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Is GiftHulk legit? – Yes, It is, BUT Watch out for Red Flags

May 25, 2016 8 Comments



Product name: GiftHulk


Price: Free

Overall rank: 65 out of 100


GiftHulk is one of those programs that leaves me on the fence about it. In general, GiftHulk is very similar to programs like MySurvey, Click Money Network, Quick Rewards, eRewards, Earnably and many other sites.

It’s very similar in some aspects and very different in some aspects. It’s similar in good things and different due to some serious issues and that’s why I’m on the fence about GiftHulk.

But you shouldn’t worry because you’re in the right place. I’m not perfect, BUT I’m good in one thing: my reviews are honest and extremely realistic.

In a few minutes you will know exactly if GiftHulk is legit or not and what are the red flags that I see in this program. After all this info you will know exactly whether you want to join GiftHulk or not.


The main idea behind GiftHulk

GiftHulk allows you to get paid for doing things all other people do online, but they don’t get paid. Does it sound great? Yes, it does. You will be surfing the web, completing offers, surveys, tasks and you will be paid for all these simple yet time consuming and a bit annoying tasks.

GiftHulk is legit, but you can spend your time in a much better way by making dollars instead of pennies. Allow me to recommend you a much better program I’ve been a member of since 2013. Take a look at the comparison table and feel free to join because my recommended program allows you to create a starter, free account. No credit card required.


Pros of GiftHulk

  • Free to join
  • Good reward system


Cons of GiftHulk

  • Complaints
  • Not open for all countries


GiftHulk explained

GiftHulk is like any other paid to click site that you can join for free and get paid for completing various tasks. Fortunately, GiftHulk provides multiple ways and anyone can find a task that fits their interest.

Some people find this type of opportunity very boring and time consuming and I’m of the same opinion. Payouts are not so great too. You earn cents and if you want to earn let’s say $100 you really need to spend a good amount of your time on GiftHulk website.

If you spend most of your time on the internet for useless things then GiftHulk is a good option for you. It’s better to earn at least $50 for completing some tasks although they are boring than wasting your time on things you will never get paid for.


How you get paid by GiftHulk

GiftHulk has their own currency system in order to reward you for GiftHulk activities. You will be earning virtual coins and then you can redeem them for gift cards, cash etc.


GiftHulk activities

Your first step to earning GiftHulk coins is creating a free account. You can join using one of your social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Once you’ve created your free account, you can start completing various activities. BTW, when you create an account, you earn 250 coins. As a GiftHulk member you can:

  • Try products from various companies
  • Watch videos on GiftHulk TV
  • Surf the web using GiftHulk search tool
  • Share your opinion (surveys)
  • Complete offers, such as trying out services or programs
  • Writing articles about GiftHulk
  • Creating a video about GiftHulk and uploading it to YouTube
  • Refer your friends or anyone and earn 100 coins. You can earn even more
  • You can do shopping
  • Download apps

For trying offers you can earn up to 1000 coins. For completing surveys up to 2500 points. For surfing the web just a few coins. For watching videos 10 coins. For shopping up to 20 coins etc.




As I said above, you can also redeem your coins at GiftHulk store. To redeem your coins you can choose a gift card, Amazon, Wallmart or some other company. For example, in order to get $10 gift card you have to have 10.000 virtual coins.

You can turn your coins into cash and get your money via PayPal. To be able to do it you need to register a PayPal account and add your bank account and credit card info to your PayPal account in order to be able to send money from GiftHulk to your personal bank account connected to PayPal. If you don’t know how to do it, you can find tons of videos on YouTube.


GiftHulk referral program

Like any other paid to click program GiftHulk allows you to earn a commission for each person you’ll refer to GiftHulk website. If you know how to drive traffic to your website and get lots of sign ups that’s a great way to earn a commission for little efforts.

Driving traffic is not easy and in fact, lack of traffic is the main problem why most website owners fail to earn an income they dream about. Anyway, for each referral you can earn 100 coins.

But in order to earn 100 coins your referral must confirm their email address. Also, if your referral is active enough within GiftHulk members area and earns at least 1000 coins you can then earn 500 coins.


Some other GiftHulk benefits

If you stay active as a GiftHulk member, it will allow you to earn more bonuses, such as some free coins or you can get your earnings a little faster. They have 5 levels:

  • Bronze (basic level)
  • Silver (1000 coins)
  • Gold (10.000 coins)
  • Platinum (25,000 coins)
  • Diamond (50.000 coins)

At gold level you will get a discount on rewards. Only Platinum and Diamond levels will allow you to get your rewards faster.


Complaints about GiftHulk

As I said in my review, there are some complaints about GiftHulk and these complaints are serious enough to turn you away from GiftHulk website. Some people complain that they can’t get their rewards.

Some people complain that GiftHulk support is terrible because they simply ignore your support tickets. Some people complain that they don’t earn coins for their activities.




After a couple minutes of research I’ve come across some complaints and they are very serious in my opinion. People complain for not being able to get their rewards. Others complain due to some tech issues with GiftHulk website or because GiftHulk support simply sucks.

That’s a huge red flag in my opinion. To be honest, with a wide selection of PTC sites like GiftHulk, I wouldn’t want to join GiftHulk because after reading these complaints and most of them from 2105 and 2016, I think I would stay away from GiftHulk though the program is legit.


Who can participate in GiftHulk program?

Unfortunately, GiftHulk provides a limited access. If you are not from one of the countries listed below you are going to see this message when you try to access GiftHulk website.




USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Ireland.


Final word on GiftHulk

I think it’s pretty clear that GiftHulk is legit site and it has been around for some time now. In general, the site doesn’t provide any unique service because there are many other sites that provide the same service, but their reputation is much higher.

They don’t have issues like we’ve seen while reading this review. I have to admit that GiftHulk is by far not the best paid to click website and if you’re a big fan of sites like GiftHulk, I would recommend to join some other sites like Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost that have a good reputation.

If you don’t want to get into troubles like people we’ve seen had with GiftHulk then I would recommend to pass on GiftHulk.

Plus there are some limitations that make this program not so much appealing in my opinion. But it doesn’t mean that GiftHulk is a scam. It’s legit and if you think it’s a good fit for you then go and give it a try.


Final glance at GiftHulk

  • Free to join
  • Decent reward system
  • Complaints
  • Not open for all countries
  • Overall rank: 65 out of 100
  • Verdict: Legit


Don’t waste your time with programs like GiftHulk. Want to make a full time income online? Here is my # 1 program! No obligations. It’s free to join.


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  1. Wing says:

    Wow, the number of these sites that exists are really staggering. I’m glad that you point out the red flags that exists in a site like GiftHulk. It’s important to see the bad side as well as the good. I wonder about the percentage of people that actually have positive experiences with sites like these?

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, the number of such sites, i.e. paid to click or reward sites is increasing and the popularity as well. But they don’t provide the opportunity to become financially independent. Though GiftHulk is legit, I gave this program not so high score because of the complaints I’ve come across and I think these complaints are very serious. But since joining GiftHulk is totally free I think anyone can try it if they want to make a few bucks without investing their own money.

  2. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    Rather questionable way to do business to suddenly stop paying out. Of this type of site many and opening and then shutting down within a very small time frame (like less than 1 year for example).

    After reading the complaints you posted screen shots of I’m definitely giving them the bum’s rush and avoiding them.

    Thanks for sharing this review/warning.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Derek, I think you are right in your statement regarding GiftHulk. First off I’m not a huge fan of such opportunities and second after reading these complaints I have no any desire to participate in this program. But you’re right that these programs disappear very fast from the scene due to many issues. I wouldn’t waste my time with this one because I know some other more genuine ways to earn an income online.

  3. Kelara says:

    Thanks for this review of GiftHulk. I used to try a few of these kinds of programs until I discovered how little they pay. I agree you can better spend your time. GiftHulk sounds like one of those things you do on your spare time for fun. It really doesn’t sound like an opportunity to make money since they don’t even pay with money but gifts. Again thanks for the review.

    • Rufat says:

      They all and always pay cents for your efforts, but this is how all these programs are designed. You can’t complete this type of simple tasks and hope you can earn a solid income from your home. Of course, you can spend your time in a much better way if you are serious and want to build a business. Regarding their reward system, you earn coins and you can redeem them for cash too. But you really need to spend ton of time in order to earn some coins. I’m not a huge fan of sites like Gifthulk, but some people find this opportunity worthwhile.

  4. NathanG says:

    Hey Rufat, I have not heard of Gift Hulk but have tried similar type programs. I have always found that the time and energy put into getting whatever they were giving away or paying was not worth it. On the other hand, time and energy is well spent in affiliate marketing as you are establishing your own presence online. Good recommendation!

    • Rufat says:

      I totally agree with you Nathan. I never liked or participated in programs like Gifthulk. It’s time consuming in my opinion and the reward is not worth your effort. Though the program is legit. But peoples’ preferences are different. What is good for you may be not good for someone. I totally understand. But I strongly believe that like you say, instead of spending your energy and time on programs like Gifthulk I would better dive into affiliate marketing and build a business that will change my future.

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