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Home Office Careers Review – Scam or Legit? Watch out for Some Red Flags

September 3, 2016 10 Comments



Product Name: Home Office Careers


Price: from $19.95 up to $299.95

Overall rank: 35 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended


Home Office Careers is the site that claims to be a highly rated website that is reliable and can help folks find a job relevant to them. It’s known as a work from home employment service.

These guys claim that they can easily help you find a job and you can work from the comfort of your home.

Sounds very promising! Right? I’ve done some research and found some facts that clearly indicate that you must be careful about this company.

Still I’m not in a position to give my final verdict and label this website as a scam because I’m not 100% sure about this company.

But the facts that I’m going to reveal are very serious and I believe after reading my review of Home Office Careers you will agree with my verdict. At least this website does look very suspicious what I see based on my experience.

Believe me or not, there are too many reasons why I don’t recommend their services. Though I don’t say that it’s a scam. I’m just of the opinion that Home Office Careers does look very suspicious and if you want to take advantage of their services you better try their free membership plan.

Anyway, keep reading my Home Office Careers review and I’ll let you know if this program is worth your time and money.


The main idea behind Home Office Careers

As I said, Home Office Careers claims to help you find a job and work from the comfort of your home using their advanced job search engine. And they promise to help you find a job relevant to you. They have several membership packages, from $19 up to $300.


Pros of Home Office Careers

  • You can try for free (super limited access)


Cons of Home Office Careers

  • Expensive membership packages
  • Too many red flags
  • Suspicious&misleading ads


I can’t say that Home Office Careers is exactly a scam, BUT there are too many red flags that I see in this program. I really can’t recommend it because I’m on the fence about it. But if you’re looking for an advice from someone who has an experience in online space, allow me to help you and recommend a program I’m 100% sure about because I’m a member of it. It’s FREE to join.


Home Office Careers review

First off, I would like you to know that I’m not going to bash this site just because I don’t like it. Not at all. The truth is that I have some experience in researching programs and I know how to make a buck online.

I’ve reviewed 390 programs since 2014 and believe me I know a thing or two. In my opinion, Home Office Careers doesn’t look trustworthy and I’m going to explain it further within my review.


Argument # 1

My first argument is that Home Office Careers’ database is not large at all. If you go to other more reputable job search sites, such as

you will find WAY more job positions.

Plus most of these sites allow you to find a job and apply for it without upgrading your free account. Many of those sites have a live chat option.

When it comes to Home Office Careers, after creating your free account you can do your search too, but there are some issues.

When you click on the job search option within Home Office Careers website menu at the top of their site, it takes you to their “verified” ad page that contains very suspicious and misleading ads most of which are scams or very low quality programs.




Sometimes you can complete your search and it gives you some results. When you try to apply for the job, a window pops up and says: You need to upgrade your account if you want to apply for the job.




It means you have to choose one of their membership packages, ranging from $19 up to $300. The question is: Why should I pay if I don’t even know if I can find a job or not, if I can rely on this site or not?




I wouldn’t pay a dime to this site to be honest. Plus, Home Office Careers doesn’t even allow you to do a search based on the country and city you live in.


Argument # 2

There is another, more serious concern regarding Home Office Careers website. I found 18 reviews about Home Office Careers on the website That’s ok.

But at the top of Home Office Careers website you can see social media icons that show 42k Facebook likes for Home Office Careers website, 18k Facebook shares. That’s ok too.




First of all, I don’t really believe all these shares and likes are real because you can easily buy such likes on freelance sites like for $5-$10.




Of course, I can’t prove that Home Office Careers likes are fake, but I think they are. Why? Because if you take a look at the right sidebar of Home Office Careers website you will notice a Trustpilot icon that shows that Home Office Careers is a great website and this info is based on 18 reviews!!!

Can you believe that? Can you really believe that a site that has 42k Facebook likes and 18k Facebook shares has only 18 reviews so far??? I simply don’t believe all this info is real.




In my opinion it’s all fake. To support my argument I continued my search and came across a reputable website with a great article regarding fake reviews in which Trustpilot was mentioned too BTW. Here is the article.



Argument # 3

And I also found a comment regarding Trustpilot under the same article. Read it please and be careful.



Also, within the same article I found this info. Read it please.




Can you imagine that some people are being paid for posting fake reviews on sites like Trustpilot or Review Center.

I can’t prove any of these facts. I just share with you the facts that I’ve come across and the decision is yours.


Argument # 4

Another major concern regarding Home Office Careers website is that when you click on the “dashboard” menu option, it takes you to a “verified” ad page with low quality offers. Most of these offers are either scams or low quality programs.

The reason why Home Office Careers team allows them on their website is because they want to make money off you. That’s it.

Please take a look at some of these offers. Some programs promise you to make up to $15.000 per month. Others claim that people make $8.000 per week.






Some links are broken.




Some programs claim to reveal the secret how to make $47 per hour and more.




Some of their advertised get rich quick ads take you to sites that use misleading strategies I’ve seen on many other link posting scams that I’ve reviewed in the past.

You can find more details here on my other website (

Again, I’ve reviewed many MMO programs and I know how to spot scams a mile off. In my opinion, all these offers are not worth your time and money.

And in my opinion, if a site shows you such low quality programs it’s not a trustworthy site. I may be wrong, but it’s just my humble opinion.


Argument # 5

Also, on Home Office Careers website I came across this paragraph that once again proves that this site doesn’t look trustworthy. Note, I don’t say, it’s untrustworthy. I say it does look untrustworty. On their website I came across this sentence.

Believe me, I’ve seen many other solid job search sites with a good reputation and I’ve never seen any of them use such phrases like “No Hype”, “No Gimmicks”, “No nonsense”.




This is just wrong for a solid site to use such phrases. If you don’t trust me, please go to any job search site that I’ve mentioned above and see if you can find such phrases there.


Argument # 6

On the Home Office Careers website you can watch their promotional video full of hype and the lady that speaks in the video is in fact a paid freelancer from website.




This website is notorious for creating fake reviews and many online scams use their services. This is the lady that speaks in the video and the same woman can be found on Fiverr.

In the video she claims that Home Office Careers is different from all other sites and it’s not a typical job search site.


  • They post more jobs per job seeker than any other career service
  • They manually screen and filter each job posted for quality assurance
  • They have many new offers daily – earn as much as you need!!! Really? I can’t believe!
  • They only post 100% work at home salaried positions




My opinion – I don’t believe this lady nor do I trust Home Office Careers website. These kind of claims are very common to scam and low quality sites.


Argument # 7

Finally, I have an article about various ways to make money online and I highly recommend you to read it. You will find many job sites that allow you to find a job for free and work from the comfort of your home. (


Final word on Home Office Careers

I will try to explain in a few words why I think you should stay away from Home Office Careers’ paid membership plans. First off, their membership plans are expensive and there are many other job search sites available on the market that you can take advantage of for free.

There are too many of them: I listed them above within my review. You don’t actually need to pay in order to find a job. If you need to pay it’s only if you want to hire someone. When it comes to Home Office Careers, you can’t apply for a job.

A window pops up that says: you have to upgrade your membership to apply for the jobs. This is really bad in my opinion. Why use Home Office Careers website?

There are many other reputable job search sites that allow to do a search without any payments.

When taking into account all other red flags that I’ve mentioned within my review of Home Office Careers, you start to realize that this website is not reliable.

At least it’s my opinion and I won’t pay a dime to this website. Again, I can’t prove that it’s 100% a scam, but there are too many reasons that convince me to look for some other more reliable sites.

If you still want to find a job, I recommend to use other sites that I’ve listed above or if you want to have your own business, I recommend to start with a program I got my start with back in 2013. It’s FREE to join.

Please share your experience with Home Office Careers, good or bad.


Final glance at Home Office Careers

  • You can try for free (super limited access)
  • Expensive membership packages
  • Too many red flags
  • Suspicious&misleading ads
  • Overall rank: 35 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended



Tired of programs like Home Office Careers? Here is my top recommended program!

No credit card required. It’s FREE to join.

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  1. Britt says:

    Wow, I had no idea that Home Office Careers was so expensive!

    All of the red flags you pointed out are something that would make me think twice before trying the service.

    The final line for me was the fake reviews. I appreciate the heads up about Home Office Careers.


    • Rufat says:

      First off, I agree that it’s expensive especially when compared to other similar programs. Second, they claim that their service is unique but I don’t believe it’s true. And the flaws that I’ve found in this program turn me away from it. Of course, anyone is free to try it but I personally wouldn’t nor do I recommend it to anyone.

  2. Rosa says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thank you for sharing this. I used to search for work at home jobs after I lost my job a few years back. But so many required you to pay before signing. One thing I’ve learned, and I’ve read this time and time again, is you should not have to pay to sign up to work or to “apply for jobs” as you stated.

    So, I would review sites I’d come across. I find websites that review company’s to be scams or legitimate very helpful.

    You’re basically giving your reader a review about this site, the pros and cons and your personal opinion (not labeling as a scam) but giving your reader the option to make the decision even though you do not recommend it. Good review.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I think you shouldn’t pay just for a chance to find a job because even if you find it there is no guarantee that you’ll get hired. I agree that reviewing programs like this one is not easy and it’s a responsibility to give an honest and objective opinion. I always leave to my reader to make a decision. My job is collecting facts and info and yours is make a decision. I think it is a very good approach to help people instead just bashing companies.

  3. Gary says:

    I think I agree with you here that this is inconclusive about whether it is a scam or not. In my three years of wealth research, I have come to a conclusion myself that the stuff online is a model for you to advise other people about getting wealthy in what is an already saturated market! The stuff like this that sells you dreams of working in the comfort in your own home is just a scam. I am on the fence about this like you but erring on the side of caution because of what I have concluded. It’s all a scam!

    • Rufat says:

      It’s really hard to know if Home Office Careers is a scam or not. I really can’t confidently recommend it due to many obvious cons. Though many people call it a scam, I don’t think it is. But who knows? Are you willing to put your hard earned money at risk? The red flags that I showed here are very serious and I think this is a real warning that you should stay away this program. At least, I believe risking is not worth it. Because there are many other good alternatives.

  4. Santiago says:

    Hello Rufat!

    First of, all I have to say is Wow, I havent considered the number of sites with misleading ads that make money out of the fear of people.
    Thank you for this post and this breakdown. Really strong arguments and un-biased analysis.
    It really helped me to be more aware of these offers with huge promises but with little or no reward!

    Thank you for this analysis/Review

    And keep up the good work !

    I wish you the best


    • Rufat says:

      I’m full of sites that use such misleading ads. I understand why they do so. It’s because they want to get as many sales as possible. But they don’t really understand that this type of approach destroys their business because people no longer trust such sites and their misleading ads. But I did my best to provide some realistic insights and show what this program is about.

  5. Cathy says:

    Hi Rufat,
    First off no one should have to pay anything if they are looking for a job, that would be the first red flag. You have done a great job explaining what to look for on sites like this. Hopefully, it will save others from falling for these kinds of scams. It’s sad that people will lie just to make a buck, they must have low morals in themselves.

    • Rufat says:

      I totally agree with you Cathy. You don’t have to pay for searching a job. If I can find a job and get to work then I agree to pay to that company that helped my find that job. But would I pay just for searching?? Still I can’t say it’a scam but this company does really look shady and untrustworthy in my opinion. And like I said within my review, there is a ton of programs online that can help you find a job and plus they have a very responsive support.

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