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Free Training on How to Make Money Online

March 8, 2016 2 Comments



Free is an amazing word BTW. Everyone loves free stuff, right? But to be honest, free is not always good when it comes to quality. Thankfully, internet gives us access to a lot of things, info, programs without spending a dime.

But I think the best part of the internet is that it allows us to start our own business with ridiculous startup costs. You don’t need to rent an office or pay someone to get your work done. You can do your work yourself and get paid for your efforts.

The bad news is that you can’t start making money online without knowledge and experience. You must learn a thing or two in order to do things properly.

If you are serious about starting your business online you have to take it seriously.

There are different ways to start online, free eBooks, free videos on YouTube, free email courses. Most of them are not effective enough because they can’t deliver the value you need in order to succeed online. Because all this stuff is free. And there is a paid stuff too.

You can buy an eBook on how to make money online. You can pay for the course on how to make money online.

Anyway, like I said, free is not always a bad thing and today I want to share with you my experience with a program that offers a free training on how to make money online and I will show you all you need to know in order to start your business in an easiest way possible.


Can I start making money online without spending money?

As I said above, there is a lot of free stuff available online that is not so much effective and there is a paid stuff too. But paid stuff is not the best way to start because you have to spend money without having an idea of what you are going to get into.

No one wants to spend money, especially when it comes to making money online programs because most of them are trying to scam you.

They take your money and then leave you without support and you continue your online journey on your own until you get scammed by another fly-by-night website.

Not a good start at all. Even those programs that are legitimate, it’s still not the best way to start online because you have to pay real money for a course you don’t have any idea about.

The best way in my opinion, would be starting for free to try out things that are completely new to you.

And allow me now to show you a program I personally where I got my start and I’m still a member of this program BTW.





Ho to start online in an easiest way possible

When it comes to making a solid income online, you need to have your own business like in real life. There are many different programs online, such as Surveys, PTC sites, but most of them can’t help you make enough money to quit your job.

In the best scenario you can make between $50-$200 per month which is probably not exactly what you are looking for.


There are several ways to make a solid income online:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Selling your own products/services
  • Blogging
  • Google Adsense


All these ways will be explained once you get access to my recommended free program. For now, keep reading because I’m going to share with you an important info.

The best way to start making a solid income online, a few thousands of dollars per month can be achieved though affiliate marketing.

You can simply promote any product or a program and earn your affiliate commission. That’s it. As simple as that. And one of the best programs that can teach you an affiliate marketing in an easiest way possible is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s the same program where I got my start over 2 years ago. This program offers a free training on How to Make Money Online and you can join this program without spending a dime.

But it’s not completely free and below I’m going to give you more details.




How my recommended free program can help you

My recommended free program is really different from many other programs that I know. In order to help people like you, that are just staring out online, they have a unique approach and that’s why they are different from other programs.

They explain everything in simple terms and provide a top-notch training course on how to make money online. The training is super simple and easy to follow.

Once you create your free account, you will get access to the program and will be walked through all the steps.




You will see a green button that says: “Get Started here” and after clicking on this button you will be taken to the first level of the certification course on how to make money online.

Certification course doesn’t mean that you have to take an examination. All you need to do is just watch 10 short video lessons and read some text tutorials that will explain to you the whole thing about making money online. It’s not hard at all.

You will need one hour to complete the first level of the course. After going through this first level you will start to see the picture and understand how people including me are making money online.





This is all real. No gimmicks, no any exaggeration. Once inside the members area you will have a unique opportunity to chat with real people that are making real money online as a result of following this training.

Some of them are making a few thousands per month and some are still learning. I’m always available and you can contact me anytime if you have any questions. You can leave your message on my profile page

As I said, you will go through the first level only. You will get two free websites, you will have access to live chat and tons of other free training stuff on how to make money online created by members of this program.




All this information is very valuable and you won’t find anything remotely similar to it elsewhere on the internet. For example, you can type any question like you do it on Google or Youtube and you will get tons of free stuff inside the community.

Or if you don’t find what you want, you can ask a question. With all these options available for free you simply can’t fail IF you are willing to learn, grow and work in order to build your very own successful online business.




After completing the first free level of the training you will have two options:

Option # 1

Continue with free resources and grow your business on your own because after 7–10 days you will lose your access to support. But you will not lose your access to your free websites and other free training resources within the community. With all this free stuff you can achieve success and start making a decent income

Option # 2

If you want to achieve something big and faster then you definitely need to upgrade your account and go through the rest of the training material which is awesome.

Level of your success and the amount of income you can earn directly depends on the level of your knowledge and how you apply that knowledge to practice.




For this to happen faster and easier you need to upgrade your account in order to get access to full support and all the resources and tools necessary for your success.

  • You need a keyword research tool.
  • You need live chat and the ability to post questions and get support whenever you need it.
  • You need to add comments to your site which is available through Wealthy Affiliate’s sitecomment feature.
  • You need to get access to weekly live webinars prepared by Jay.
  • You need to go through all levels of the certification course in order to achieve your financial goal.

In short, if you upgrade your account, you can achieve your desired level of success online much faster. First month will cost you $19 and then $47 each month after that.

I highly recommend to stick with this community until you achieve your goal. Once you inside the community you will understand why it’s important to stay in the community.

If you can’t afford to pay $47 per month, then at least you can pay for the first month which is $19 and go through all levels of WA training on how to make money online and then leave the community.


Free training on how to make money online

WA’s training consists of the main Certification course and Affiliate Bootcamp. Both trainings are fantastic and if you follow them you will be simply amazed with the results you can achieve.






The first free level of the training on how to make money online consists of:

  • Lesson 1 – Getting Rolling
  • Lesson 2 – Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Lesson 3 – Choose a Niche
  • Lesson 4 – Building Your OWN Website
  • Lesson 5 – Setting up Your Website
  • Lesson 6 – Getting Your Site Ready for SEO
  • Lesson 7 – Finding Content Ideas from Keywords
  • Lesson 8 – Understand Website Pages & Creating Your First 3 Pages
  • Lesson 9 – Creating Quality Website Content
  • Lesson 10- Congratulations and Your Next Steps


As I said, these 10 free lessons will be a good start and if you decide to not upgrade your account, you still can achieve some decent results. But premium account will provide you with MORE opportunities and you will be able to take your online business to the next level.

Networking with other successful members will give even more chances and expand your business. Thanks to networking with other successful members allowed me to seriously improve my business.

Remember that success online comes through networking with other successful people. That’s why, it’s highly recommended to be a part of online business community like one I’m talking about here.


In order to succeed online you actually need several components:

  • You need quality training on how to make money online that will explain in simple terms everything you need to know to achieve success
  • You need a step-by-step guide, both text tutorials and videos
  • You need to have a website in order to build your online presence
  • You need to network with other successful people and benefit from their experience
  • You need some tools that will help you grow your business, such as keyword research tool, email capture form, Google webmaster and Google analytics etc.
  • You need high quality 24/7 support through live chat, forum discussion, email and private message
  • You need a web-hosting service for your website to store your website files and make it live
  • You need weekly live trainings that will provide you with all up-to-date info critical for your online success


You might be thinking that it’s too much. Where can I find all this? My recommended program does provide all this! Some of these components are free.

In order to get access to all these options you have to upgrade your account and become a premium member IF only you are serious about building your online business.

If you want to quit your job. You can read testimonials about this program and about my website here to make sure that I’m honest with you.




My recommendation on how to get started

After watching 10 free lessons on how to start making money online you will be given a choice to choose a niche you want to build your business around. You will have two options:

Option # 1

Choose any niche which can be promoting eBooks, Amazon products, electronics, computer software, computer games, etc., literally anything you want. Remember to choose what you are passionate about.


Option # 2

You can promote Wealthy Affiliate or any other make money program/product. This option is a good source of income, BUT it’s extremely competitive niche.

Since your success online depends on web traffic, it’s very difficult to get your website ranked on the first page of Google in the make money niche.

You can probably choose this niche as your secondary business to supplement your main income. When it comes to choosing a niche, I would recommend to start with Amazon affiliate program.

You can promote any of Amazon products and make a solid income online. You will learn all this once you get access to the program.

When it comes to getting top rankings in Google for your website to be successful and making you money, it’s much easier to achieve it with Amazon website than with a website in the make money niche.

Here is an example of one of our members who has started Amazon business recently and already earned his first commission. It took a little over one month for him to make his first buck online.




That’s why I highly recommend to choose this niche for your main business. Again, don’t worry because once you get access to the program you will be explained everything you need to know about starting a business.


Wealthy Affiliate’s free training on How to Make Money Online is your next step to achieving success online

After reading all this info you might be thinking that it’s so overwhelming! No actually is. It’s very normal to feel so because anything new can appear to be overwhelming.

Once you start your online journey with Wealthy Affiliate you will realize that you are not alone. A whole community of like-minded people including myself are ready to help you along your way to success. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.




The founders of this program Kyle and Carson will personally welcome you and they will be helping you achieve your dream. I believe their free training on how to make money online is one of the best options available online.

The community is very friendly and helpful. You don’t lose anything. The program is absolutely free to join. Feel free to join and remember to take action because only action takers make money!


Create a Starter, Free Account




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  1. Jaime says:

    This is an extremely helpful website. I too, am attempting to make money online via wealthyaffiliate and this website helped give me some more information that I passed over and missed. It is designed very well and easy to read, although there seem to be a few spelling mistakes. I do have one question.. can you give me any tips for creating a popular website and start making money?


    • Rufat says:

      I’m really glad you find the information on my website helpful. If you want to create a popular website and start making money online I recommend you to stick to WA and follow their training. The training at WA is step-by-step and if you follow it and apply the knowledge, you will have a successful website. But I don’t know how long it will take. For some people it can be one year, for some 3 years. It depends on how hard you are willing to work, it depends on your niche. Basically you will learn how choose a niche and write quality content for it. This is the foundation of any online business. You will also learn how to drive traffic to your website and monetize it. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I will be happy to help you.

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