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Is Partylite a Scam? Do People Really Need Overpriced Candles?

August 2, 2016 8 Comments



Product name: Partylite


Price: $99 – starter kit

Overall rank: 30 out of 100


So far I’ve reviewed many MLM companies and recently I’ve come across a company called Partylite and to be honest it caught my attention. It was a little different from other MLMs that I’ve seen so far.

It’s different because their product is a little specific and I’ve never thought it could be promoted through a MLM company. In short, they sell candles, home fragrances, home decor, various gifts, melts, as well as candle holders.

On one hand, it’s good that they try to be different from other MLMs that sell air most of the time or some kind of magic drinks at a cosmic price.

On the other hand, Partylite is not much different from other MLMs because they still attract folks through a complex compensation plan and again like with other MLMs their products are WAY overpriced. I’m not really sure if people are willing to pay $8-$26 for a candle. Are you?

This of course makes the process much harder because it’s YOU who must be willing and able to promote Partylite products in order to make money. Anyway, some people are still willing to pay for this kind of stuff and there is some demand for this product.

Let’s see if Partylite is really a good opportunity when it comes to building a business. And let’s see if Partylite is a scam or legit.


The main idea behind Partylite

The idea of Partylite is pretty simple. You join the company, promote their products and earn a commission. Partylite offers a compensation plan for your efforts. But like with any other MLM, you can’t just take their products and sell them. You have to first buy and then promote them. What if you can’t sell them? That’s your problem. As I know, there is no money refund.


Pros of Partylite

  • Interesting product line


Cons of Partylite

  • You need a budget to buy Partylite products
  • You need an experience in promoting MLM products
  • Requires you to organize parties
  • You can’t benefit from the compensation plan until you have a ton of people who have joined Partylite through you
  • Products are expensive
  • Unfair compensation plan
  • website is no longer operating and for some reason was moved to


Partylite is a classic MLM program not much different from other MLMs. Their compensation plan is confusing and I would say unfair. Still I don’t think Partylite is a scam. By becoming an aggresive promoter of MLM products like a maniac you can lose your friends. Allow me to help you and recommend a program I’ve been a part of since 2013 and YES, I’m making money thanks to it and you can too. It’s FREE to join. No credit card required.


Partylite review

As I said, Partylite has an interesting product line, but their products are very specific and they are not cheap. Promoting them won’t be easy compared to similar products available on the market for a lower price.

I can’t say that candles, melts, home fragrances, home decor, various gifts, candle holders are useless. There is of course some audience and demand for this type of products.

I think most consumers of these products are women which means if you plan to work with Partylite you have to mainly focus on this audience. I don’t think men are going to buy candles or fragrances.

Anyway, I checked Partylite prices and they are really high. Take a look at the images below. Their prices range between $8-$28. I still think someone can buy a candle for $8, but not for $28.






After a few seconds of research I found similar products on Amazon website. As you can see, you can buy similar products for $9- $13.




It’s not so important for someone to buy overpriced Partylite candles because they can easily buy almost the same products from other companies for a lower price.

All this means your job as a Partylite distributor becomes much harder because you have to convince people to buy Partylite candles.

Anyone can buy candles from Amazon without leaving their house. It makes your job even more harder because you have to organize parties, talk to people and convince them to buy from you and not from Amazon or Ebay. I think the whole candle thing doesn’t look much appealing after all this info.




Partylite also sells candle holders most of which are very expensive. Again I checked Amazon and found some very beautiful candle holders for a much lower price.





If you do some research on Google you will find plenty of beautiful candle holders at a more affordable price than Partylite products.

This means promoting Partylite products won’t be easy, especially because anyone can buy similar products at a more affordable price from Amazon or at a much lower price from Ebay without leaving their house.

Partylite Products:

  • Candles
  • Fragrance
  • Melts
  • Home Decor
  • Gifts
  • Room sprays


How much money can you make with Partylite and how?

Like any other MLM company Partylite offers their compensation plan. Partylite team suggests that you organize parties in order to talk to people and promote Partylite products. I’ve seen the same approach with many other MLM programs.

The more often you organize parties the more people you are likely to convince to buy Partylite products and possible make them want to join Partyline company.

The more people join through you the more money you can potentially make. But they have to be just like you, very active in promoting and recruiting. If not, you are not going to earn anything.




Only from what you can sell personally. That’s the main issue with MLM compensation plans because your success depends not your efforts alone. Your success depends on how active and experienced are your recruited people.

But in order to organize such parties you first need to purchase Partylite products to show them to people. If you can sell them that’s fine. If not, Partylite is not going to refund your money. Partylite offers members 25% commission from all your sales.

It’s not bad, but it’s not so great to be honest. Because in fact, if you choose non-MLM business, i.e. affiliate marketing, you can earn much more, up to 50% commission, like I’m doing.

Affiliate marketing allows people to earn high commissions without even spending a dime on products.

You just promote any stuff online without any need to organize parties and earn 50% commission without even leaving your house. This is what I’m doing and you can do the same if you follow my recommendation.

If you can sell Partylite products ($2.000) within a month, you can get 7% bonus. The difference of MLM business from non-MLM is that in case with MLM you build your team (downline) and if they are active and successful, then you can earn a commission even from people recruited by your recruited people.

That’s why it’s called multi-level network marketing.

But unfortunately, most people fail at this because they buy products, can’t sell them and lose their money. They simply can’t continue losing their money and that’s why they quit.

In case with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to buy products in order to promote them and that’s why non-MLM business is WAY more popular than MLM business.

Plus you have to be an aggressive promoter in order to organize parties and promote Partylite products. Many people after joining MLM companies become very annoying trring to promote MLM products. As a result, they lose their friends. I’ve seen it with many MLM programs.

One of such programs that I’ve reviewed recently is Disrupt Worldwide and here is the comment from Dave who was Disrupt Worldwide distributor. Read his comment below.




People didn’t want to pick up their phones when he called them… Like I said, you have to become an aggressive promoter like a maniac. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to earn any money at all.


Partylite website

I don’t know why but website is no longer operating and it can be found now at



How to become a member of Partylite and is it worth it?

In order to become a member of Partylite you need to provide your social security number, a valid email address and OF COURSE your credit card ( they accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover only).

The starter kit will cost you $99. Once you’ve paid for the starter kit you need to start both selling Partylite products and recruiting other people into the program.




You can earn commissions and benefit from Partylite compensation plan IF you can meet a $500 monthly sales quota. Residual income can be made also.

But you must have at least 4 consultants in your team, your downline must achieve $2.000 in sales per month and YOU must make $640 in sales per month too. Too many restrictions in my opinion.

You have to make $2.000 in sales in order to earn $1.100 per month and your team must make $5.000 in sales too.

Selling candles on a consistent basis is not easy, let alone expensive candle holders. It’s up to you to decide whether to join Patylite or not.


If you want to know my opinion:

  • I wouldn’t recommend it at least because I’m not a sales person
  • I don’t want to pay for products in order to promote them because I can promote many other products without spending a dime
  • I don’t want to organize parties and convince people to buy overpriced candles.
  • I don’t want people to hang up their phones when I call them because they don’t want me to push them candles.

If you think it’s all fine then feel free to join Partylite team and I wish you all the best and ton of success in your future business with Partylite.


Final word on Partylite

Finally, we have to decide whether Partylite is a good opportunity to join or not and I suggest that we summarise all we know about this program. Their products are interesting, but paying so much money for a candle or fragrance is not reasonable.

Yes, some people are willing to pay, but you really need to be an aggresive promoter in order to convince someone to pay $8-$26 for a candle.

You have to be extremely socialble, organize parties in order to make frequent sales and recruit other people into the program. If you can’t keep the balance you can easily lose your friends like Dave from the comment above and like many other MLM promoters.

Partylite compensation plan is unfair in my opinion and in order to benefit from it you have to meet a certain level within Partylite party and host credit system. It’s not easy at all.

If you have no experience with MLM companies or strong selling skills you better look for some other non-MLM program. And remember that you need a budget before you even think of making money with Partlite.

Finally, their site is no longer operating. I don’t know why, but they moved it to Anyway, Partylite is not a scam, but I don’t really feel I can recommend it to everyone.

There is also a warning from FTC regarding MLM companies. Not all, but many of them are pyramid schemes designed to “help” people like you. I’m not saying that Partylite is a pyramid scheme, but it does really look like as such.




Final glance at Partylite

  • Interesting product line
  • You need a budget to buy Partylite products
  • You need an experience in promoting MLM products
  • Requires you to organize parties
  • You can’t benefit from the compensation plan until you have a ton of people who have joined Partylite through you
  • Products are expensive
  • Unfair compensation plan
  • Partylite website is no longer operating and can now be found at
  • Overall rank: 30 out of 100


Tired of programs like Partylite? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth says:

    Very interesting article on partylite opportunity, candles themselves are very popular and good products to promote. I have even considered candles in the past as a online business.

    I do not suggest anyone join an MLM opportunity unless they are very experienced, when you must purchase the product yourself first your taking a high risk right off the bat.

    I suggest affiliate marketing for anyone new or not able to invest much in a business, that is where Wealthy Affiliate training community comes in. I recommend anyone starting out join this training community as a free member and test the training out, this is a one in a lifetime opportunity not many if any training programs offers such a opportunity today/

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, Partylite is different from many other MLMs and offers an interesting product line. I believe there is some demand on the market for this type of product. But it’s not easy to promote this type of products through MLM because most of the time they are being sold for a much higher price than other similar products available on the market. For example, anyone can buy candles from eBay or Amazon and there is no reason to pay extra money to Partylite. In the meantime I agree that it’s much better to start with affiliate marketing because this method has a number of advantages over MLM type of business.

  2. stefan says:

    Hi Rufat, I was thinking about what makes a company want to follow a multi level marketing strategy for their business structure. I can only think of one reason, they cannot compete with such high quality and low prices we find elsewhere on Amazon or other places. They need strong workforce from representatives to sell such expensive candles. Not only that they take advantage of a system that requires distributors to buy the products. Come on, it’s a ridiculous system that only benefits those at the top. I don’t recommend MLMs… building an online business and work as an affiliate offer much more benefits.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I think you are right. They can’t compete on the market with other big companies and that’s why they create such an opportunity as promoting expensive candles through MLM program. But even then it’s hard to sell their products because there are many alternatives in online space when it comes to products promoted by Partylite. The only way to succeed with this MLM opportunity is through like you say, distributors with strong selling skills and this is the path all MLM companies follow. But not all MLMs are scams and I think Partylite is not a scam. But I don’t recommend it either due to many reasons.

  3. Sue Mills says:

    If I may, I’d like to set you straight on a few things.

    -Partylite DOES have an interesting product line. With new ownership, there have been many new changes in the décor, fragrance and the way product demonstrations are given.
    -When you choose to sell PL, you purchase a kit for $99.00. It includes the basic products for the season. A first successful party ($400.00 in sales) will give you $100.00 in profit. Kit paid for. After that, no more parties or selling is necessary. If you want to quit, the product is yours and you are done.
    -No experience in selling necessary. It helps, but the guidance you get from others is tremendous. And honestly, PL can sell itself. Candles sell themselves. Light a jar candle and see how many people will comment on it.
    -Yes you have to organize parties. They can be small get-togethers at a friend’s house, a book party or a Facebook party. It can be as elaborate as you like or small and intimate.
    -The compensation plan is based on sales and on people who are “under’ you. However, many, many consultants make a lot of money without being a leader.
    -Products are somewhat expensive, however with the specials and the deals that are built into the monthly promotions the opportunity to sell and make a nice profit is definitely do-able.
    -Unfair compensation plan? Not sure what that means. If you sell a minimum of $300 you will make $75.00 or 25%. It’s all up to you how much effort you put into it. is up and running!

    The bottom line is that a business, any business is only going to be as successful as you want it to be. Work hard, make your calls and do your follow-up!

    Partylite is NOT a scam. The products are beautiful, the wax is fragrant and the compensation can be great. And you keep the kit no matter what.

    Yes I am a consultant. I have been selling it since January. I have had 9 parties and $4000.00 in sales with a profit of about 900.00 after expenses. I am content with the way my business is run. I have a party once a month or so. I get out of the house, socialize and enjoy it. I am not one to do high pressure sales.

    Anyway, just thought I would share with you my view on Partylite!

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Sue,

      I’m really glad you’re happy with Partylite and how your business goes with them. And I really appreciate that you stopped by to leave a comment on my post. If you read the whole review you know that I didn’t say that Partylite was a scam. I’m not that type of person who calls every program a scam. Partylite is legit. I just explained a few aspects of Partylite and told why I can’t recommend it to everyone. But I also told that anyone can try it if they feel this opportunity is for them. I even suggest that you leave another comment here along with your contact details so that anyone can contact you if they decide to join Partylite. It looks like you have some good experience with MLMs. I wish you all the best in your life and business.

      • Sue Mills says:

        I did read your article. I was just making sure that everyone knows that it is not a scam.
        I sold Avon products at one point but nothing else. I have a job so this is only part time but I really do enjoy.
        The opportunities are great When you are a consultant! There are people in my circle who sell party light and make upwards of $100,000. Of course they work at it 50-60 hours a week. But they make their own hours and decide how many parties a week they want to do.
        For me it works! I would not recommend it to everyone either! Has to work for your schedule and your wants and your desires. Like I said business is only as successful as you make it!
        Just had to share my 2cents!

        • Rufat says:

          Hi Sue,

          If you read my article you should then know that I told in my review that Partylite was not a scam. I just don’t recommend it due to reasons I explained above. I’m sorry but I’m really in doubt that someone can make $100.000 selling candles. I asked you to provide your contact details so other people willing to join Partylite can find you, but you didn’t. Anyway, I’m still of the opinion that Partylite is by far not the best program out there. If you are having success with it it’s because you have good selling skills. I believe Partylite is not for everyone. Most people fail with MLMs.

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