blocked my account and didn’t allow me to enter my account again.

As a result I lost my invested money. Their support was simply terrible. I couldn’t reach them neither through support ticket, nor through email or phone.

That’s why, I really recommend you to be very careful about this type of programs. If you invest your money then you must be ready to lose them too.


How to make money with My Paying Ads and how much?

I’m now going to explain how to make money with My Paying Ads. First off, you must understand that if you plan to invest money into this program you shouldn’t expect to cash out in the first few months because you will need to reinvest your earned revenue in order to buy more sharing positions.

If your main goal is to invest and then cash out immediately then this program is not for you. My Paying Ads is a little different from Traffic Monsoon I was a member of.

In Traffic Monsoon I was buying ad packs and each ad pack cost me $50. The more ad packs I had the more money I could make. In My Paying Ads it’s different. They have 10 levels of ad packs.

Each level consists of 200 sharing positions. For example, if you buy 200 sharing positions from the first level you will pay $200.




These sharing positions will earn you $1.67 a day within 24 days. So, you invest $200 and earn $40 in the end. $40 is your profit. In fact, for each invested $50 you earn $10 which is pretty good.

Remember that you invest $200 only once then reinvest your profit in buying new sharing positions over and over again. It means that if you start with $200, you will need 5 months in order to earn your invested $200 back and then you will be in profit.

If you invest another $600 and buy another 200 sharing positions from the second level, you will be earning $4.44 a day plus $1.67 a day from the first level = $6.11 a day x 30 days = $183 per month. In this case you need 4 months to earn your invested money ($800) back.

But remember that you will be reinvesting your revenue because the more sharing positions you have the faster you will earn your money back. You can look at the table to see how it works for different levels.




Just an example, in Traffic Monsoon for each invested $50 I could earn $5. In this sense, May Paying Ads is better than Traffic Monsoon. Another popular program, My Advertising Pays offers $4 profit for each invested $50. The earnings My Paying Ads offers don’t look realistic at all.

I’m sure this program will collapse very soon. And in fact, it happened already. Paypal froze their account and many of their members lost a lot of money.




They promise to release their funds in July 2016. They are having the same problem like Traffic Monsoon whose account was frozen by Paypal too.

And do you know why? I’m not 100% sure, but as I know, it’s due to many complaints that Paypal receives from the members of revenue sharing sites.

According to Paypal regulations, they cover all the losses people incur with ponzi schemes and of course Paypal doesn’t want it and since this situation is caused by revenue sharing sites, Paypal freezes their accounts in order to review their activity.

This again proves that revenue sharing sites are unreliable.

If you buy sharing positions from the first level, you will be making $20 for each invested $100. If you want to earn more revenue then you need to buy another 100 positions from the second level.

In this case you need to spend $300 in order to buy 100 sharing positions.

So, each new level requires you to spend more money. For example, on level 3 you need top pay $500 in order to buy 100 sharing positions. The last level allows you to buy 2000 sharing positions.

The more sharing positions you buy the more revenue you can earn. You must reinvest in order to buy new positions and replace expired positions with new active positions and this way you will continue earning revenue.


More details about My Paying Ads

$5 is the minimum cashout. You can’t cashout more than $200 a day. There is no membership fee. You can earn revenue by inviting others to the program. For each person you refer to My Paying Ads you will earn 10% referral commission. They accept payments from Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Solid Trust, Payza, 2Pay4You.



My Paying Ads services

When you buy sharing positions you get credits and can advertise your business within their network. It includes text ads, banner ads, solo ads, PPC. But as I said above, their traffic is not targeted and for the most part it’s useless like with any other revenue sharing programs.


Is My Paying Ads a sustainable business?

No, it’s not. Because May Paying Ads like all other revenue sharing companies doesn’t guarantee any revenue. For example, you can have 400 positions and instead of earning $4 you can earn $0.50 a day. Revenue is not guaranteed.

If they have an issue with Paypal it means they can have the same issue with Solid Trust or Payza. There is no guarantee that it won’t happen. And this is exactly what happened to me when I was a member of Traffic Monsoon. Moreover, I lost access to my account with no further explanation.

I told in many of my reviews, that if you plan to use this opportunity for a side income, that’s ok. And you must be ready that you can lose all your investment.

You shouldn’t consider it as your main source of income because it’s out of your control and you can lose all your revenue at any time.

The main problem is that if you invest a small amount of money your revenue will be very limited. If you invest a significant amount of money there is no guarantee that you won’t lose it.


Final glance at My Paying Ads

  • Requires a budget -from $5 up to thousands of dollars
  • No guarantees of revenue
  • You can lose your money and your revenue in no time
  • Many complaints
  • No refund
  • Overall rank: 30 out of 100




Want a better alternative to My Paying Ads? Here is my #1 recommended program!

No obligations. It’s free to join.

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  1. Matt says:

    Sounds like a pretty risky business they have here. You have the potential to earn or lose it all.

    I never heard of revenue sharing programs before. I’m having trouble understanding what they do. Sounds like you invest a percent of your money into the company and you earn revenue based on their revenue? And what do you mean by a closed system? They only advertise to their own members?

    • Rufat says:

      Exactly. This opportunity is very risky and it’s true that you have a potential to earn and you a potential to lose everything in no time. Yes, you invest your money, i.e. buy sharing positions (packs) and the more packs you have the more money you can make in theory. The main problem here is that there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all. When it comes to a closed system, it’s about their traffic packages and in fact when you buy their traffic packages you advertise to the a closed audience that is not interested in your offer. Their main focus is clicking on ads and getting their share of profit. I mean their traffic is completely useless.

  2. Shane Welcher says:

    Thank you for your review of My Paying Ads, do you recommend using My Paying Ads or is the best way to use affiliate marketing through WA?

    Why the ranking of 30 out of 100 for My Paying Ads process?

    I am just starting to look into affiliate marketing for just an added resource to make money.


    • Rufat says:

      From my personal experience I can recommend affiliate marketing only. It’s a reliable business model and it’s in your full control. The earning potential through affiliate marketing is unlimited. You can make from a few bucks online up to thousands of dollars. I’m successful with affiliate marketing and love this method. When it comes to revenue sharing sites, I have some bad experience. I invested $365 into Traffic Monsoon and lost all my money. Their support was terrible and of little help. They closed my account without any reason and when I asked them to give access to my account they asked me to provide my account email and I gave them. But they didn’t restore my account. Long story short, I really don’t recommend My Paying Ads or any other revenue sharing site IF you plan to invest your last money. You can lose it at anytime. If you some free money, then do it at your own risk.

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