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Is Slice the Pie a Scam? Find out in My Realistic Review

April 4, 2016 6 Comments



Product name: Slice the Pie


Price: Free to join

Overall rank: 60 out of 100

Verdict: Legit


Slice the Pie is a well known website that has been around since 2007. They have a very unique program that benefits both musicians and people that spend their time reviewing songs and giving their opinion. This in turn allows musicians become more popular too.

People that provide their reviews are called Scouts and you don’t need to have any education in this field in order to provide your opinion. So, anyone willing to know if Slice the Pie is a scam or not, my answer is no, it’s not a scam.

It’s absolutely legit program that has a positive track record and has been paying its members for many years. Since my job is writing reviews on programs that can make you money, my main goal is provide you with a realistic review so you can make your decision based on my opinion.

In my opinion, Slice the Pie is absolutely legit program and you definitely can make some extra cash, BUT is it worth your effort and time? I’m going to explain it further in my review.


Pros of Slice the Pie

  • You can earn cash
  • You get paid through Paypal
  • Free to join


Cons of Slice the Pie

  • You earn cents instead of dollars
  • It takes too much time to earn cents
  • Some complaints


Slice the Pie is legit, BUT this program will never make you a solid income online. Allow me to help you and recommend a program that can help you make a full time income online. The good news is that you can try it for free. No strings, no credit card required.



Slice the Pie opportunity

As I said above, Slice the Pie is a proven program that allows you to earn cash and get paid through Paypal as soon as you have reached a threshold of $10.

Your job will be listening to music and giving your rating as well as writing a few words, two, three sentences. You can write more which is good and you can earn even more cash. But it’s acceptable only if you write quality review and provide real helpful info.

Reviews like, It’s a great music and I love it, doesn’t work. You need to be very unique and original when giving your opinion or rating. As a Scout of the Slice the Pie program you will be randomly given tracks to listen to without knowing who the artist or what the song is.






Such an approach prevents the system from getting copy paste answers. You will be listening to a song within 90 seconds and then you need to rate it from 1 to 10 and write a few sentences ( 100+ characters). If you write general words it won’t be counted.

You need to be constructive and give real recommendations. You don’t need to have a musician background. Just write what you think and stay to the point because if you write things that are irrelevant, your can either get your account closed or not paid at all.




Once you’ve competed writing a review it’s delivered to the author to evaluate their music based on the opinion of people like you, i.e. Scouts. But before writing a review you need to have a basic knowledge of what lyrics, bass, vocals, beat or melody is.

If your write quality reviews your rating will go up fast and as a result you will be able to earn more.


How to join Slice the Pie?

Anyone can join Slice the Pie for free and there is no monthly fee. Once you’ve created your free account you can choose a scout room depending on what type of music you want to listen and you’re good to go.




They have also a referral program and you can earn some commission by inviting other people to join Slice the Pie.

It’s a good opportunity, but it may work well for you only IF you know how to drive traffic, i.e. visitors to their site so you can make a solid income from it.


How much can you earn with Slice the Pie?

It really depends how much money you can earn from Slice the Pie. Anyway, it’s not about big buck at all! Your Scout earnings depend on your star rating as a Scout reviewer. Their rating system ranges between 1 and 5. If you achieve rating 5 you can earn WAY more for your efforts.

Here is breakdown:

  • Star 1 – $0.03 per review
  • Star 2 – $0.06 per review
  • Star 3 – $0.09 per review
  • Star 4 – $0.12 per review
  • Star 5 – $0.15 per review

Before you achieve 5 star rating you need to spend a good amount of time on their website by providing quality reviews. If it’s what you love to do then you are free to do so.

But if you are looking for ways to earn a solid income online, then of course, Slice the Pie is NOT the right program.

Just imagine, how many tracks you need to listen to and how many reviews you need to write to earn $5. I don’t think it’s a good investment of your time or effort. But it’s up to you.


How is Slice the Pie different from other get paid programs?

The difference of Slice the Pie program from other get paid programs is that you get paid for each of your effort with Slice the Pie. I mean each time you listen to music and give your rating and opinion you get paid.

When it comes to other get paid programs such as online paid surveys, some of them require you to get approved or get qualified before you start taking online surveys.

This qualifying requires you to spend a certain amount of time and finally it may happen that you don’t get approved.

Wasted time and wasted effort. When it comes to Slice the Pie, it’s good that you always get paid once you’ve completed the required tasks.


Complaints about Slice the Pie

Though my verdict is that Slice the Pie is legit opportunity, there are some complaints from the users of this program and I feel I have to tell you as it is so you can decide for yourself if you want to join Slice the Pie or not.

After 5 minutes of research on the internet I’ve come across this complaint that you can see below. As you can see, some people are unhappy with the program and there is no guarantee that your account won’t be closed.

I believe if you continue the search, you will find more complaints.

But still I’m not saying that Slice the Pie is a scam because many people get paid and haven’t encountered any problem like this. It’s up to you to join Slice the Pie or not. My job is provide you with the info and decision is yours.




Final word on Slice the Pie

The program is legit though there are some complaints. To be honest, I can’t confidently recommend it for two simple reasons: It takes a lot of time to earn a few bucks. Your account may be closed. I really don’t know how it will work for you.

But I can’t say that Slice the Pie is a scam either. Definitely not. But you really need to “waste” all your time in order to write tons of reviews and earn a decent income.

The good news is that there are WAY better programs out there that allow you to earn WAY more through writing reviews and it’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last two years.

And yes, I’m making a solid monthly income, WAY more than a few cents per review. Actually, you can try my program without spending a dime.

I think Slice the Pie is a good program, BUT it’s very limited opportunity and you will never make a solid income by listening music and writing short reviews.

Slice the Pie is not going to replace your regular income.


Final glance at Slice the Pie

  • You can earn cash
  • You get paid through Paypal
  • Free to join
  • You earn cents instead of dollars
  • It takes too much time to earn cents
  • Some complaints
  • Overall rank 60 out of 100
  • Verdict: Legit



Want a better alternative to Slice the Pie? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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  1. Ben says:


    This looks very interesting, I have always wanted to make money online because I think it would drastically change my life for the better and help me focus on things I really need to focus on.

    The fact that it is free to join is great, this will provide a lot of trust with people. Maybe I will try Slice the Pie.

    • Rufat says:

      I think Slice the Pie is not going to change your life significantly because the amount of money you can make with this program is very limited. If you are passionate about listening to music then maybe you can have some fun through listening and making some extra cash at the same time. But when it comes to serious money, Slice the Pie is not the right one. But you can try it for free. So, if you have an interest, go and try.

  2. Lynne says:

    Hey Rufat

    This certainly looks interesting, but like you say it doesn’t pay much. I am very interested to know how you think this stacks up money wise against things like Clixsense and other PTC websites and taking online surveys?
    Which type of opportunity do you think you can earn more from?

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, it looks interesting, but doesn’t pay much. You can never earn a solid income with this program. I don’t think Clixsense is much different from this Slice the Pie. Like Clixsense, Slice the Pie also has a referral program and if you know how to drive traffic to their site you can make some good money. If you want something more realistic that can help you earn from home, you can read about my recommended program at the end of my review. I’m a member of this program and I’m happy with it. If you have other questions feel free to ask me.

  3. Heather says:

    I have heard of Slice of Pie, but never knew anyone that actually participated. The premise and idea are good, but I don’t think the payout would make it super great use of my time. I hope it continues to thrive, thanks to the people behind the scenes, keeping it running. Thank you for the informative article.
    Take Care, H

    • Rufat says:

      The is not bad and if you can spare some time you can make a few bucks per month. But I have to agree with you. Slice the Pie is a mediocre opportunity and in fact it’s not going to make you rich. It’s mostly for those who have some free time, want to make some extra pocket money, but don’t have the time to run a full time online business. I never participate in programs like Slice the Pie because I know I can spend my time more effectively and make WAY more money.

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