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How to Make Money Online for Beginners

November 18, 2016 18 Comments



Making money online is absolutely possible. It’s real. Millions of people are searching for online opportunities every single day. Some of these opportunities are real while others are a complete waste of time.

People do their research due to many reasons. In fact, for each person the reason is different. But most of the time it’s because they want to be financially independent. Some people want to have a side income. Financial independence is not so important for them.

They just want to make some extra cash. Others want to have a real business and make it their main income source. The common to all these people is that they all are beginners. They have a goal and it’s great to have a goal and they want to achieve their goal.

But they have no any clue about making money online. They don’t know how to it the right way. That’s why in this how to make money online for beginners guide I’m going to discuss a few aspects of making money online and help people start online with minimum loss and maximum benefit.


Some statistics

Making money on the internet as I said above is absolutely possible, real and achievable. Though some people are very skeptical about it. Most people are still thinking in 1990 mode when internet was new and very few people could make money using the internet.

Everything has changed since that time. Internet changes almost every day and millions of people have access to it today. And it’s a fact that more than 3 billion people are using the internet now. After a few seconds of research I found another fact that will be very interesting I think.

The number of people using the internet has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015. What does it mean? It means with every year that passes we have even more opportunities to make money online IF we use the internet the proper way. And also it requires some knowledge and experience.

If you’re a complete beginner to online make money thing then you should be aware of the pitfalls that will be on your way. And it’s really important because if you don’t pay a close attention to online opportunities you can easily fall for scams and lose lots of your hard earned money.

It’s a fact that most of the time those who fall for scams are those that are desperate to make money online or those that are in debt. These are two main reasons. 30 million Americans get scammed each year.

For instance, 25.6 million people in the United States paid for fraudulent products and services in 2011. And this number is growing each year because the number of internet users is growing too. Australians lost over $229 million to scams in 2015. These numbers are really big.


How to Make Money Online tips for Beginners

Like I said, if you are a complete beginner you should be very careful when choosing an online program that promises to help you make money. There are many programs and opportunities online and which one fits your needs and interests in the best way really depends on your goals.

If you have a regular job and are happy with it and are just looking for something that can help you make some side income that’s one thing.

If you are not happy with your current job and are looking for something that can help you make enough money online to quit your job then that’s another thing. So, goals are different and approaches are different too.

It’s really important to understand it in order to avoid frustration and wasting your time, effort and money online. If you belong to the first group of people and want to make some cash online that’s ok.

I’m not going to discuss it again because I already did it and you can learn all you need from my articles below.

All the truth about making money online. In this article you can find a lot of info that can help you decide which way to go. Which way is realistic and which one is a waste of time. It also explains how to start with affiliate marketing the right way.

You can create your free trial account and see my recommended program from inside. I believe you will love it like many others did.

In the articles below you will find even more info about online opportunities. You will learn which type of programs are scams, which are not scams but are not so effective. You will also learn about programs that will make you some side income without any investment.

They just require your effort and time. Among them are both income opportunities and online jobs. You can choose the way to go.

Article 1 (

Article 2 (

Please note that those two links are not clickable. You have to copy them and paste into your browser and then hit the enter button. I do so to avoid Google penalyzing my site for interlinking my sites.




Online income opportunities

If you read those articles above you will get a better idea on how online space works when it comes to making money online. For those that have no time to read the articles above I will try to summarize them in one paragraph and explain it in layman’s terms. There are mainly 4 types of income opportunities online that I know about.


Quick cash opportunity

This applies to online survey sites, online polls, redeem, reward sites. You simply complete simple tasks and earn cash within minutes. One thing to keep in mind is that this type of opportunities are limited in their nature. You can’t complete as many tasks as you want.

The number of such tasks is very limited and that’s why your earning potential is limited too. At best you can earn maybe $100 – $200 per month.

And in order to earn this amount of money you need to spend 50–80 hours per month. Does it make sense? I personally wouldn’t waste my time because I know that I can spend my time in a much better way.


Online jobs

You can apply for online jobs, such as virtual assistant, customer service job, transcription job, writing job, accounting job, online tutoring. You need to meet certain qualifications first before applying. Of course you won’t make ton of money. It’s very similar to a regular job where your monthly income is very limited.


Binary options

This business is very similar to gambling and you need a solid budget to enter this business. This is about trading binary options ( currency pairs). This business is not for everyone because you can make a lot of money and you can lose a lot of money too. Most of the time people lose their money. That’s why I don’t want to recommend it at all.


Multi level marketing

This one is based on selling products mostly offline through aggressive promotions and holding home parties. It requires an experience in MLM and it also requires selling skills. Some people have a huge success with this method while others are losers.

If you think you are good at sales and can persuade others to buy products then this method is the way to go for you. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it.


CPA marketing

CPA marketing can be very profitable IF you know how to do it properly. This is about promoting free offers that require a customer to submit their email address, fill out a form or download a trial software. Once it’s done you get paid for it. Believe it or not but that’s true.

I recently received my first commission $135 from MaxBounty CPA network. Big money comes when you start spending money on paid traffic from media sites, such as SiteScout, BuySellAds, ClickSor, or from big social media platforms, such as Facebook.

The main problem with paid traffic is that it requires knowledge and experience. Otherwise you can easily waste all your budget. For instance, running ads on Facebook is not cheap. When you start your Facebook campaign you get clicks at a high price.

You need to first increase the bid and run your ads for some time to increase the relevance score and CTR of your campaign and only then the system will reduce your average CPC ( cost per click). Then you need to improve your ad for maximum conversions.

The process is not for newbies and that’s why this opportunity is for seasoned marketers only. If you still want to enter CPA marketing I recommend only this program. See the link below.





How to Make Money Online for Beginners

I believe the best option for beginners would be affiliate marketing that allows you to earn an income without having a solid budget.

You just need to go through a step by step legit training course that will explain to you how to start online with minimum loss to your budget and maximum benefit for you.

The process is super simple and requires no previous experience at all.

1. You need to first understand that there is no such a thing online as easy or quick money.

2. You need to choose a topic you want to build your website around.

3. You need to have a website – a place of interaction between you and your visitors.

4. You need to buy a domain for your website ( and you need a web-hosting for your website to make it visible and accessible to others.

5. You need to start researching the topic (niche) you’ve chosen in order to write high quality content for your audience. No experience required in order to become an expert in any given niche. There is a plenty of info on any niche online and a few hours or days of Google research will make you an expert in your chosen niche.

6. You need to work on your site continuously and interact with your audience on a regular basis. At least you should publish a post once a week. This is not a rule, but it’s highly recommended to keep up rankings of your website.

Some experts say you can publish a post even once a month and I agree with them. But you have to promote your content through social media and social outreach. And keep in mind that you don’t write for search engines. You write for your audience.

7. You need to be a part of online business community where you can get trained on how to make money online, get high quality support, guidance, all necessary tools, such as website builder, keyword research tool.




In short, you need education first. You need an education on making money online using the internet made simple for beginners. You need a training that works and you need an up-to-date information, a task oriented step-by-step guide and training that you can follow and get answers to your questions whenever you need it. You need to be ahead of the competition. You need a community that truly cares about you and helps you grow your online business.






And I’m proud to invite you to join such a community because I’m part of this community too. In fact, I joined it in 2013. Inside the community you will find everything you need to build and grow your online business. You will find everything that I’ve mentioned above and even more.

Everything in one place! The best part of this community is that the creators of this program never make false promises to anyone. The only promise they make is that you won’t fail if you don’t quit.

And this is true. Those that don’t quit will succeed sooner or later. For some it make takes months while for others 1,2 years. So, it really depends on your approach and how badly you want it.

You can join this program for FREE. I think it’s a fair offer. In fact, you have nothing to lose. I believe you will love the community and enjoy your membership advantages. And remember you can leave the community whenever you want.

I believe it’s one of the best programs that allows you to build a business from scratch and start earning an income without any fear to end up losing your shirt. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you out.




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  1. Andy says:

    Hey this is a really great post. You are dead right it is more than possible to make money online and I love the ways you have listed.

    I noticed you have mentioned binary options I have to say that is a little risky for me (im not a gambler). Have you had much experience with CPA marketing? This is something I have considered in the past.

    Its important to note there are a lot of SCAMS out there and I think you cover this well.

    I for one agree with you ultimately that Wealthy Affiliate is a good starting point as it gets you going from the ground up and shows you how to do things the right way to.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to more.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Andy,

      Thank you for the comment. I agree with regarding binary options. It’s too risky for me too. Regarding CPA marketing, yes I’m making some money using this method. I use paid traffic via Bing ads ( PPC) and I have some successful campaigns. But it’s not easy to find an offer that would perform well and make you money. You definitely need some budget to enter this business. Not too much, but still you need at least $500 as your initial investment to get the ball rolling. And I agree with you regarding Wealthy Affiliate which is my favourite affiliate program where you can start for free. I believe it’s a good start for anyone looking for an online income opportunity. Generally speaking, online business is not for those that are lazy. It’s not easy to earn a $ online. I’m very happy with WA and my experience is very positive so far. Recommended to anyone.

  2. Mijareze says:

    Making money online is real and possible and more and more people are turning to working from home rather than from working a conventional job. The key to working online is to get a good training so you don’t spend years learning to avoid the pitfalls. Wealthy Affiliate can have you up and runningin no time, making money while you build out your website.
    Thank you,
    Ed Mijarez

    • Rufat says:

      I think that’s true. More and more people tend to start their online business and work from home. I’m myself an advocate of financial independence and I always try to do something that would make me some income at side because only in this scenario you can be financially independent. That’s true that quality education is the key to your online success. Without a proper education you have no chances to achieve your financial goal, online or offline. Everything starts with a good and proper education. From my experience I can say that the program I’m talking about within my article is well worth the price and it really over delivers compared to many other programs that never deliver even a small fraction of what they initially promise to people. I’m glad your experience with that program is positive too and you share your opinion here.

  3. Larry says:

    Rufat, I love this post. For someone who has been involved with about half of the potential ways to make money you list, I can say you’ve nailed it.
    There truly are lots of ways to earn money – they aren’t all created equal.
    Thanks for putting all these inequalities in one place!

    • Rufat says:

      That’s true Larry. There are lots of ways you can choose in order to start making money online. But all of them require time, effort and some investment. Out of my list I chose for myself an affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. Both are great ways to make money for beginners. I like affiliate marketing because it doesn’t require a lot of investment compared to CPA that requires some money to invest because it mainly relies on paid traffic. Over the past 3 years I’ve seen many success stories from affiliate marketers and I think it’s one of the best ways to make money online with minimum investment and risk.

  4. Kevin McNamara says:

    Hey Rufat,

    Great post! Yes there are so many ways to make money online and you have listed the tip of the ice burg. Some great ideas in this post.

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months now which you mention in your post. I love it and have, after many years started to make an income, albeit small at the moment.

    But I know that will just keep getting bigger and bigger. Its a great place to start an online business. Thanks for a really inspired post,


    • Rufat says:

      Hi Kev,

      That’s true Kev. This is only a tip of the iceberg and there are way more ways to make money online than those that I’ve mentioned here. In fact, all of these methods mentioned here are good and whether you make money or not really depends on your approach and actions. If you’re lazy then none of these methods will ever work for you. If you are a hard working man then you can achieve your success very fast. I’m glad you’re already making money. This is really good and I believe if you continue your work and continue self-education you will be able to achieve success within 1,2 years. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and I can affirm that this program is exactly what beginners need when starting out online. And the price is very affordable.

  5. Blame says:

    Wealthy affiliate is a great platform to help people succeed in online businesses. Not only is it easy for beginners to learn, it’s also great for veteran online business marketers to learn a lot from it. Not to mention there are twenty four seven full customer support if there are any concerns, or questions. It is perfect. I love it and I have been with the community for a while too. I learned a lot and I am gaining success as I speak. Thank you for spreading the world to other people.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Blame,

      Good to know that you’re a part of such a great community as Wealthy Affiliate. I’m really glad to hear that. I think though there are many different ways to make money online I decided to guide people to my favourite program because I tried it and it’s legit and far for giving people false empty promises. I think the environment that Wealthy Affiliate provides is safe and people can learn and work without any fear that they will be scammed. That’s why anyone wanting to learn how to start making money must join a community like WA so they can achieve results with minimum investment and maximum results.

  6. Arif says:

    great article.
    i do participate in surveys but not for prolonged times. when they come i do it if i qualify and have time. it is mainly a source of pocket money. at the end of the month you see maybe £30 or more. thats ok. better than nothing.
    online jobs – no time
    binary options – too risky and some are fraud
    multilevel marketing – dont like hard sales
    CPA – i’m a beginner. not confident enough

    WA is clearly the best option. I have always known affiliate marketing to be the best way of earning online. but have never been able to delve into it. for years i was unaware of WA otherwise i would have joined years ago.
    when i looked into affiliate marketing i didnt know where to start and who to ask for help to start with and during my journey………..until I found WA.

    this could potentially be a full time business and can earn you substantial money if you are passionate about helping people and building a website.

    my eventual plan is to start my own business with a website built through WA.

    for anyone looking for online business opportunity in order to be financially independent. WA is legit and the real deal. there are so many scams going on but WA is legit.

    on another note, i am a bit surprise you have included binary options as a potential money making opportunity. my understanding is you would need to be medium to expert at binary to have any chance of money making. thus this is a huge risk for beginner. i have come across some many binary scams out there claiming to make anyone millionaires. i nearly fell for it.

    great post.

    • Rufat says:

      This is a good approach when it comes to quick cash opportunities like online surveys, for pocket money. Regarding CPA, I’m working hard in this direction and have some good results. I believe CPA will become part of my monthly solid income in 2017. I believe CPA and affiliate marketing are two great options for beginners. You just need to stick to the right program that provides high quality training and support. And this is what I found when it comes to CPA and affiliate marketing programs. Regarding WA, it’s my favourite program to be honest. Regarding CPA I found two programs, one from William Souza and one from russian online space. To be honest, one that I found on the russian market is WAY better than that from William Souza and I have much better success with it. When it comes to my success with affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate, my business is growing and I believe it will become my main income in 2017.

  7. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Rufat,
    I’ve tried all methods to make money online except CPA and I’m quite curious at it, does it help you make money to compliment your blog?

    It works like an ad right? I just have this thinking that if I put ads on my site, it’ll make it look of low quality, will it not?

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, Riaz. CPA is a real opportunity and actually can make some or a lot of money using this method. I can’t say that making money through CPA is easy though. It seems to be easy because most of the time you don’t have to make a sale. But in fact, even promoting free offers and getting people to register at your site or landing page is not easy. It takes effort and time to achieve some level of success. Yes, I’m periodically making money using this method and still I’m learning this field. I’m currently taking the CPA course at Russian language. The course is very good and it’s actually a task based course. After each lesson you complete the task and after approval you get access to the next lesson. I don’t know any other CPA course that can be similar to this one. I hope after completing this course I will be able to achieve some greater results and I will publish them here.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Rufat,
    Thanks for your review.
    I have heard of CPA Marketing but as I’m fairly new to running a business online, I will wait until I have learnt some of the first steps before I launch out.

    Just a quick question.
    With CPA Marketing, do I need to promote the free offers via my website or are the promotions done via a third party tool?

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I agree you need to learn and then take action. But remember to take action on what you learn because learning new things is a continuous process. Some people learn but never take action and as a result they never get any results. Regarding CPA marketing you can promote both free and paid offers on your website and earn a commission from a CPA network. You don’t need any third party tools. You may need 3-d party tools such as autoresponder or conversion tracking tool. It’s up to you.

      • Jacqueline Smith says:

        Hi Rufat,
        Thanks for your reply.
        I’ve also learned something new.’Take action on what you learn’.
        I will check out CPA as it sounds like a great way to monetize my site.

        Thanks once again.

        • Rufat says:

          I’m glad I was able to help you. It’s simple yet many people don’t understand it. Without taking action nothing will happen. If you take action and dedicate yourself to learning CPA you will achieve some pretty good results. Only continuous action and learning will give you results you might be expecting from your efforts. I’ve seen many people taking action for 1,2 months and then quitting. And then asking a question: Why it doesn’t work? The answer is simple. It’s because they have lack of patience.

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