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Is Alliance in Motion Global a Scam? Is Alliance Motion Global worth a try?

May 6, 2017 8 Comments



Product name: Alliance In Motion Global


Owner: Francis Miguel, Eduardo Cabantog, John Asperin

Overall rank: 40 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended


Alliance in Motion Global is the next MLM program I’m going to review today and help you make your decision. I’ve seen many MLM programs, some provide little value and make big claims.

Other MLMs don’t make any claims and can actually help you make money online.

But such MLMs require certain skills and investment. Alliance in Motion Global is between them. It makes some big claims I can’t agree with while it’s not useless.

If you have some skills and are willing to work HARD then you can make some money. Some money, not millions of dollars.

They claim to be # 1 MLM company in the world. I can’t agree with this statement too. My main issue with Alliance in Motion Global is that they promise that you can make a lot of money selling their products. In fact, reality is totally different from what they promise.

I’ve been making money online since 2013 and have never seen a program that can make you money in 30 or even 60 days. Such claims have no any value.

Let’s see if you can live a stress free life with Alliance in Motion Global and become rich and let’s see if Alliance in Motion Global is a scam or not.


The main idea behind Alliance in Motion Global

Alliance in Motion Global was founded by Eduardo Cabantog, John Asperin and Francis Miguel in 2005.

It’s a classic MLM company that has products and an army of affiliates who sell those products. They sell food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA.

Nature’s Way USA has been on the market for many years and their products are not bad. Alliance in Motion Global also offers a wide range of products, such as cosmetics, multivitamins, male and female washes, beverages.

Alliance in Motion Global like any other MLM company sells products through affiliates with strong selling skills.


Pros of Alliance in Motion Global

  • Compensation plan
  • Products are not bad


Cons of Alliance in Motion Global

  • Investment required in order to buy AIM products
  • There is a pressure to buy MORE expensive packages
  • AIM products are not cheap
  • You must be a sales person to make sales
  • You must be socially active to recruit other people




Alliance in Motion Global reviewed

Compared to other MLMs that only focus on recruiting other people while not providing any value Alliance in Motion Global is a little different. They have products to promote and their products are not bad.

The products have some benefits and they can improve your health but there is one thing I would like to share with you. Very often MLM companies claim that their products have benefits that no other products have.

On the screenshot below you can see all or some of the benefits AIM products have. Do me a favor and look at this long list of benefits. They promise to cure you from cancer, insomnia, bronchial asthma, Psoriasis, brain tumor and more.




I don’t want to say that this info is fake but I believe there is a huge exaggeration about AIM products. I see this tendency with many other MLM companies.

I personally know some people involved in MLMs similar to Alliance in Motion Global and those people always try to convince me that their products can make me younger, stronger and smarter.

I think and believe that all such claims shouldn’t been taken literally. There is a huge exaggeration about AIM products. Though I don’t want to say they are useless or bad.




Alliance in Motion Global packages:

They have several packages. You can choose any of these packages and start as AIM distributor.

Global Starter Package: You pay $190 (one time payment). You get AIM products and if you make a sale you will earn a commission and bonuses.

Entrepreneur Package: You pay $570 and get AIM products. With this package you can earn in multiple ways from Alliance in Motion.

International Business Package: You pay $1330 and get AIM products. You can become a global ambassador for AIM.

All Alliance in Motion Global packages comes with different products.




Alliance in Motion Global products

Alliance in Motion Global is operating in many countries. They have operating offices in Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai, Hawaii, Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Brunei, Kuwait and Indonesia.

They don’t have offices in countries like United States, Canada, Europe. Though they claim to be # 1 MLM company in the world.

Alliance in Motion Global has many different products: coffee, chocolate drinks, cosmetics. Like many other MLMs they claim that their products are unique and can help you in many ways.

In their promotional material they claim that their drinks can help you and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, can help you from Parkinson’s disease, enhances immune system and many other claims.

They also sell skin whitening tablets. I bet you now ask yourself: How is that possible? Remember when I told you that only MLM companies make unrealistic claims and very often describe their products in such unbelievable way.

Other non MLM companies sell such products too but they don’t make such a claim as if you can become a super man by drinking coffee or a chocolate drink.


AIM products:


  • Liven Coffee (Sugar Free)
  • Liven coffee (original)
  • VIDA Cardio Vascular Drink
  • Alkaline Chocolate Drink
  • Liven Coffee (Cappucino)
  • Liven Coffee (Original)
  • Liven Coffee (Latte)


Nutritional products

  • C 24/7 Nature-Ceuticals
  • Choleduz Omega Supreme
  • Complete Phyto-Energizer
  • KIDDI 24/7 Nutragammies
  • Restore Lyf
  • Slim & Trim



  • Naturacentials Feminine Wash
  • Naturacentials Masculine Wash
  • Naturacentials Toothpaste
  • Naturacentials Whitening Soap
  • Feminine wash
  • Masculine wash
  • Instant White Body Lotion
  • Antioxidant Facial Toner
  • Anti-Ageing Oxygen Bar


Nutritional Cosmetics

  • White Light
  • Perfect White


I visited AIM website and was unable to find prices for the products. I don’t know why they do so but I personally don’t like such an approach. You can buy AIM products in the form of combo packages only. I personally don’t like it too.

For example, if you want to buy certain types of AIM products in the future because you know they are in demand you won’t be able to do that.

Because you can get them only through combo packages. I’m not 100% sure but as I know you can’t return their products if you fail to sell them.

If you decide to join AIM make sure to ask questions about their refund policy. Because I’ve seen many people in other MLMs who were unable to get their money back.


Membership plans in Alliance in Motion Global

As I said above, you need to buy one of their combo packages in order to become a member of AIM. This is possible through their position levels.




AIM positions:

  • 1 position – $179.57
  • 3 positions – $583.53
  • 5 positions – $899.57
  • 7 positions – $1256.57

This means if you want to earn higher commissions you have to buy more positions. I’ve seen the same approach with many other MLMs and Alliance in Motion Global is no different from others.

The catch here is that many people are greedy and want to earn more and that’s why buy expensive packages only to realize later that they can’t make enough sales and finally they quit.


A hidden form of oppression

The main problem with MLMs is that most of them have a hidden form of oppression. There is a pressure to buy MORE expensive packages.

Because it will allow you to earn more and get qualified for higher commissions. This is wrong in my opinion. Your commission must depend on the number of sales you can possibly make, not on the package you have to buy from MLM company.

My advice – never start with expensive packages if you decide to join AIM. As a distributor of Alliance in Motion Global you get 25% discount when you buy AIM products. This means you can earn more when selling them to others.


Recruitment in Alliance in Motion Global

Like any other MLM company that I’ve seen in the past few years Alliance in Motion Global offers its members a compensation plan to reward them for their efforts in promoting AIM products.

But how can you make a lot of money with MLM in general and Alliance in Motion in particular?

The only way is through making a lot of sales. The question to you: Do you have many friends in order to promote AIM products? How many friends do you have?

Do you think you can make a lot of sales on regular basis? I mean you need to make a lot of sales each month. Can you do that?

If not and I believe most of you can’t do, then I wouldn’t recommend to join Alliance in Motion. There is also another way to make money with MLMs.

You need to recruit many people under you and get them to join Alliance in Motion Global. You need to convince them that AIM products are super products and can change their lives.

If you can do it you will become successful. I personally can’t do that and that’s why I didn’t join AIM.




Alliance in Motion Global compensation plan

Alliance in Motion Global has several levels:

  • Distributor
  • Silver executive – 10% commission
  • Gold executive – 20% commission
  • Global ambassador – 30% commission

In order for you to join Alliance in Motion Global you need to pay $265. This payment plan/package includes:

  • Startup kit
  • 5 24/7 single packs
  • Video presentation (CD)
  • Registration form
  • Insurance and scholarship certificate
  • AIM website

As a distributor to Alliance in Motion Global you can also earn 5% on all monthly purchases of your referrals and referrals of your referrals up to the 10th level.

25% Retail profit – As AIM distributor you can get up to 25% retail bonus if you someone buys AIM products

Referral Bonus – If someone joins AIM through you, you earn #5000


Can you really become successful with Alliance in Motion Global?

That’s a big question. Theoretically speaking yes you can become successful IF:

  • You have money to invest
  • You can make a lot of sales
  • You can recruit an army of other promoters
  • You have a lot of friends ready to buy
  • You can convince others to buy AIM products

I have Alliance in Motion Global review on my second site and I got a good number of comments on that website and I suggest that you read those comments below.







Because it will give you a better idea of what you can expect from Alliance in Motion.

Some people (Alliance in Motion Global members) blame me for being dishonest while other former Alliance members thank me for being honest and explaining all the true facts about Alliance.

I suggest that you take a look at the comments and make your own decision. I personally can say that if I was dishonest I would rather remove those comments from my website in order to promote my program. Right? But I never do so.

I always explain true facts about other programs to the best of my ability trying to help others make their own decisions.

I believe after reading these comments you will realize that not everything is as perfect as AIM promoters try to convince other people.

Many members leave Alliance in Motion Global for reasons I explained in my review. So, it’s up to you to decide if you want to join AIM or not. If you want to know my opinion I don’t recommend it.


Final word about Alliance in Motion Global

  • Compensation plan
  • Products are not bad
  • Investment required in order to buy AIM products
  • There is a pressure to buy MORE expensive packages
  • AIM products are not cheap
  • You must be a sales person to make sales
  • You must be socially active to recruit other people
  • Overall rank: 40 out of 100

You can come across many websites online that call Alliance in Motion Global a scam. I don’t do so. I don’t think AIM is a scam. They have offices in many countries and have been on the market for many years.

But does it mean you will make money through this company? Does it mean you can become successful by selling AIM products? That’s a big question.

Like I said, if you’re socially active, if you can convince other people to buy AIM products then you can make money.

I personally can’t do that and that’s why I never join MLM companies. If you feel it’s your nature, if you feel comfortable pushing products to others then AIM is what you are looking for.

If you want to know my opinion, my opinion is this: Alliance in Motion is not a scam, BUT I don’t recommend it. So, it’s up to you.


Looking for a much better alternative to Alliance in Motion Global? Here is my # 1 recommended program.It’s FREE to try (first 7 days). And I’m a member of this program too.

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  1. Jen says:

    I personally really dislike multi-level marketing businesses. They all seem like scams to me. I enjoyed your honest review of the business, and the pros and cons of it – although there weren’t too many pros for this one.

    This MLM business says they are #1, but not being in the United States really puts them out of contention of being a #1 worldwide business. I wonder if their products wouldn’t be approved for sale in the U.S.?

    Thank you for your honest review of this business, it helps people stay away from the potential bad opportunities out there.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree with you Jen. I don’t like MLMs because most of the time they put pressure on you. Like I said in my review, you need to buy MORE expensive packages to be qualified for higher commissions. I believe it’s wrong. Regarding being # 1 MLM company I also agree with you. There is no proof that they are # 1 in the world. And how to judge which company is #1 and why? So, I can’t agree with this statement too. But some people are making money with this program. Anyway, as you can see from the comments I received on my other site Alliance in Motion Global is not great program and many members leave it completely disappointed. I believe there are much better alternatives to this program out there and I actually recommend one within my review.

  2. Monica Bouteiller says:

    I’ve never heard of Alliance in Motion Global.

    Looks like there are more pros than there are cons. I’m not fond of the idea of being pressured to more expensive packages and also not very social.

    The part I’m not comfortable with is not being able to contact the owners. If they truly believe in their products and services, they should be available. Makes me feel I don’t trust them.

    According to what you’re saying here, I can’t even try it for free.

    Their AIM positions are also quite pricey.

    Thanks very much for doing an honest review of them. It seems some people are making money but I think there are better ones out there.

    • Rufat says:

      Compared to other MLMs Alliance in Motion looks more or less not bad. But still there is hidden pressure to buy expensive packages. And of course I don’t like it. Most of the time you can’t try MLM for free because you need to pay for a membership or buy their products. And I agree that their positions are not cheap. For some people with good selling skills and extra money to spend this opportunity may be a good chance. They can give it a try. As for my own opinion I don’t like MLM type of business and always recommend to start with affiliate marketing instead of MLMs. This type of program is good for people with specific skills.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Multi level marƙeting has always been a no go area for me. I do not like the method at all.

    I came across alliance in motion some time last year by a guy on facebooÆ™ and even though i had no intention of joining i gave him listening ears.

    He had interesting points on why i should join but to me getting someone to build someone elses army isnt cutting in for me.

    I am glad you made this review. Looking forward to the next.

    • Rufat says:

      Like you I don’t like MLMs because I’m not skilled at sales. But for some people MLM can be a good opportunity. It’s true that some people are making good money with MLMs. Other people call all MLMs scams but I that’s not true. Some MLMs are legit but. I prefer affiliate marketing over MLM type of business. So, it’s different for everyone.

  4. Rab says:

    Oh here we go, another MLM company. Let me be frank, I despise MLM with a passion. No, I have never tried and never will. I don’t care if some MLM are legit I just don’t think it is a good business model to earn an income. Every time I come across a MLM company, it has never gotten a good rep (i’m not disregarding other successful MLM company out there but let’s be real, it’s not that wonderful either).
    Anyways, thank you for this review! It is definitely helpful

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you and your feelings about MLMs. Generally speaking I agree with you. But not all MLMs are bad. Some of them provide training and offer good support. But like you say, it’s not the best business model out there. In my opinion affiliate marketing is way better and allows people to earn money the honest way without building a MLM pyramid. Most of the time their representatives are annoying and pushy because their main goal is to convince you to buy more products. I don’t like MLMs like you and never recommend them. But people are different and for some people it may be working very well. I love affiliate marketing because it allows you to promote products without buying anything at all.

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