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Is Surveyhead a Scam? Read my Unbiased Review

February 17, 2016 4 Comments



Product name: Surveyhead


Price: Free

Overall rank: 80 of 100

Verdict: Legit


Surveyhead is an online survey site that allows you to earn a decent income by completing simple tasks, such as taking online surveys, testing products, sharing your opinion. You also get a $5 bonus just for creating your account with this program.

You can get paid in cash or get gift cards, magazine subscription etc. Their reward system is really good considering that you take minimum efforts. And I forgot to mention that you can join Surveyhead absolutely for free and there is no membership fee.

I think if you are looking for a legit opportunity to earn some cash online, Surveyhead is a good opportunity. But unfortunately, there are some issues here and if you want to know about them, I suggest that you continue reading my review.

I’m going to give my opinion on this program so you know exactly if Surveyhead is a scam or not.



Pros of Surveyhead

  • You can earn a decent income
  • Mobile surveys
  • $5 sign up bonus


Cons of Surveyhead

  • Some complaints
  • Takes time before you get your reward
  • No affiliate program
  • Limited number of surveys


What you should know about Surveyhead before you join it

Fact # 1

First off, I would like you to know that Surveyhead is no longer called Surveyhead and it’s now called iPoll and before that it was known as GoZing. Although they changed the name of their site to iPoll, the domain name is still Surveyhead.




But I’m revealing this info not because Surveyhead is a scam. By no means. I just want to give you as more info as possible in regards to this program so you can feel comfortable to decide whether to join Surveyhead or forget it.


Fact # 2

Whether it’s a Surveyhead or any other survey site, you should keep in mind that this opportunity will not make you rich. You need to have the right mindset when you join any online survey site.

This opportunity is very limited in its nature and you can at best earn a very decent income.

If you think you can make thousands of dollars per month and quit your existing job then I have to disappoint you. It’s not possible.

But if you join let’s say 200 online survey sites and start taking surveys a few hours a day, almost everyday, then you probably can make maybe $200 or $300 per month. And even this is hardly achievable because most of the surveys pay you pennies.

When it comes to high paying survey sites, the main problem here is that the number of such surveys is very limited and you have to wait months before you get an invitation from a survey site to participate in such a survey.

Plus, you have to fit certain criteria and qualify for such a survey. All this makes this opportunity very limited in nature.




Fact # 3

You can get rewarded by Surveyhead (iPoll) through Paypal and the minimum cash out is $50. You can also get rewarded through magazine subscriptions or Amazon gift cards.

When it comes to magazine subscriptions or Amazon gift cards it depends on the country of your residence.

When it comes to cash, there are no problems here and if you have your Paypal account you’re good to go with Surveyhead. Also, you get Rixty online game card and can play games online.

The good news is that you can participate in Surveyhead surveys using your mobile phone which makes the process much easier for you and allows to do it from anywhere.





Fact # 4

Most survey sites that I know are completely legit and you can join any of them for free. Here is the one that is legit.


Here is a short list of some other legit survey sites:

Also, here is a link to my article ( about legit programs that can pay you for your online efforts. Feel free to read and ask questions if you have any. I would be happy to help you out.


Fact # 5

Although Surveyhead is absolutely legit program I was very surprised to find out that they had some complaints and that’s why I decided to inform you about it so you can decide whether you want to join Surveyhead or not.

Many people are happy with their services, but some are not. I found some complaints on the internet and some positive feedback. Take a look at them and make your own decision.







Main reasons for complaints:

  • Minimum cash out is $50
  • Surveyhead doesn’t have an affiliate program
  • For some surveys to be credited to your account you have to wait from a few days up to several weeks

In Surveyhead’s FAQ section it’s said that if it has been longer than 6 weeks you need to contact Surveyhead support.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to spend my time on a survey that earns me a few cents or a few bucks and then wait for 6 weeks or deal with Surveyhead support.

As I said above, you can also test some of their products and even keep them as a form of reward for your effort. But this doesn’t happen very often.

The fact that Surveyhead doesn’t offer an affiliate program is really bad.

Most programs do offer an affiliate program and you can benefit from this in two ways: by completing surveys and by referring people to those sites because you will get paid for each person that joined the program through your affiliate link.

In case with Surveyhead, you can benefit only by participating in their surveys.


Fact # 6

As I said above, in most cases you will earn a few cents per survey. For some surveys you can earn $1 for which you need to spend approx. 20 minutes.

Generally speaking, it’s a good opportunity, but if you plan to stick to Surveyhead only then you are not going to make even a decent income because the number of their surveys is limited.



It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.


If they had countless surveys the it would be fantastic and you could then make a good income. The only way is create accounts with hundreds other sites like Surveyhead and complete as many surveys as possible.


Fact # 7

I also would like to help you avoid some serious mistakes that can cause you to lose all your earnings with Surveyhead or any other survey site.

Never try to create several accounts because if they catch you, you will lose all your earnings.

Some people use programs like Hotspot shield to hide their real IP (country). They do so to be able to participate in more surveys. I really don’t recommend it, but you can do it at your own risk.



It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.


How to qualify for more surveys

Remember that if you choose paid survey opportunity as your path to making some decent income online you need to create accounts with MANY different survey sites and remember to fill out your profile by providing as more info about yourself as possible because this will allow survey sites to know you better and they will send you more surveys to complete.


Is Surveyhead a scam?

The main question here is: Is Surveyhead a scam or not? My answer would be No, it’s not a scam at all.

You definitely can make some decent income, BUT there are several obvious cons here and some complaints too.

So, it’s for you to decide. I think anyway the program is legit and you can join it.


My recommendation

If you decide to choose a paid survey path for you to make a decent income that’s ok.

But to be honest, there are much better opportunities that will allow you to spend your time in a much better way and make much more money.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer making dollars instead of pennies. If so, take a look at my recommended program below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Final glance at Surveyhead

Overall rank 80 out of 100

Verdict: Legit




Want to make a full time income online? Here is my # 1 program!

No obligations. It’s free to join.


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  1. Jason says:

    Very informative review, I was a member of Survey Head years ago. I agree that these sites are legit but the pay is very low. I think your #1 recommendation at the bottom of this review is a much better choice. If you are serious about making real money online and are willing to work hard then your top rated recommendation is the way to go.

    • Rufat says:

      Good to know that you have some experience with programs like Surveyhead which means you realize very well what I’m talking about. For someone who is serious about making money online, my recommendation would be a great option. But if you are looking for a decent, extra income then Surveyhead is a good opportunity. It all depends on your approach.

  2. Jerry says:

    I have always been skeptical of Survey sites as I can’t see how the time I put in is anything compared to what I should earn. There is an opportunity in this as a way to make extra money on the go. Certainly not a main source of income but it could add up over time and come in handy.

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well Jerry. But if you know exactly what to expect from programs like Surveyhead then I don’t see any problem in participating in online surveys. You definitely can supplement your main income by spending 1,2 hours a day. But if you’re looking for a program to make a full time income, you should of course pass on this program. Among survey sites, this one is one of the best sites and if you interested in online survey sites, I can recommend it.

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