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How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate? My 23 Practical Steps to Getting Better Conversions with your Website

September 20, 2017 6 Comments



Increasing website conversion rate is extremely important in online business and anyone who has a website perfectly understands what I’m going to talk about in this article.

Of course, your website conversions first start with your traffic. If you don’t have enough targeted daily traffic to your website you can’t get conversions.

Maybe you can make a sale or two but you won’t be able to get sales consistently.

So, when it comes to conversions traffic is the key. But let’s talk about this in details so we can understand how to improve your website conversion rate.


1. First of all, as I said above, you need traffic and you need a lot of traffic, at least 150–200 visits a day.

Because very often I see many people ask a question about traffic but when I ask them how much traffic they get to their sites their answer is 10–20 visits a day.

Of course, with such low traffic it’s very difficult to understand how your website converts. That’s why you need to first work hard in order to increase your website traffic.




2. In order to get more traffic to your website you need to create a lot of content for your website. Depending on your niche and competition you need to set your own schedule for creating content.

For some niches you can write once a week while for other more competitive niches you need to write at least 3,4 or even 5 times a week.

The more content you have the more traffic you can expect and the more conversions you can possibly get.



3. It’s highly advised to record youtube videos and add cards, end screens or annotations to your videos. This allows you to get more traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales.

Or you can send people directly to your offer. YouTube starts to play more role in getting conversions.



4. In order to get more conversions you need to write convincing product reviews showing all the pros and cons of the product.

Of course, you can write on different topics, not only product reviews but product reviews tend to convert at a much higher rate.

Because people that read product reviews have a buying mind. They already want to spend money on a certain product. And if you give them a better alternative they can easily convert into a buyer.




5. From my experience I can tell exactly that most people that visit your site don’t stay long on your site. Because your site is one of many other sites available in online space.

Some people may read your content but most people do not. They just look through the content for a minute or in the best scenario 3 minutes and then leave.




That’s why it’s really important to add more exit points to each of your articles. By exit points I mean adding “call to action” phrases like “Click for more details”, “Discover my recommended program”, “Learn my secrets to getting more conversions”.

And remember to add such points in several places within the same article. Especially, add one point after the first or second paragraph. This way you can seriously increase your website conversion rate.


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6. Another great way to increase your website conversion rate is through adding comparison charts to your articles. There are many different plugins, widgets you can use for that.

For example, you can use Thrive Leads website for making your comparison charts.




With this program you can do anything you want for your online business: Landing pages, opt-in forms, pop up box, sticky ribbon, opt-in widget, multiple choice forms etc.

Take a look at the comparison table that was created using Thrive product. This type of comparison charts, tables tend to convert much better than just adding an image to your site content.


7. Adding images to your content is a great way to increase your website conversions. Not just any images.

You need to carefully choose images for your content that perfectly fit your content topic. Images bring to higher conversions.


8. If you have a lot of images in the sidebar of your website promoting different products try to remove them and leave only 1 or two of them.

If you give your reader too many options it’ll confuse them. You can’t successfully promote many products at the same time.

Of course, you can promote any product from any page of your site and it’s normal. But when your reader reads your content and sees a lot of different products that you promote in the sidebar or on every page of your site then it considerably reduces your website conversion rate.

For example, I promote different products on my website through different pages. But I have several images (ads) in the sidebar and all those images promote one single product.

If my visitor doesn’t convert on any specific page of my site they still have a chance to see my ads in the sidebar. From my experience I can say this is the best strategy that works very well.

Some people have very low traffic and put adsense ads in the sidebar or on every page of their sites and then complain that they don’t get any conversions.

It’s because their readers click on those ads and leave their sites. You still can put adsense ads, but ONLY if you have a lot of traffic. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.


9. Give people a reason to trust you. Most people don’t trust sites at their first visit which is very natural.

That’s why, when you write a post try to mention a few times within the same post that you welcome any questions and would be happy to help your visitors and answer their questions.

Show them that you are a real person ready to help them whenever help is needed. This can increase your website conversions.


10. If you have testimonials from your former buyers put them in front of your new visitors to let them know that those who already tried your recommended product were very happy with it. This will definitely increase your website conversion rate.


11. If you have several choices of signing up to an affiliate program I recommend to stick to the one that is popular and is trusted by everyone.

It can be for example. Amazon payouts are a little low but the conversions are easy to get when you promote Amazon products. Simply because everyone knows about Amazon and everyone trusts Amazon.

It’s much easier to sell a product from than from any other site. Amazon does convert very well.




12. When you write content for your website try to record a short video on the same topic and add that video to your article.

Content that has a video tends to convert at a higher rate than without video because most people don’t like to read and those who won’t read your content at least will have a chance to watch your video and possibly it will increase your website conversion rate.


13. When you write an article about specific product or service don’t just tell people about how the product is good. Tell people about the benefits that they will get if they buy the product or pay for the service. This approach can considerably increase your website conversion rate.


14. If you have a sales page the trouble with having a sales page is that they typically convert around 1 or 2% – so for every 100 people that come 98 leave.

But here’s the other problem – when these people leave there’re gone to you forever. It’s better to have a squeeze page (landing page) where your primary goal is to get people’s email addresses.




This way once people are on your list some will buy right away but the ones that don’t you have the ability to build a relationship with them by providing top notch information, and once these people know, like and trust you – they will buy from you.

Also this gives you the ability to promote any deals or sales you may have. This strategy will definitely increase your website conversion rate.


15. If you promote Amazon products you can mention that Amazon has free shipping. Many people don’t know about this fact. If you mention it you can increase your website conversion rate.

Alternatively, very often Amazon sells the same product in different options, such as “New”, “Used”, “Used, very good”, “Like new”. The price for “Like new” product is always way cheaper than for the new one.

So, you can buy let’s say iMac which is normally sold at $1700 for $1.200. This can also increase your website conversion rate.


16. You also need to pay attention to styling elements of your post and the site. Make the title appealing, large size ( H1 tag) solving people’s problems.

Don’t make your sentences or paragraphs too long. Put a new title, (smaller size than title – H2 tag) for each paragraph because it will make reading much easier and will increase your website conversion rate.

Also, align your content and images, choose a clear website layout to ease the user experience and make your site look beautiful. If your site has an ugly design people won’t trust you.


17. Try to share your content via social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + or any other social network in order to increase engagement on your posts and get some comments, shares and likes. All these elements can lead to better conversion rate of your website.


18. When you write your content try to help people not sell to them. Of course, we all want to get a sale but we first must think of helping folks before we want to sell something to them.

People love when you help them and they hate when you try to sell them.

First help, show them a solution to their problem and then suggest them to try your recommended product in a gentle way and you can increase your website conversion rate.


19. Try to get targeted traffic to your site through keywords relevant to your content. Targeted traffic is the key to getting conversions. You can bring a ton of useless traffic and get zero conversions.

That’s why always focus on creating high quality content that will bring a targeted traffic to your site.


20. Create “About me” page and add some information about yourself so your visitors can see that you are a real person always open to discussion. This will automatically lead to better conversions.


21. Add more call to actions phrases like “learn more”, “Click for more details”, “See for yourself”, “Learn from my experience”, “Discover my best secret” etc.


22. Add questions within your content whenever it’s possible. It will naturally lead to more engagement and better conversions.


23. If you have some great info that you can give to your readers for free then do it. You can offer such stuff in the form of bonus. It does work very well and will lead to better conversions.


If you want to learn all these steps in a more detailed way then I highly recommend you to join this program. It has been my favorite program since 2013. You can try it for FREE!


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  1. Paul says:

    Excellent article, so much detail which left me a little disheartened with all the things I still need to do in an effort to not only bring traffic to my site but to then turn them into people I can actually help.
    your step by step instructions will be invaluable to so many.
    Thanks so much

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you find it helpful and believe me there are way more conversion tips that you can learn from other sources. If you can apply the points mentioned here you can significantly improve your website conversion rate. I did it and my conversions improved. All these steps are working very well. A friend of mine applied only one method mentioned in the point 6 regarding comparison charts and increased his sales by 300%. It will take some time to apply them properly but it’s worth the time and effort.

  2. Minhaj says:

    Hi Rufat

    Great tips, this article will definitely help me improve my conversion rates. I will be implementing the comparison chart advice, I have actually heard from multiple people that this helps a lot because people can visualize the differences and make their minds up quicker.Also great advice about adding more exit points, this was new to me.
    Great article

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I recommend to apply as many points as you can because many people read the material but are still skeptical and don’t take action. Those who apply can definitely improve their conversion rate. Of course, you can’t just copy and paste all points mentioned here. You need to apply and try to see how it works for you. I’m sure if you follow these points and give it some time you will be able to improve the conversion rate of your website. I was able to improve my conversion rate considerably. But even after applying and improving you can’t expect guaranteed results all the time. Sometimes it can work, sometimes it doesn’t work as expected but generally speaking it will improve.

  3. james says:

    Hi Rufat,
    Thanks for your post on this. A great set of top tips, even if the number 23 is a little odd 🙂 That’s made me think about what improvements I can make to my own site in order to improve conversion and I like the fact that you stress the ‘helping’ aspect of content rather than just ‘selling’ to people.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Rufat says:

      Hi James,

      Thank you for stopping by. Point #23 is not odd. It works very well if you know how to use it properly. For example, if you write a product review and offer some great bonuses that others do not then people who want to buy that product will most likely buy it from your affiliate link. Because they already want to buy it. And when you offer some great bonuses they do it through your link and this in turn increases your conversion. And of course, helping aspect is very important for increasing conversions. If you give them helpful info they will come back for your other great stuff and may convert at a later point.

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