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Is My Advertising Pays Legit? Truth Revealed Here.

April 12, 2016 2 Comments


Note: It’s not an Advertisement


Product name: My Advertising Pays


Product owner: Michael Deese

Price: Free and then $24,99 annually or $49.99 for 6 months or $99 for 6 months + ad packs

Overall rank: 50 out of 100

Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


Advertising and revenue sharing type of business has been continuously growing over the past few years and almost every month I see new websites appear on the market and promise people to make them huge amounts of money in a short space of time.

So far I’ve seen many advertising and revenue sharing companies, such as My Advertising Pays, Traffic Monsoon, My Paying Ads, Zukul Ad Network, Fort Ad Pays etc. All these sites offer you an opportunity to advertise your site if you have one and make money too through investing your own money.

There is a lot of buzz on the internet about advertising and revenue sharing sites, especially those that have been mentioned above and it’s really difficult to find out if these sites are worth the effort or not. As I know, the best sites are Traffic Monsoon, My Advertising Pays and My Paying Ads.

I personally have a bad experience with Traffic Monsoon, one of the best revenue sharing sites and that’s why to be honest, I no longer trust any of these sites. Anyway, is My Advertising Pays Legit? Read my review because I’m going to explain you why I can’t confidently recommend any of these sites.

I can’t say that MAPS is  a scam, but I can’t confidently recommend it either due to some reasons explained further in my review. If you are looking for a proven and legit program, allow me to help you and recommend another program that I’ve tried and I’m still a member of this program. The good news is that you can try my recommended program fro free. No credit card required.


The main idea behind My Advertising Pays

My Advertising Pays has been active since 2013 and the main slogan of this program sounds like this: “If you can click a mouse you can earn with us.”

They promise that all you need to do is just create your free account, invest $50 to buy a credit pack, then click on 10 ads a day and get your share of the profit.

The more packs you will buy the more money you can make. More packs means more sharing positions. That’s basically the idea of My Advertising Pays or any other revenue sharing site.


Pros of My Advertising Pays

  • Free trial
  • You can make some money


Cons of My Advertising Pays

  • Many upsells
  • Requires investment $49.99 – $1000
  • No money back guarantee
  • Useless traffic for advertisers
  • Complaints
  • You can lose your money anytime
  • Revenue is not guaranteed


My Advertising Pays explained

My Advertising Pays offers you multiple ways to benefit from MAPS. If you are an advertiser, you can buy traffic from MAPS for a very affordable price. Actually it’s very cheap. But the question is: Is this traffic responsive or useless? In my opinion, it’s useless.

First off, this traffic is mainly focused on make money niche which means it’s very limited. If you plan to advertise let’s say a perfume site, you’re going to waste your money because MAPS’s audience is not interested in buying your product.

If you advertise a product related to wordpress, some sort of a wordpress plugin, program, anything related to online business and making money, then MAPS’s traffic can be responsive, maybe.

For the most part, it’s useless because members of revenue sharing sites are not interested in buying anything. Their main goal is to make money through ad packs. So, keep this in mind before buying traffic from My Advertising Pays.


MAPS’ affiliate program

Also, you can invite other people to join MAPS and if you can send a lot of people to that site and they will be active members, you can make a good commission from it. But it’s not easy to send people to MAPS and get them to join it. Traffic is the hardest part of any online business.

I know that all revenue sharing sites including MAPS claim that you can advertise your referral link inside the program, in this case inside MAPS and get many referrals.

The truth though is that it’s not true at all. Why? Because I was a member of another very popular revenue sharing site called Traffic Monsoon.

I got enough traffic from TM and no one even clicked on my ad or even worse on my affiliate link. All this proves that for the most part their traffic is useless and in my opinion is a waste of time and money.


Is MAPS’ traffic useless?

You can then ask me: Why then people buy traffic from websites like My Advertising Pays or Traffic Monsoon? I will explain why. First of all, those who buy are people that don’t have any clue about the quality of the traffic. Trust me, they don’t understand the product.

Second, people that buy this traffic in fact don’t buy it. They buy advertising packs in order to earn money from sharing positions and by doing so they accumulate a lot of credits that are converted then into traffic. But they don’t actually need this traffic.

Because their main goal is to earn profit from their sharing positions. But they use credits that they have on their accounts in order to advertise their own opportunities, i.e. websites. That’s it.


How My Advertising Pays works

If you are completely new to all this advertising and revenue sharing business I’m going to explain everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision about MAPS. Basically, most of those who join MAPS think that they can click on 10 ads and earn money.

It’s true to a certain point. If you don’t plan to buy ad packs then you aren’t going to earn anything that is worth your effort or time. For each click you can earn maybe 1 or two cents.

This way you can hardly make even $100 a month. Plus, the number of ads to click on for free members is limited which means your opportunity is limited too.


How much will one ad pack cost you?

Michael claims that in order to make a lot of money with MAPS you need to buy an ad pack and the more packs you buy the more money you will make. They promise that one ad pack will cost you $49.99, but in fact it will cost you more.

There are some other fees like VX Gateway 2.5% and in the end one ad pack will cost you $56.69. As an example, when I was a member of Traffic Monsoon, one ad pack cost me $52 due to Paypal payment processing fee.

So, in this sense, TM is a much better alternative to My Advertising Pays. FYI, TM has close to 1 million members while MAPS has a little over 200.000 members.

Basically, once you reach $60, your ad pack will expire which means you can earn $4.31 from each ad pack you buy from MAPS.

The following info is not 100% accurate, but anyway I want to inform you so you can check it before you join MAPS if you decide to join it. Some sources tell that MAPS will deduct $6 from you which is a direct deposit fee and you will finally earn $1.69.

I can’t prove this, but I recommend you to do some research before you take any action towards becoming a MAPS member. If this info is true, then your earning potential is very limited. Again, when I was a member of Traffic Monsoon, there was no any extra charges like this.


maps stats

Note: It’s not an advertisement. MAPS doesn’t guarantee any revenue.


More interesting details about MAPS

One of the major red flags to me is that Simon Stepsys is promoting MAPS as actively as he was promoting some other useless programs, such as Banners Broker. Later in 2014 this website was shut down.

Some people may say that it doesn’t prove that My Advertising Pays is a bad program. Well, they are right. But participation of this man in this program is the first signal for me to be careful about MAPS.




And another red flag is that the same person on YouTube tries to urge people to buy as more ad packs as possible in order to make more money. And he claims that he made 600k in 9 months! Well, maybe.

Even if it’s true, it’s because he invested a lot of money that you don’t have. It’s simple to understand that money make money. If you don’t have money you can’t make money.

Another red flag to me is that the same person is still promoting two other programs, such as Empower Network which is a borderline scam and iPAS which is not recommended in my opinion.


My Advertising Pays membership packages

There are several types of membership levels within MAPS. They have:

  • Basic – $24.99 – for 12 months – referral commission 6%
  • Professional – $49.99 – for 6 months – referral commission 8%
  • Prime time – $99.99 – for six months – referral commission 10%

Again, compared to Traffic Monsoon, there are no membership fees in TM whatsoever and to be honest, I don’t like the idea of membership fee in MAPS at all.


Does My Advertising Pays guarantee revenue?

So, the main idea behind any revenue sharing site is buying more ad packs in order to make more money. When it comes to MAPS, it works the same way like Traffic Monsoon.

When you buy an ad pack for $56.69 your pack expires when you reach $60. So, you make $4.31 from each ad pack. In fact, each ad pack will earn you $1 a day.

If you buy one ad pack and stop on it then it doesn’t make any sense. You need to buy at least 10,20 packs to be profitable.

Let’s say you buy 20 packs. It means you will be making $20 a day, but you don’t have to stop on that too. Once you start making $20 a day you need to buy new packs every 3 days (once you reach $60) to have new ad packs on your account before old packs expire.

The more packs you have the more money you will make. I hope you understand the idea of this revenue sharing program. To be honest, it looks very appealing.


Problem # 1

But there is a huge problem with all revenue sharing sites, even popular ones, Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising pays. They promise that each pack will make you $1 a day. In reality it doesn’t work as they promise.

Very often people tell that at certain point MAPS stops making them $1 a day and instead makes them 20–30 cents a day. When you ask support their answer is simple enough: “We don’t guarantee revenue! You Revenue depends on the profit of the company.”

It may be that you have $20 packs that should be making you $20 a day, but instead you will be making $5 a day. What does it mean?

You will start losing sharing positions as your packs expire and finally you will reach a point when you will need to invest your own money again in order to buy new packs or you won’t make any money at all. I hope you see the picture now.

The same thing happened to me when I was a member of Traffic Monsoon which is WAY more popular than My Advertising Pays. It means that the same thing happens to MAPS members too. So, you must understand that you are not guaranteed to make money with revenue sharing sites.


Problem # 2

There are always complaints about revenue sharing sites because investing money into them is very risky. Take a look at two complaints about My Advertising Pays below and decision is yours.





Problem # 3

In my opinion, revenue sharing sites are not reliable and I will tell you why. I was a member of Traffic Monsoon and invested over $300 in ad packs. You know what happened? My account was blocked and I lost my money.

I contacted them and asked to activate my account, but found out that their support was outsourced to a third party and they couldn’t help me. I called them via my cell phone and again nothing. As of writing this review my account is still blocked for no obvious reason.

I provided all the info required to verify my account and again nothing. Remember that TM is WAY popular than My Advertising Pays and if I have such a problem with this one, you are not guaranteed that the same thing won’t happen to you if you join MAPS.


Final word on My Advertising Pays

I can’t say that My Advertising Pays is a scam and I cant say that MAPS is completely legit business. In my opinion, it’s very risky investment. If you have free money you can afford to lose then you can try it. Maybe I will try it too in the future. I don’t know.

BUT if you have your last hard earned money, I really don’t recommend to invest in MAPS or Traffic Monsoon or any other revenue sharing website. I lost my hard earned money in TM and it really burns me.

Two complaints above prove that My Advertising Pays doesn’t guarantee any revenue and you can be in the same situation like these two ex members of MAPS. And you know what happened to me when I was a member of TM.

And remember that there is no money back guarantee in revenue sharing companies. Anyway, it’s up to you. I tried to be honest with you and did my best to explain everything in details.


Final glance at My Advertising Pays

  • Many upsells
  • Requires investment $49.99 – $1000
  • No money back guarantee
  • Useless traffic for advertisers
  • Complaints
  • You can make some money
  • You can lose your money anytime
  • Revenue is not guaranteed
  • Overall rank 50 out of 100
  • Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


Want a better alternative to My Advertising Pays? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!

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  1. Cyril says:

    This can’t either persuade me to join too. It is really questionable when a service doesn’t guarantee anything and requires you to invest a big amount of money. Many up-sells and packages makes me feel they are not providing useful tools for me! I am a user of Wealthy Affiliate and this is definitely much more legitimate than this MAPS.

    Have you ever make any money by the My Advertising Pays? If you do, may I know how much is it?

    • Rufat says:

      To be honest, when a program doesn’t guarantee revenue it’s good, because it’s better than being lied that your revenue is guaranteed. When it comes to My Advertising Pays, it’s true that you can make some money. But since they don’t guarantee any revenue and there is no money back guarantee, it does make the opportunity very risky. From my experience I can tell that if you plan to invest your last money then I don’t recommend it. Because I invested over $300 into another revenue company, made $200 and finally lost both my invested amount and the amount I have made which is over $500 in total.

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