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Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? Wealthy Affiliate Advantages

March 14, 2017 10 Comments



Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founded: in 2005

Founders: Kyle&Carson

Price: Free trial account (7 days), No credit card required

Verdict: Legit


My personal 3 years experience at Wealthy Affiliate


I see countless reviews about Wealthy Affiliate when doing Google search and it’s good that people share their experience and invite others to join this online business community that provides quality training, all necessary tools and support, all designed for you to be able to achieve your online business goals.

Most reviews come from beginners and in fact can’t give you a realistic view on the program simply because their own experience is very limited.

Most of them are totally new to making money online thing and still need more time to understand how it works and how Wealthy Affiliate realistically can help other people.

In short, YOU as a reader of this review of mine and as a visitor of my site want to know exactly the answer to a simple question:

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? Is it worth your time, effort and most importantly, your money?

This is really important because no one wants to waste their time and money on a useless program. This review of Wealthy Affiliate is based on my 3 years experience with the program.

I will give you all necessary information about this program including my income report. Keep reading because I’m going to give you a very realistic info about this program.


What you need to know first

First, Wealthy Affiliate is legit. An overwhelming majority of Wealthy Affiliate reviews are absolutely positive and it’s because this program works! Yes, it does work!

But it doesn’t work for everyone. It works only for those who are willing to put some effort and dedicate some time to the certification course offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Some people still don’t understand that those programs that promise to teach you how to make money online without an effort are simply lying to you.

Effort is required for anything, especially when it comes to making money both online and offline.


Before you join Wealthy Affiliate

Before you join Wealthy Affiliate I want you to know that it’s not FREE! Nothing is free in life. But Wealthy Affiliate allows you to try the program for FREE! You can create your FREE starter account and see for yourself how the program works!

As a starter member you will get two free websites that will be yours forever even after your 7 days trial period expires!

Here is the comparison chart that gives you a perspective on what you can get for FREE vs premium membership plan.




Inside Wealthy Affiliate I will personally greet you and help you get started.

You will also get access to the first level of WA certification course. This will give you a perspective on how Wealthy Affiliate works and how you can build your own income generating website provided you are willing to put some effort into it.



Besides getting access to the first level of the official WA certification course you will also have access to WA free trainings and tutorials created by other experienced members.

All this info is very valuable and actionable. Even with free options inside Wealthy Affiliate you can achieve some limited success online.

But in case you want to build a serious business online and make things go faster you need to upgrade your free account to a premium account that will cost you $49 per month. The first month though will cost you $19.

Believe me, this investment is worth it because you can make WAY more money if you work hard. If you choose one time payment (yearly plan) then you will pay only $359! That’s a huge discount!

Or you can pay on a Black Friday which they announce each year in November and pay only $299 for the whole year!

I think it’s simply amazing to pay such a ridiculous amount of money for Wealthy Affiliate membership considering all the benefits you get from it.




Wealthy Affiliate is not new..

Wealthy Affiliate is not a fly-by-night company that takes your money and goes away. It has been online since 2005 and has a solid reputation. It has been helping people for many years.

I have been a member of this community since 2013 and I’m happy with it. Wealthy Affiliate’s key guys are Kyle and Carson. They are the founders of this online business community.




Jay is Wealthy Affiliate’s live coach. Every week on Friday he offers a live video class and answers questions of Wealthy Affiliate members. If you can’t attend the video class it’s not a problem. It’s recorded within 24 hours and all members can watch it later.





Advantages of Wealthy Affiliate

Like I said above, Wealthy Affiliate was designed with main focus on helping people like you and me to get started online with proper tools, knowledge and support.

To help you get started Kyle&Carson offer you various tools that make this process as easy as possible.

As I said above, it requires time and dedication. They can help you but they can’t do all the work for you. When you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you get many advantages:


  • Wealthy Affiliate Core Training ( Main Course)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training ( for affiliates)
  • Live Weekly Training by Jay
  • Community (free) Training Modules
  • WA Keyword Tool
  • Website Builder (SiteRubix)
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Hosting (SSL included)
  • Website Backup
  • Site Domains Service
  • WHOIS Protection Privacy
  • Email Accounts
  • Wealthy Affiliate Support (live webinars, Live chat, private messaging, website feedback, community forum support)
  • Your Personal Blog inside Wealthy Affiliate
  • No installation fee
  • Price Guarantee
  • No upsells

If you take a look at this huge list of the advantages you will realize that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely an amazing deal.

It has everything you need to help you get started online and achieve your business goals provided you are willing to take action and follow the steps within Wealthy Affiliate and ask questions if you have them. Other programs charge WAY more for all these tools and features.




Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate training teaches you everything you need in order to build a successful online business. The main certification course teaches you how to create quality content for your website and get it ranked on Google’s first page.

This will bring to some or a lot of free traffic from Google to your website. Traffic means visitors, i.e, potential buyers. You will also learn how to get traffic (free and paid) from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

You will learn how to create videos and rank them on YouTube and drive free traffic to your website. You will learn how to drive traffic using paid advertising methods, such as Google adwords and Bing ads (PPC).

You will learn how to increase conversions of your website using email marketing. You will learn how to get more traffic using social outreach strategies.

All these strategies work very well if you dedicate time to implementing these strategies. It will take time and effort but reward is great in terms of traffic and income.

Now I want to answer your question: Does Wealthy Affiliate work? Yes, it does work! But it works differently for different people.

First, it depends on your consistent effort and the amount of time you dedicate to your online business.

Second, it makes wonders for some people while it makes sense for others. What I mean is that your website traffic (number of daily visitors) is the main source of your online income.

The more traffic you have the more income you can earn. Some people are good at applying strategies they have learnt and accordingly they get awesome results.

They make a few thousands dollars per month. Other people are not so good at applying the strategies or have no much luck and they earn way less.

Like I said above, level of your website income depends on Google rankings ( making your website appear on the first page of Google).

The truth is that Google doesn’t rank all websites equally. And it’s not always a matter of quality content alone that makes your website to the top of Google.

If you have no much luck with Google rankings then you will have to use other strategies, such as paid advertising, email marketing, social marketing, social outreach, video marketing.

That’s why people have different levels of success. Not all, but almost everyone makes money if they work hard. For example, I joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2013 and started following the certification course and creating content (material) for my website.




One year later, in October 2014 I launched my website. For two years (October 2015 – January,February 2017) I made $12.232.

This is not net income because I made some investment in paid advertising. My net profit is between $500 – $700 per month.

Not so much compared to other members that are making between $3000-$5000 per month. Anyway, I think it’s not bad. And here is another screenshot of my income ( $425.55) that I made as a direct result of Wealthy Affiliate training.




Everything in one place

As I said above, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to get started online. When you get started, you need to learn the basics of making money online and you need to learn it through a simple step-by-step process. This is possible within Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You need to build your website without html coding. You don’t need to be a programmer once you’re inside Wealthy Affiliate. You can build your website in 4 simple steps inside Wealthy Affiliate.




  • Step 1. What kind of website do you want to build?
  • Step 2. Name your website
  • Step 3. Choose a look for your website
  • Step 4. Build Your website now!

You need a web-hosting service to host your website and you need to buy a domain name ( for your website.




You can do this thanks to Wealthy Affiliate Site Hosting and Site Domains service. It also includes SSL certificates for your site, site backup, email accounts, sitehealth and site analysis.




You need a keyword research tool in order to be able to find keywords related to your website topic and get your website ranked under those keywords in Google’s top 10/20. This will allow you to get free traffic to your website and monetize that traffic.




You need to know about all updates related to your online business, such as Google updates, social media updates, YouTube updates, new advertising strategies, new tendencies in online business space and more.

All this becomes possible thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s weekly live video classes and interaction with other successful and experienced members.

You need support in case you have something unclear to you. There are a lot of additional trainings within Wealthy Affiliate that will answer almost all your questions. You can also get support through private messaging, live chat and forum.




Two options at Wealthy Affiliate

There are two options within Wealthy Affiliate. You can either build your website around your passion or interest or you can build a site and promote Wealthy Affiliate to other people and make money from your website. WA has two certification courses:

  • WA Certification Course
  • WA Bootcamp Course

Any of these two courses can make you money. My website is around WA Bootcamp Course. I also plan to build another website around my passion.

You can choose any direction and become successful. It depends on how badly you want it.


Why I love Wealthy Wealthy?

I love Wealthy Affiliate because of their realistic and honest approach. They provide high quality service and support AND they never give you false promises.

In fact, many other programs like Wealthy Affiliate provide the same type of service but they make unrealistic claims, such as making a lot of money in X amount of days.




People believe them, join their programs and then quit soon after joining. Wealthy Affiliate is DIFFERENT.

Their team has realistic approach to business and honest approach to people. They always clearly explain that success takes time and effort.


My conclusion on Wealthy Affiliate

I think I was able to prove that Wealthy Affiliate works and it works for me too.

My results are not the best results one can achieve but you now have an idea of what you can expect from this program.

If you put some effort and dedicate some time to it you will be doing alright.

Just stay positive and surround yourself with successful people that you will find inside Wealthy Affiliate.





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Comments (10)

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  1. Kent says:

    Hi, I am a beginner who only started late last year. I would be jumping through the roof if I had your results right now. $700 a month surely isn’t much, but one could move to a cheap place like Thailand and still live pretty good. Thats the reason I want to do this affiliate marketing stuff, to have the freedom of living.

    If in my first year I can get the results you got, I would consider it very successful. Not that I’m good with making $700 for the rest of my life, but the prospect that it can keep going up and increase without limitations. I can build more blogs, write more posts, etc

    You are correct, WA is legit. Also correct that they will not hold your hand like a baby, one has to do the work for themselves. All WA is that they supply you with the information, it is up to the individual to take it and use it. Nice article, I am inspired by your results.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m really glad you are positive and working hard to achieve success with your online business. Yes, I agree that making $500 -$700 isn’t that much. But to be honest, I thought I would make WAY more. Like I said in my post, the amount of your income depends on the amount of traffic you have. Google ranks some sites to the top while doesn’t favours other sites in the same way. And believe me, it’s not because those sites that outrank you have better content. Not at all. And because the have a ton of quality backlinks. It’s the way how Google randomly ranks sites. That’s the true reality and we can do nothing about it. Anyway, making the amount I’m making is still a win win situation and I shared this info so other reading WA reviews could see what they could realistically expect from the idea of making money.

  2. Peter says:

    Awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate Rufat.
    I love reading about success stories and yours is a great read. So would you say a person needs at least 2 years of hard work and posting content every day to get to $500 a month? I am willing to give it that long.

    You have covered all of the important aspect that make this what I think is the best business school on the planet. The training and support is amazing.

    You can try other programs but you will eventually end up back at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for this, continued success and keep working hard!

    • Rufat says:

      Not at all Peter. You don’t need to post every day. For two years I posted 350 posts. Now I’m posting once a week. That’s it. And I’m still making money. That’s the beauty of online business. You do the work once and then earn a consistent income for a long time. Some people start making WAY more that I’m making within a year or so. Everyone’s experience is different. I agree with you that many people that leave Wealthy Affiliate then come back here because they can’t get the same type of quality info in other places. Plus support at Wealthy Affiliate is so great and responsive that makes them come back here. I wish you success with your business Peter.

  3. Sharon Whyte says:

    Hi Rufat
    That is a very thorough Review and your results are great, showing it works if you just work at it. Too many people look for a quick fix and it really doesn’t exist. You have to put in the time and the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is it provides all the tools you need to be successful!
    Thanks and cheers, Sharon

    • Rufat says:

      That was the idea of my Wealthy Affiliate review. To make it as realistic as possible so other people could make an informed decision without any exaggeration. Like you say, many people look for a quick but they don’t understand that easy money doesn’t exist. If you don’t put your effort into something you can’t expect something in return. Wealthy Affiliate like you say, provides all the tools and info on how to start and turn your site into a money generating machine. You can make a lot of OR some money but it will your own and consistent income. I believe WA is worth the time you put into it.

  4. Frank says:

    What a wonderful and thorough post. I have been a member of WA for just 2 months today. I find it to be an absolutely incredible place to learn and get support from many different areas within the community.

    Everything you say here is correct and very true. I don’t believe anyone reading this article will think that you are just another online salesman trying to take their money.

    Your realistic presentation should be enough to motivate anyone that is looking for new way to succeed online and especially those that have been burned by the many scams that are out there everyday.

    Thanks for posting.

    • Rufat says:

      I think the best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that besides quality training, it provides a fantastic support without which one one can succeed online. I’m glad you find my review correct and honest and I tried to be such to the best of my ability. I wrote my review this way to let people know exactly what they can expect from this amazing program. And like you I believe my review will motivate many other people. I didn’t hide any info here. I showed my real income that’s not huge. But these numbers are real and I think it will let people have the right expectations. They need to know and realize that success requires time and patience and some investment.

  5. roamy says:

    Hello Rufat
    You made a very informative and honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.
    I think in the online world, people are quick to call a program a scam if it does not work for them, if someone joins Wealthy Affiliate and does not follow the training, they give up them shout scam, but like everything out there nothing is for free and WA is not different.
    Like you mention in your post, Wealthy Affiliate works and it can work for anyone who follows the tutorials and take action, this is another problem many people learning online have, they keep learning, creating content but then do not take action on the other things they learn from WA or any other program and I think this is another reason for failure.
    I can see you make some good income as a result of the good training you got from WA, im sure you`d not be making the same if you had tried it out then given up too soon to look for shiny objects that promise some insane amounts in days.
    Thanks for sharing really inspiring.

    • Rufat says:

      I completely agree with you Roamy. I always explain to my visitors that there is no way to guarantee their success but if they like you say follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate and take action they will definitely start making money. It will happen sooner or later. The main thing here is not to give up too soon. And the great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it gives you a chance to try their program without paying anything so you can see how it works and what you will be doing for making money. I agree that a lot of folks don’t take action. They start and the quit after a couple months. This way it won’t work. You have to be consistent in your effort. I personally learnt a lot of stuff at Wealthy Affiliate for what I’m very thankful to them. This is the only program that taught me how to make buck online. And you are right that if I quit too soon I wouldn’t see an income that I’m making now. It takes time, dedication and patience before you start making real buck online. I’m glad I came across such a program as Wealthy Affiliate and I have no plans to leave it.

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