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Is Empower Network a Scam or Legit?

April 7, 2016 6 Comments



Product name: Empower Network


Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Price $25/month + upsells

Upsells: $19/$100/$500/month etc.

Overall rank: 20 out of 100

Verdict: Borderline Scam


The best part of the internet is that it allows people to network with each other, share their experience in order to achieve their financial or any other goals.

And it’s really great because due to economic recession more and more people turn to the internet trying to find a way to supplement their regular income or maybe even replace that income.

But internet not only allows you to earn an income online which is great, it can also easily get you into a trouble because of many scams that try to scam you out of your hard earned money.

And today I would like to take a look at the program called Empower Network that supposedly was created in order to empower and allow us to make a solid income online through a powerful networking system created by David Wood and David Sharpe.

There are literally thousands of different sites trying to promote Empower Network or writing reviews on this program. Some of them are truthful and others are biased.

When it comes to an ordinary reader, it’s really hard to decide whether Empower Network is worth the time or effort or it’s a waste of time, is empower network a scam or legit?

So, my review will be extremely realistic and I will explain all you need to know to help you make the right decision.



How does Empower Network work?

When it comes to Empower Network, the way you can make money with it, is similar to affiliate marketing combined with MLM method. Empower Network is not going to help you build a website and turn it into a successful online business.

All they are going to teach you is how to spread the word about Empower Network using primitive methods and invite more people like you to the company and possibly make money off them id they decide to join Empower Network.

Plus, you can make money off people that will join Empower Network through those that were referred to EN by you.

But the main problem here is that most people that you will invite will not be active enough and in fact you will have to struggle alone in order to build your downline.

From my experience I can tell that it’s extremely difficult task and you need a few years before you can build a powerful list that will allow you to earn a solid monthly income.


Pros of Empower Network

  • You possibly can make some money


Cons of Empower Network

  • An MLM program
  • No quality training
  • Upsells will cost you over $1000
  • Many complaints
  • Unrealistic claims
  • No quality support
  • No free trial


Empower Network is a classic MLM?

First off, Empower Network is an MLM company and to be honest, I don’t like this type of business. Please read this document that explains why I don’t like MLM business.


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 19.06.57


The creators of Empower Network advertise their program as a perfect model that can make you a lot of money which is not true. They claim that they have created a simple program that consists of three simple steps: Create your free account, Discover the shortcut and Activate your account.



It’s not an Advertisement

Creating free account is great. Thanks for that. As for discovering a shortcut, there is no shortcut to online wealth. This is not true at all. When it comes to activating your account, it means you have to invest your hard earned money with no guarantee that you will make any money at all.

In this sense I respect David for being honest because in the promo video he suggests that you first read their earnings disclaimer in which they clearly say that they don’t guarantee you any income.

This is really good, BUT the rest of the story is full of hype. He tells you a typical story how he tried everything possible on the internet and failed miserably to make any money.




And finally he decided to create a perfect system that is going to help you avoid the same path and start your internet journey with the easiest system proven to work, which is a Empower Network.

But the truth is that nothing of this is true because otherwise David wouldn’t suggest you to read his earnings disclaimer that doesn’t guarantee you any income. Really, why he sends people to that page if he claims that they have created a perfect system?

Once you’ve joined Empower Network, you need to pay $25 monthly and then their professional team will start luring you into upgrading your account and buying more and more products that theoretically can make you rich.

Remember that the most money will make those people that invited you to join Empower Network and now you have to struggle in order find other people willing to join EN and willing to spend money on expensive VIP packages. Only in this case you can earn a commission.

If people you invited wouldn’t not invest their money, you won’t make any money. Your main task is to bring an army of people willing to spend their money within Empower Network.

I’ve been making money for a few years now and I know how to make a buck online. Trust me, it’t not easy at all. I’ve been there. If someone promises you easy money and promises to show you a shortcut, don’t trust them. Most likely, they are lying to you.

When it comes to selling products or services online, it’s true that selling cheap stuff or selling expensive stuff is equally difficult. Because I tried both of them.

And people like those that stand behind Empower Network want you to believe that it’s easier to promote an expensive stuff and make a few hundred bucks from one sale than selling cheap stuff and making $50 in profit.

The truth is that selling cheap stuff is anyway much easier than promoting expensive product or service. A friend of mine was a member of another program called Six Figure Mentors and finally he left the company.

That company is much stronger and with a more solid reputation than Empower Network. He has been a member of SFM for one full year or so and spent $7.000 to be a silver elite member and was working really hard trying to promote their program through Facebook.




And you know what happened? He made zero. Total failure. Total disappointment. If you don’t trust me, you can read his message to me. If you still don’t trust me, you can contact me and I will give his email address so you can contact him directly and make sure that I’m honest with you.

Empower Network is not much different from Six Figure Mentors in that sense. You still need to promote expensive stuff and waste your time and money and energy.

The only way to achieve success in promoting high ticket items is through a private coaching that will cost you a few thousands of dollars and still you are not guaranteed to make any money.


Is Empower Network unethical program?

In my opinion, Empower Network is unethical program because in fact, you don’t have any product to promote. You just promote the system and make money off those people that join Empower Network and pay for the membership. That’s it.

There is no a step-by-step quality training on affiliate marketing within the EN members area. All their focus is on promoting their system to other victims. And like with most MLM programs, people at the top of the system make the most money, not you.

The only way to make money with Empower Network is through spamming folks on social media, such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter.

Also, you must realize that the situation has now changed seriously. Before buying any product online people tend to read reviews and since there are tons of negative reviews on Empower Network, your won’t be able to convince many people to join it. Plus, there are many complaints about this program.


Empower Network Packages:

Empower Network offers several packages:


Blog Beast – A simple blog that you can use for promoting Empower Network. Plus you get access to a decent training material and tools.

Inner Circle – $100 per month – is a collection of audio files, info about EN members. It’s a motivational stuff only. If you can sell this package to someone you will earn a commission.

e-wallet – $19.99 per month – If you want to get paid by Empower Network in case you invite someone to join EN, then you need to choose this payment method. Or you won’t have an ability to get a commission from Empower Network. Programs like this always have problems with payment processing companies like Paypal because EN is considered as illegal. I had the same problem with another program called Traffic Monsoon and PayPal froze their account and as a result I lost my $350.

Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – $500 – A mediocre training material that will teach you how to promote Empower Network.

The $15K Formula – $995 – A mediocre training on how to promote Empower Network via a social media.

The Masters Retreat – $3500 – over 40 training videos. It’s a motivational stuff.

First of all, this training material is really overpriced because you can find a similar training material elsewhere for a much lower price. Plus, there is nothing special about the quality of the material. The only reason that they offer it for such an expensive price is to make more money off people and allow you to earn a fat commission IF you can sell it.




How to promote Empower Network

In order to be successful with Empower Network or any other program, you need to have a website with quality and helpful content. Once you have it, which is not the case with Empower Network, you need to promote your website using multiple methods.

The most popular way is through optimizing your website and getting free traffic from search engines. This method is great, but unfortunately, not everyone can achieve same level of success with SEO. EN doesn’t teach you SEO at all.

If you can get a massive traffic to your website, you’re lucky. If not, then you have to buy traffic from Google, Yahoo or Facebook. BTW, Empower Network was banned from Facebook and you can’t promote it there.

There are other paid traffic sites too, but these three provide the best traffic in terms of quality. From my experience I can tell that if you pay for traffic and bring visitors to a site that has a proven system that converts then you can make money.

If you send people to a site like Empower Network that has a bad reputation on the internet, it will be REALLY hard for you to make any money at all. Just you will be paying for traffic, sending tons of people to Empower Network and won’t be able to make a good number of sales.

BTW, a friend of mine that I’ve mentioned above, who was a member of Six Figure Mentors, spent $7.000 for Facebook advertising because the creators of SFM told him that their system was perfect and it would be very easy to convert a visitor to a customer.

In reality, he spent $7.000 and made zero. When it comes to a program like Empower Network, things are even worse.


Are there any complaints about Empower Network?

Of course, there are many complaints about Empower Network and if you do some research on Google you will find tons of complaints. Take a look at some complaints and if you feel they are not convincing enough you can continue your search and find as many complaints as you want in order to make sure that Empower Network is not the right program for you.






Support at Empower Network

When it comes to support, I can’t say that it’s non existent, but it’s not much effective either as you might be expecting. You can join their Facebook group and network with other members and probably get support.

The worst thing about EN is that you can’t contact the owners of this program and get support from them. But some of their affiliates are very helpful because they want you to succeed with the program so that they can make money and you too.


Is there any chance that you will make money with Empower Network?

Yes and No. If you have money to spend in order to buy their expensive packages and are willing to invest your time and effort in this business you probably can make money. Maybe not.

I explained you everything above, how you can promote it, but I don’t know if you can achieve any level of success or not.

I told you the story about my friend who was a member of another more reliable program but who failed miserably.

So, you decide if you want to join Empower Network or not. I personally don’t recommend it.


There is an Alert for Empower Network

Another reliable method to check if Empower Network is a reliable company or not is to check their website profile on I think this is a very serious warning against EN and clear evidence that you should stay away from this program.





Final word on Empower Network

As you can see, Empower Network is by far not the best program out there. Training material is not so much helpful and it’s very expensive.

Not everyone can afford it. Promoting Empower Network is not easy because it requires a solid budget. Results are not guaranteed.

From my experience I can tell that I don’t recommend investing money in such expensive products.

  • No quality training
  • Upsells will cost you over $1000
  • Many complaints
  • Unrealistic claims
  • No quality support
  • No free trial

There are many review websites that have Empower Network in their scam list and in my opinion, it’s a borderline scam due to many complaints. If you want to join Empower Network, it’s your decision.

You’re free to try it. But I can’t recommend it. Believe me, if you have some free money to invest there are WAY better programs out there.

They don’t guarantee any income, but they are reliable and they do provide quality training and continuous support and I’m actually a member of such program. You can read more info below.



Tired of programs like Empower Network? Read about my #1 Ranked Product Here!

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  1. Steve Jones says:

    Hey Rufat, Great piece about Empower Network. I was actually looking for way to add another income stream to my online business.
    This is the fifth review I’ve read on Empower Network and only one of them has anything good to say about them so thanks for the info and I think I will give them a wide berth!

    • Rufat says:

      If you are looking for some other opportunity online, Empower Network is definitely not the right one. You are right. Most if the reviews are negative and it’s because Empower Network is not focused on helping you build your online business using the right strategies. Their main concern is promoting expensive stuff and teaching you how to promote the same stuff to others. So, no quality education.

  2. Ben says:


    This looks like the kind of program I’m staying away from at the minute with my online pursuits.

    With the up sells reaching such a high number it always leaves me skeptical because I never know if the value of what I’m getting at that point is going to be worth all that money.

    • Rufat says:

      Good to know that you are away from this program. Though many internet marketers use upsell strategy, I don’t agree with such approach. Because the worst part of upsell strategy is that instead of helping folks you’re more focused on pushing some stuff. I really don’t like the way most internet marketers work online. Especially, when it comes to Empower Network, they are more focused on pushing overpriced stuff instead of helping folks.

  3. Stephen says:

    Hi Rufat,

    I surely agree with you. How can Empower Network combine MLM with Affiliate marketing. The very idea of MLM program alone makes me sick.

    I have heard about Empower Network and I have about so many complains about. I even learned that despite the fact that their training products are very expensive, they are not updated and so there no way one can really benefit from paying such such materials.

    Besides, they have no free trial that will allow you to test and see if their program is good for you or not.

    Of course, as you rightly said, there by far some better training programs out there that do not require that you pay such huge amount of money with upsells to get started.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

    • Rufat says:

      I don’t like MLMs like you but not all of them are bad. When it comes to Empower Network it’s one of the wort ones and in fact, their website was shut down and their business opportunity is no longer available.

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