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Is the Lotto Black Book a Scam? – It can Take Forever to Win the Lottery

March 18, 2016 4 Comments



Product name: The Lotto Black Book


Price: $96.83

Owner: Professor Larry Blair

Overall rank: 0 out of 100

Verdict: Scam


The Lotto Black Book is a PDF guide that Larry Blair claims will teach you how to become a millionaire in no time.

There is a lot of buzz on the internet and many scam sites that call this product as the most advanced guide for winning a lottery and they claim that using Larry’s guide you can win most of the time.

Larry Blair claims that he tried his system with many lottery games and it worked perfect. He claims to be a math professor from Oklahoma who spent years trying and testing different methods and now he wants to share his secret and help you become another millionaire with little effort on your part.

Let’s take a look at this product to see if the Lotto Black Book is a Scam or not. In my the lotto black book review I will explain exactly what this product is about and if it can really make a lottery winner.




Pros of The Lotto Black Book

  • Theoretically you can become a millionaire


Cons of The Lotto Black Book

  • The system is a total crap
  • No support
  • The lotto Black Book website is no longer working
  • Many negative reviews
  • Many complaints


Is Larry a millionaire?

First off, it’s reported that Larry himself has won millions of dollars using his own system, but there is no any proof that he is a millionaire. Second, even if he is a millionaire, there is no evidence that he has made his millions using the same system he is trying to sell to people like you.

The price of his eBook is $96 which is highly overpriced in my opinion. Most eBooks available online will cost you between $5-$30.

Larry’s book is WAY expensive and it’s because he claims that his book will teach you his secrets to making millions of dollars which is hard to believe to be honest.


Larry’s money back guarantee

Larry does offer a 60 day money back guarantee which is not so important in this case because in order to see how his system works in practice you need first to buy lottery ticket a few times at least and spend money which means it can take WAY more than 60 days before you can test Larry’s system.

60 days is not enough to try the Lotto Black Book formula which means Larry’s guarantee is not so important because after 60 days you won’t be able to ask for refund.


Who is promoting the Lotto Black Book?

There are a lot of websites online that claim that Larry’s the Lotto Black Book is an excellent guide and many people have become millionaires thanks to using this system.

The truth is that there is no any strong evidence that someone has won millions of dollars and the truth is that most of these sites that are promoting this product or defend this idea are the sites that are trying to earn an affiliate commission from selling this eBook.


Is it worth buying the Lotto Black Book?

The good news is that you don’t need to spend $96 on this product because Larry’s website is no longer working which means you are saved from this crap. Another good news is that the lotto black book free download is available online.




If you type “the lotto black book pdf” in Google search box, you’ll get the link for download. In my opinion, reading this book is a waste of time and if you expect to get a step-by-step guide from Larry, you are not going to get it.


Many complaints

There are many complaints online about this product and many people who have purchased this book or downloaded it for free and tried the system have won zero.

After 2 minutes of search I found one complaint about the Lotto Black Book. I don’t want to waste my time on products like this one, but I’m pretty sure if you do some search you will find more complaints.




Website is no longer working

The bad thing about the lotto black book formula is that Larry’s website is no longer working which is a clear evidence that his secret lottery system doesn’t work. Because if it worked then he still would be selling his book and making people happy. It means he is lying to you.


Is there any support?

Products like the Lotto Black Book never come with support and even if you read Larry’s book and have questions and I’m pretty sure you will have, you won’t get any support from this non existent math professor from Oklahoma.


Is there a better alternative?

An overwhelming majority of lottery systems are total garbage and you will never win anything, but wasting your hard earned money on lottery tickets.

I think instead of wasting your money on this type of garbage I would highly recommend to start building your very own online business and make money using legit methods, such as CPA or affiliate marketing.


Do I recommend the Lotto Black Book?

I never recommend programs/products like the Lotto Black Book that promote shady techniques. Just as an example, there is another way of making money with little effort known as advertising and revenue sharing websites.

I recently invested $350 in Traffic Monsoon and after 2 months they blocked my account with no obvious reason and I lost my money.

That’s why, from my experience I can honestly recommend to never spend money on shady programs like Traffic Monsoon or the Lotto Black Book. They are all liars and their only goal is to take your money using all kinds of means.


Larry’s fantastic story

Promoters of this product tell people a fantastic story about Larry as if he was shot at his leg after winning a lottery. Can you imagine it?




It’s really so ridiculous and to be honest, I can’t believe or imagine that someone can believe in such a fantastic story.

And an interesting fact is that you won’t find this fake story on the internet on legit websites. Only on crappy sites promoting this crappy product.


Content of the book

This is the content of the Lotto Black Book and you can take a look at this useless piece of garbage. All this info is just a theory with no strong evidence to make you any money.




Fake testimonials

Another feature common to products like the Lotto Black Book is that they use fake testimonials and photos of happy millionaires. Don’t ever trust this kind of stuff. I’ve seen hundreds of such testimonials and the truth is that they are fake most of the time.




More facts available on YouTube

There are many reviews of the Lotto Black Book product on YouTube and if you watch 2,3 of them it will be absolutely clear that Larry’s product is a waste of time.



Final glance at The Lotto Black Book

  • The system is a total crap
  • No support
  • The lotto Black Book website is no longer working
  • Many negative reviews
  • Many complaints
  • Overall rank: 0 out of 100
  • Verdict: Scam




Tired of programs like The Lotto Black Book? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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  1. Stephen Mcgouran says:

    Who in their right mind is going to buy a book and believe that they’re just going to win the lotto, seriously!

    Every now and again someone gets lucky but in the real world nothing beats hard work and laser focused goals!

    You did a great and thorough review Rufat, the fact that their customer support is non existent says it all and I certainly recommend your alternative.

    For anyone out there reading this, keep buying your lotto tickets but don’t hold your breath, take the time to build a solid business online rather than just hoping!


    • Rufat says:

      Absolutely agree with you Stephen, It’s really ridiculous that someone can buy this lotto book and win millions. Only naive people can believe in this idea. Instead of wasting your time it’s much better to set a goal like you say and work towards achieving it. I’m sure this product and the like are designed with one goal – to make more money off people and waste their time. There is no any secret to winning a lottery. If it was true then everyone would quit their job and I would be the first to recommend this product.

  2. Mikael says:

    It would be so great to get to know a system that would help you win the lottery – but it sounds highly unlikely to me that it is possible.

    It does just not make sense to me to even claim that such a system has been invented. But I do understand that some people are willing to give it a try. Would be great if it were true.

    I do not think I will even bother to read the book even thoug you say that it is no available online for free. Thanks for the warning and I will instead spend my time doing more useful stuff:-)


    • Rufat says:

      Sure, it’s impossible and there is any secret that can help you in that. Otherwise a lot of people would quit their daily jobs. All the talks about inventing a new wheel in this field are useless and there is only one goal behind them – to full naive people and take their money. Like you I’m of the opinion that reading such books is a waste of time. Instead you better read something more realistic and useful. Unfortunately, some people still fall for such scams and waste their time and money. But that’s their fault they don’t do enough research before spending their hard earned money.

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