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Is Work at Home University a Scam? My Short answer is YES, it is

February 8, 2016 2 Comments




Product Name: Work at Home University

Product Owner: Michelle Withrow


Price: $197, after discount $77, then $47, plus many upsells

Overall rank: 10 out of 100

Verdict: Scam


A quick glance at this “amazing” opportunity gives us a hint that this program is going to teach you how to become a successful internet marketer without leaving your home. You don’t need to go to 9–5 job, work from bill to bill.

You will have a new lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about and the only thing you need to achieve this is a computer and internet connection.

This is a pretty standard advertising method that most scams like Work at Home University use to lure folks into their “act fast because it’s a limited time offer” type of programs.

If you want to know right now if Work at Home University is a Scam? My short answer is YES, it is.

If you still have some doubts and want to know why I think so then read my complete review and you will see some interesting facts about this amazingly interesting program.



Work at Home University: University or a wasted time?

If you do some search on Google you will come across a whole list of search results for this program, most of which are negative reviews. Some are positive because those people are actually promoting this scam offer for the sake of earning an affiliate commission.

To be honest, even after reading all those reviews you won’t be able to get an idea of what this program is exactly about. And it’s because this so called Michelle has changed her product many times and there is no an exact info on what she is trying to sell you now.

According to some reviews, Work at Home University is a link posting opportunity which means you will be posting links here and there to earn a few hundred bucks a day.

According to others you will be taught a CPA business which means you will be promoting free offers to earn a commission for each completed action.

Either way, the fact that there is so much confusion and uncertainty about Work at Home University that it becomes pretty clear that Michelle is not the person interested in your success.


Pros of Work at Home University

  • Mediocre CPA course or maybe already something new


Cons of Work at Home University

  • Many upsells
  • Deceptive methods
  • Unrealistic earnings
  • Support is under question
  • Association with other illegitimate programs like WAH EDU
  • Michelle’s main site link sends you to another site WAH EDU


More interesting facts about Work at Home University

Who is Michelle Withrow?

Michelle Withrow is supposedly the owner of this program and to be honest, I didn’t find any information about this woman.

Most likely, she is a fake person because the profile photo she uses on her website was purchased from




This is the first red flag and strong evidence that there is something wrong with this program. If she is a real person why not use a real photo?

Would you buy from someone who tries to hide behind the scenes? Probably you wouldn’t.

When it comes to making money online honesty and transparency is the first indication of whether the program is worth your time and effort or not. In this particular case I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


Training on CPA

As I said, there is no an exact info of what this program is about. When it comes to CPA course, it’s true that you can make money by promoting CPA offers.

CPA offer means you promote free opportunities and when someone completes an action which can be submitting an email address or completing online survey, you get paid by CPA network.




You really need a good CPA course in order to be able to succeed in this business. I personally completed one of the best CPA courses available online (CPA Evolution), but still I’m struggling to make money in this business.

The main problem is that CPA business requires investment in order to buy traffic. Or you need months of hard work to bring free traffic to your free offers which means making money in this business is not easy at all even with the best training.

When it comes to Work at Home University and their dishonest approach, I’m really doubt that you can succeed with their mediocre course.


They need your personal info

The next problem with Work at Home University is that you have to submit your personal info when registering your account at Michelle’s website which is not a good sign.

This is one of the deceptive tricks she uses in order to scam honest people. Just think for a second, why would you submit your credit card details or your phone number if you don’t even plan to buy their product.

This means they will bombard you with multiple offers in order to sell you more other stuff.



Note: It’s not an Advertisement


Association with other scams

Another red flag about Work at Home University is that Michelle uses the same approach used by other programs, such as:

  • Work at Home Authority
  • Work at Home EDU
  • Work at Home Institute
  • Home Profit System
  • Online Home Careers University
  • Home Job Institute

The truth is that all these programs belong to one big group of link posting scams that are very popular on the internet for scamming people.


Note: It’s not an Advertisement

Career-university stay-at-home-revenue WAHU work-at-home-university1

Note: It’s not an Advertisement


Many of these so called “institutes” and “universities” have been shut down and some are still continuing their illegitimate activity.

They create poor products with new names and websites and promote them, but their approach doesn’t change. Beware of them.


Affiliate sites

There are many affiliate websites that are promoting Work at Home University and describe it as a program that will teach you how to become a successful link poster and make up to $379 a day. The truth is that they don’t even know what they are exactly promoting.


Website layout

All these websites mentioned above including Work at Home University are using the same layout and it’s really laughable because they don’t even bother to change the layout in order to to foul the trail.

The screenshot of several different websites with the same layout is one of the major red flags to stay away from Work at Home University.


Michelle Withrow + Melissa Mayer = Stock photo

As we already know, Michelle Withrow is the owner of Work at Home University while Melissa Mayer is the owner of another “amazing” program such as Stay at Home Revenue.
wah1 wah2


At first glance this should be normal, but if we look at the images below we will notice that the owner of these two programs is the same person.

I think it is another obvious fact that you should not trust people that stand behind these programs.


Limited number of positions

Another obvious fact that Work at Home University is a scam is that all these programs show you the same info, i.e. number of positions left in your city is only 3 and it never changes. And all claims about Work at Home University being featured on CNN or USA Today are not true.





Your profit calculator

All promises about making thousands of dollars per month is just one big lie and Michelle even helps you calculate how much you want to earn per month.


It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.


It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.


Here is a calculator you can use to get an idea of what you can expect from a Work at Home University opportunity.

This is so laughable that only someone who has a sense of humour can understand and appreciate it.


You have 5 minutes to act

Their promotional attempts are dishonest too. First Michelle offers you their “amazing” training for $197, then for $97, then for $77, and finally for $47. And it doesn’t stop there.

Once you get this discount price you will be given only 5 minutes to make the purchase. This is of course nothing more than an attempt to get you to complete the order asap.



Note: It’s not an Advertisement


Michelle’s new training

As I told above, all these link posting scams are constantly changing their tactics and it looks like after a high number of negative reviews, Michelle decided to add some value to their training and it now includes several modules on:

  • Social media
  • Media buying (paid traffic)
  • Pay per Click (paid traffic)
  • Video marketing
  • SEO

They also offer an unlimited phone and email support 5 days a week! But I’m not really sure their training is helpful or actionable because of many lies and deceptive tactics.

Plus, it includes paid traffic which is not for everyone. You can easily waste all your budget with no results.


Final word on Work at Home University Scam

The question is: Is Work at Home University a Scam? Yes, it is. I think although Michelle offers some training material, after all these deceptive tricks and facts that we have come to know about there is no way to trust people that stand behind this “amazing” program.


Final glance at Work at Home University

  • Many upsells
  • Deceptive methods
  • Unrealistic earnings
  • Association with other illegitimate programs like WAH EDU
  • Michelle’s site is taken down and sends you to WAH EDU
  • Many complaints
  • False promises of instant wealth
  • Overall rank 10 out of 100
  • Verdict: Scam



Please share your experience about Work at Home University, good or bad. Any comment is welcomed.


Tired of Scams like Work at Home University? Here is my top recommended program!

You don’t need a credit card. It’s totally free to join with no obligations. Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. 4leaders says:

    Wow Rufat, I am so happy you did this article. It is a shame that people will make money by scamming people. I have come across many scams (and have been scammed myself) and I know the feeling.

    I am happy I learned of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope anyone reading your article will take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate offer because it is very real, just like you and me. I learned so much at WA and have meant so many people in the online community.

    Please keep exposing this Work at Home University scam so others will not fall victim.

    Thank you and best regards-

    • Rufat says:

      This program is really bad. I’ve reviewed many other programs promoting the same idea and using the same advertising techniques. I have a list of link posting scams reviewed on my other website and all those programs are either scams or provide very little value like Work at Home University. I’m a member of WA too and I’m making money thanks to this program. Fortunately, I didn’t fell for Work at Home University. And I’m glad you’ve come across WA and was saved from this program. I believe with the powerful training that WA offers you will be able to achieve success very soon.

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