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How to Make Money with CPA Offers

July 22, 2016 4 Comments



There are mainly two ways to make money online. One is through affiliate marketing and the other way is through CPA marketing. These are the most popular ways and everyone wants to build an online business using one of these methods.

I have an experience with both methods and would like share it with some of you so you can decide which one fits your budget and business plans. I’ve first started with affiliate marketing 3 years ago and then decided to also get involved in cpa marketing to expand my business.

It was hard to achieve success in affiliate marketing to be honest. I was also led to believe that making money with cpa offers was much easier and at some point I came to a decision to focus more on promoting cpa offers.

To my great surprise and disappointment I found that making money with cpa offers was much harder than affiliate marketing and I then again decided to focus more on affiliate marketing.

I’m now having a good deal of success with affiliate marketing while I’m still struggling with cpa marketing.

If you’re on the fence which direction to go, keep reading because I’m going to explain in details why I prefer affiliate marketing over cpa marketing and I think you will change your opinion if you think otherwise after reading my article based on my personal experience.

I will also explain how to make money with cpa offers.

Making money with cpa offers is NOT easy. I’ve made close to $5.000 with affiliate marketing while I’m still struggling with cpa marketing. If you’re just staring out online I recommend to start first with affiliate marketing. It allows you to make WAY more money with just one promotion. Allow me to help you and recommend a program that is FREE to try and I’ve been a member of this program since 2013. No credit card required.




Is there any difference between cpa and affiliate marketing?

CPA means cost per action which means you promote mainly free offers that don’t require your visitors to pay for a product or service.

They just complete simple actions, such as completing surveys, filling out online forms, submitting an email address, playing online games, downloading and trying a free program, winning a gift card etc.

You get paid each time someone of your visitors complete one of these simple actions. There are some paid offers too that require payment and in this sense it’s not much different from affiliate marketing.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you only get paid when some of your visitors make a purchase. With free cpa offers you earn $1-$3 most of the time. With affiliate offers you earn much more.


The best CPA networks

In order to start promoting cpa offers you need to join one or two or more cpa networks. So far, I’ve had experience only with two cpa networks, such as MaxBounty and Peerfly.

There are way more networks, such as CPALead, Clickbooth, NeverblueAds, CPAPark etc. But it’s not easy to get accepted by cpa networks and I think one of the main reasons why cpa networks don’t accept everyone because from their experience they know very well that most people join networks, BUT never take any action.

I contacted several cpa networks, but unfortunately, my application was rejected. But two major networks, MaxBounty and Peerfly accepted me. Both cpa networks are great, but I find Peerfly WAY better because they have WAY more cpa offers and the navigation is great too.

Maxbounty has recently changed their website layout and now it’s as easy to navigate as Peerfly is. Both cpa networks have tracking tools and quality support.

But before joining cpa network you have to have some basic knowledge on how to promote cpa offers and what it means to be a cpa marketer.

If you don’t have any clue then you better gain some knowledge before contacting cpa networks. Most likely their representative will call you to ask some questions and if they feel that you don’t have any clue about cpa business they will reject your application.




After joining cpa network you can browse their offers and promote any offer you want. Some offers require approval which is not so good to be honest. You may find a great offer and be rejected to promote it. In affiliate marketing it’s much easier.


Each offer has a description that you can see on the image below. Basically it says what type of traffic you are allowed to use with a particular offer, how the offer converts (SOI or DOI – single or double email submit), how much you earn per offer, which countries are allowed in terms of traffic.




You are also given your affiliate link that you can use for your offers to get sign ups. Additionally you are explained which traffic sources you can’t use.




You can also run the report within your account settings to see how much you’ve earned for a given period of time.


How to make money with CPA offers

In order to make money with cpa offers you first need to go through a cpa course and gain some required knowledge. There is no perfect course that I can recommend and that can guarantee you income in x amount of days.

But I can recommend you a cpa course that I’ve been a member of since 2015. But I will discuss it later. Second, you need a budget to run your cpa promotions.

Of course you can promote cpa offers without a budget too. But it will take longer time and by the time you start getting traffic to your offer your promoted offer may be cancelled by a cpa network.

That’s why the best option would be spending a budget to drive traffic to your promotions immediately.

As I said above, driving traffic from search engines doesn’t make a sense because it takes time, most likely months. Your offer may be cancelled by the time you start getting traffic.

Another free option is via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

In order to get visitors to your cpa offers you need to spend lots of time hanging on social media sites, promote your offers, discuss them with other people. In short, you have to be super active in order to get some clicks from social network sites.

This of course takes time and effort and you have to wait until you see some results. To be honest, I don’t think you can expect great results or earnings by using free social media sites.

You can buy traffic from Facebook, media buys, such as Sitescout, Leadbolt, Bonadza, Adpremium. You can also buy ppc traffic (Google adwords, Bing ads). But it will cost you money and results are not guaranteed.

You can do retargeting (Facebook) which is very effective. It will cost you money. Results are not guaranteed.

Unfortunately, you can’t use retargeting services, such as Perfect Audience or Adroll because they don’t accept affiliate sites.

You can make money with cpa offers through email marketing and this is one of the best and the most powerful methods that I know exists when it comes to getting a lot of conversions.

This method will take time before you build a list of subscribers and of course it requires a budget too. For autoresponder service ($120) and landing page software ($50).


Cons of CPA marketing

There are several cons of cpa marketing that I would like you to know about before you take action or decide which direction to go. A lot of folks think that making money with cpa offers is super easy.

In fact, it’s not easy at all. This is simply not true. Why?

Because you’re going to promote free stuff and people that are searching the web for free stuff are not serious most of the time.

You can get a lot of visits and only few action takers. Your cpa ad must be appealing enough to catch the attention of your visitors.

Very often you make an ad thinking that it’s great and still you can’t get any clicks. CPA experts always advertise cpa business model as a super easy way of making money because you actually don’t need to sell any stuff. Is this true? No.

Promoting free stuff doesn’t always mean easy money. If you are serious about learning cpa marketing and making money from it you then should be patient and work hard until you see some good results. Plus you need a budget.

I think you need approx. $300-$500 for your cpa campaigns to run them, test them and finally see how to get maximum results and become profitable. Again, results are not guaranteed. You can waste all your budget and get no results.

Another con of cpa marketing is that often times you are limited to using only one or two sources of traffic which is not good.

Some offers are great to promote, but don’t allow certain types of traffic. These restrictions are really annoying to be honest.

Some good offers require approval which takes time to get an approval and you may be rejected too.


Pros of CPA marketing

The good part of cpa marketing is that in order to make money with cpa offers, you don’t need to write content for your website and wait for months until you start getting free traffic from search engines.

If you have a budget you can start your cpa campaigns immediately and get results in a few days or realistically speaking within a couple months.

But it requires a budget, dedication, hard work and patience. There is no such a thing as easy money on the internet.

Making money with cpa offers is not easy too. Forget about easy money and you will achieve success very soon.


CPA course I recommend

I can honestly tell you that there is no perfect cpa course that can teach you all the secrets of making money with cpa offers and once you complete the course you will immediately start making thousands of dollars per month. They all promise this, but they are simply lying to you.

There are courses that provide quality training, but don’t provide quality support. You definitely don’t need such a course. You need a course that provides quality training and quality support.

This is the key. Even the best cpa course can’t help you make money with cpa offers. They can teach you, but they can’t guarantee that you will make money with cpa offers. YOU have to run your cpa campaigns and make them profitable.

That’s why you need a cpa course, a program that will be providing you a continuous support with your cpa campaigns until you understand how to make money with cpa offers.

The only program that I’ve tried personally and know it works is CPA Evolution 2.0 by William Souza. His training is not perfect, but it’s good.

Like I said, there is no perfect course on cpa. The good part of CPA Evolution 2.0 is that you get:

  • Quality training
  • Landing pages (no web-hosting required)
  • Quality support with all your cpa campaigns

Remember, the key to success lies through continuous quality support after your main purchase. William is a very helpful guy and he has a team that helps you achieve success with your cpa campaigns.

If you are patient, hard working and a goal oriented person, you will definitely achieve success in CPA marketing.


CPA or affiliate marketing?

I think both opportunities are great and you can choose any direction provided you are willing to work hard until you achieve success. No give up!

But from my personal experience I can tell you that cpa marketing does have some cons that I’m going to summarize below.

  • First, it requires a budget
  • Second, most cpa offers pay $1-$3

In order to make a lot of money with cpa offers you need to master the art of optimizing your cpa campaigns. This is the only way to get a lot of clicks and conversions. This requires time and effort.

Because like I said, most offers don’t pay a lot and you need to get a lot of conversions in order to make a lot of money. The bottomline is that making money with cpa offers require effort, time and budget.

I’ve been a member of CPA Evolution since November 2015 and achieved some results. Nothing to brag about to be honest. I run several campaigns and got some conversions.

You can see the screenshots of my Peerfly and MaxBounty accounts below. All in all I earned $71.




It’s not because cpa marketing doesn’t work. It’s because I was not consistent enough in my cpa efforts and I had no enough budget to spend.

The other main reason is because my main income comes through affiliate marketing and I’ve been consistently spending money on my main affiliate business. As the result of that I made good commissions that you can see below.

The advantage of affiliate marketing over cpa marketing is that you can make a few hundred dollars per sale or even a few thousands of dollars. Plus affiliate marketing allows you to make money through multiple ways, not cpa offers alone.




So far I’ve made $5.443 through affiliate marketing and $71 through cpa marketing. This month I’m going to make close to $100 which comes close to $6.443 through affiliate marketing.

My income is growing now very fast and I’m planning to quit my job by the end of 2016. I’m also planning to focus more efforts on cpa and I’m sure I will achieve success by the end of 2016 or in the first half of 2017.

If you want to know my opinion, I recommend to start first with affiliate marketing. The program I recommend is FREE to try and allows you to make money without having a budget. And they provide excellent support too.

I’m still a member of my recommended program and have no plans to leave it in the coming years. Feel free to create your free account and let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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  1. Anh Nguyen says:


    This is the first time I hear about CPA. And I’m glad to hear that you found affiliate marketing to be the easier path since that’s also the income stream I am pursuing at the moment.

    And of course the best resource to learn affiliate marketing has to be Wealthy Affiliate. What is your no. 1 tip to make the most out of WA and can you make money online just with their free membership?

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Rufat says:

      I’m still struggling with CPA marketing and my success is very limited. It may seem that promoting free cpa offers is easy, but in reality it’s very hard. Most people tend to visit your landing page but they don’t take any action though the offer is free. Maybe it’s because when it comes to free offers, most people are looking for free stuff and they are not action takers. When it comes to affiliate marketing, people tend to take action because they plan to buy some stuff that proved to work. But I’m still working on cpa market and hope I can achieve success because I know many people are making lots of money in this business.

  2. Maichor Khang says:

    I felt a new hope of success upon reading your article. Few months, I think my websites are useless and doesn’t give me any dime and I realized I was doing it the wrong way. I appreciate your blog, can get many lessons from you. Thank you!

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Maichor,

      I’m glad you found my article helpful. Creating content for your site and monetizing it are two different things. If you have a massive traffic, let’s say 700-800 visits a day then monetizing it will not be that difficult. If your traffic is low, let’s say 100 – 200 visits a day then monetizing it will be a challenge. You have to create a funnel, use some call to actions, try different methods and see what works for you. The process is time consuming to be honest. There are so many sites that are getting traffic and can’t monetize it. CPA hugely relies on paid traffic and you have to be careful in order to avoid wasting your budget.

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