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Search Engine Submission Review

March 21, 2016 0 Comments



Anyone who has a website want to promote it in order to get traffic and it’s not a secret that the best way to get traffic is through getting your website ranked in search engines.

Of course, there are many other alternative ways of getting traffic, but SEO traffic is one of the most popular ways because the only thing it requires from you is create a good piece of content and get it optimized the proper way.

One of the biggest myths going around all over the internet is regarding search engine submission service or software that promise you guaranteed results and flood of traffic. Is it true?

Can people really use free or paid search engine submission software to get their website ranked in search engines? Do they really need SEO companies that provide SEO services and charge thousands of dollars for their services?

Can they really guarantee first page rankings? I’m going to answer all these questions in my review of search engine submission services and softwares.


SEO softwares and companies

There are many different SEO companies and softwares that you can take advantage of for your website SEO. First I want to start my discussion regarding softwares.

The worst thing about search engine optimization softwares is that promoting this kind of stuff a few years ago was probably a good idea, but today this kind of stuff is simply useless.

An interesting fact is that this type of stuff is still being promoted and many folks that have no any clue about SEO use it in the hope that their websites will get ranked in top 10 or 20 guaranteed by the software.

The truth is that you actually don’t need this type of software at all. Companies that promote search engine submission software claim that their software will generate all meta tags, keywords, etc, everything needed for top rankings and submit your website automatically to thousands of search engines.


For example, they promise that their software will submit your website to multiple search engines that you can see on this image. The truth is that most of these search engines are useless.

There are three major search engines that send all web traffic to sites. These engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. All other engines can send you a few visitors at best.

When it comes to guaranteed results, it’s simply impossible. For example, guarantees you top 20–30 rankings for $1000, or top 40–50 rankings for $2000 or top 60–70 rankings for $3000.


Note: It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.



Note: It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.


First off, it’s very expensive. Second, paying so much money for such rankings is not worth money. Because all traffic comes from first two pages, i.e. top 20 which means if your page is ranked on the first or second page of Google you then can get traffic.

All other pages are useless which means paying so much money for this type useless rankings is not reasonable. And they also promote their software called All-in-One Submission tool. For example, they say that their tool includes meta tag generator, keyword density analyzer etc.

All these features are useless because most of the websites are based on a wordpress platform which takes care of all this stuff and you actually can optimize your site by simply installing All in one SEO Pack or Yoast plugin. These plugins will take care of all this stuff.


Note: It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.


Take a look the screenshot from their website where it says that all their packages come with guaranteed top 10–20 search engine ranking which is absolutely ridiculous. No one can guarantee you any rankings because it’s out of their control.

Or there is another software called Dynamic Submission which is claimed to be a multi-award winning, search engine software designed to help you get your website listed in top search results.





They have a free limited version of this software and their packages vary from $99.95 to $249.95. In my opinion, it’s another useless piece of software that actually does zero work when it comes to rankings while charging you an insane amount of money for their useless service.

Another website called “I Business Promoter” is promoting a powerful search engine submission tool that can help you submit your site and get top rankings.

This one will cost you between $199.95 – $379.95. It’s absolutely insane to pay this amount of money for this useless piece of software.



Note: It’s not an advertisement. I don’t guarantee any income.


A better alternative to search engine optimization software would be hiring a reliable SEO company like Internet Marketing Ninjas. But the main problem here is that their services are extremely expensive and most people can’t afford it.

It’s a good fit for companies that have budgets to spend on such costly services. Just an example, hiring Internet Marketing Ninjas will cost you a few thousands of dollars, between $5000 -$20.000 per month.




Do you really need SEO companies?

In fact, you don’t need any search engine submission software in order to get your site indexed or ranked in search engines. This type of software maybe was a good idea 10 years ago, but it’s not anymore. You don’t actually need to do anything special to get your site indexed.

The only thing you need to do is just install sitemap plugin (Google XML Sitemaps) and Google Webmaster Tools. The Google XML sitemap plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.





Additionally you need to install Bing Webmaster tool to allow Bing and Yahoo to crawl your site and index it. That’s it. Your domain will be crawled within a few days or hours. Once you start publishing content to your site, Google will start indexing and ranking your website content.

For advanced SEO, once you start doing social outreach and get backlinks from authority sites your site rankings will improve.

Also, as I mentioned above, you need to install All in one SEO or Yoast plugin and Google will crawl your site and index it and the more content you publish on your site the more often your content will get ranked on search engines.



These plugins allow you to add your page title, description and the keywords and once you have done it, no additional action will be required from you. All this means, using search engine optimization software is not only useless, but it can even harm your website.

Because major search engines such as Google or Yahoo ignore automated submissions. And it’s even more ridiculous that those fake SEO companies promise to submit your site to search engines on a monthly basis.

This kind of stuff is being promoted only for the sake of making money off people that have no any clue about search engine optimization process.

In fact, those companies that charge you for maintaining your website rankings do nothing because maintaining your rankings depend on whether you publish new content or not. But there are some SEO companies that provide legit SEO services.

They write SEO ready articles for you, do keyword and competition research. But their services will cost you a buck which is not acceptable for most people. Anyway, if you want to delegate your site SEO to SEO company you have to be very careful and understand that no one can guarantee you top rankings.


Can I do SEO myself?

Yes, you can and it’s not hard at all. To prove you that I know what I’m talking about I suggest that you check my another website ( rankings for the following keywords:

Walter Green free money system, Walter Green, Ultimate Home Profits, Six Figure Mentors, Millionaire Society Scam, Jordan Daniels Scam, evergreen wealth formula, get paid for posting links and more.

I’m always in top 10 on Google for these and many other keywords. To get these rankings I’ve never used any search engine submission software and have never hired any SEO company.

I learned SEO from a program called Wealthy Affiliate that does offer an excellent training on SEO and making money online. You can learn all this stuff from their top-notch training that is always up-to-date.

They also give you two free websites, offer a live chat and support and you can go through their first level of the certification course. All this will be available within the first 7 days and then if you don’t upgrade your account, you will lose all these privileges.

But you still can keep your two free websites and have access to other free trainings. The program is highly recommended and I actually owe to this program for my online success.

I do hope that in my review of top search engine submission service I was able to answer all possible questions and you now understand that you don’t need such a service and if you join my recommended program, you will be able to do all SEO yourself.




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