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Super Affiliate Network Review – You’ll make money within 30 days. Guaranteed!??

June 23, 2016 6 Comments



Product name: Super Affiliate Network


Owners: Misha Wilson

Price: $1 trial (10 days) then $47 per month

Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Super Affiliate Network is just another program filled with lots of hype while providing some real value to people. In my opinion, this program is legit and can teach you a lot of stuff, but there are some reasons why I can’t recommend it to everyone and I will explain it further why I think so.

If you’re a complete beginner and want to learn affiliate marketing, this program may be a good start.

But there are a few aspects I want you to know before you decide to join Super Affiliate Network or not because fail to know these aspects and you can get completely disappointed.

My main issue with Misha’s program is that right from the start he makes promises he fails to deliver on. Misha claims that you will make money within your first 30 days and he even guarantees it.

On top of that he promises that if you don’t make money within 30 days he will send you $100 just for wasting your time. In my review of Super Affiliate Network I’m going to see if Misha can live up to these claims or not.


The main idea behind Super Affiliate Network

Super Affiliate Network is a combination of teachings on affiliate marketing and selling high ticket items. While affiliate marketing is legit and I’m making money through it too, I’m very skeptical regarding selling high ticket items because it’s EXTREMELY hard in online space.

If someone tells you that selling cheap items or a high ticket items is equally easy they are lying to you.

If they tell that selling them is equally hard that’s true. But selling a $50 item is a LOT easier than selling a high ticket item for $500 and above.

Anything above $500 is a big challenge and VERY few people can do it successfully. The cold truth is that most people fail at it.

And remember that Super Affiliate Network is a new program and was founded in February 2016. There is no sufficient track record to prove that the program is worth your time or money.



Pros of Super Affiliate Network

  • $1 trial
  • Quality training course
  • Tools and support


Cons of Super Affiliate Network

  • Upsells that will cost you over $2000
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Selling high ticket items is NOT easy
  • System is locked and requires a password on each step


Super Affiliate Network

The good part of Super Affiliate Network is that for $1 you can try the program, but to be honest, there is not much value in this trial because most of the things offered are locked. After trial you will have to pay $47 per month or if you decide to upgrade without trial you will pay $37 per month.




There is also a questionnaire during which you will be asked as to how much you want to make with the system.

I think it’s a misleading approach because it leads people to a conclusion that once they will answer that question their success will be guaranteed.

This is of course not going to happen and I’ve seen this misleading technique in many other programs. Your desire has nothing to do with reality. No training in the world can guarantee you income in x amount of days.

They can teach you, they can show you how to do it but they can’t guarantee your success. Unfortunately, Misha guarantees you success with his program which is a total BS.

Also, after paying $1 you still can’t get access to the program because it requires an approval from Misha.

To be honest, I don’t like such an approach. I’m a private person and I always want to try a program on my own without any pressure. BTW, read the comment of one of their members below and see how people feel about this locked system.




After getting passwords you will get access to 3 lessons. I think this kind of password protected approach is a little annoying.

Also, you get access to 10 webinars that contain some very valuable information and I think they are well worth the price. In one of the webinars it’s said that there is a VIP membership that will cost you $2.000 a year.

And there is also a video in which some members of Super Affiliate Network tell their success stories. I don’t recommend you to pay much attention to these stories because I’m sure those are very few out of hundreds of others who failed to achieve anything with the program.

By this I don’t mean that you can’t be another success story. I just don’t like that Misha guarantees your success which is unethical in my opinion.

In day 1 of the trial you will watch 5 videos in which the creator will be talking about email marketing which is good because anyone knows that email marketing is an important part of any online business.


What I don’t like about Super Affiliate Network

You will also learn how to use solo ads for your business. If you don’t know what solo ads means, it’s about paying someone who has a list of subscribers in order to send your offer to that list. I don’t welcome this approach especially if you are a beginner.

I know many seasoned marketers who tried to use this method with no much success. The main problem with this approach is that it’s not your list and you don’t know how responsive it is.

It may be a complete waste of time and money. It means you will be continuously spending money and you don’t know what results to expect.

Second, some membership packages may cost you up to $2.000 or even $9.000 for Diamond Coaching program. Can you imagine that? If you want to know my opinion, I don’t recommend it at all.

I know another program called SFM ( Six Figure Mentors) that has been around for several years now and their techniques and tools are WAY more advanced than in Super Affiliate Network and still they can’t live up to their claims.

A friend of mine was their premium member for over a year and spent thousands of dollars and he was exactly following all their super instructions and yet he failed to make even $200.

He left the program completely frustrated. In fact, the creators of SFM promised him the same stuff, like you don’t need to do anything, we have a perfect system in place, just tell us how much you want to earn and we will do the rest of the work for you. This is the same stuff that I see in Super Affiliate Network.

They claim that all you have to do is drive traffic, capture emails and Misha’s team will close deals for you. Don’t trust them! This is all I can say.

If you don’t trust me, just ask Misha if there is a money back guarantee on their expensive membership packages. I’m sure there is no money refund.

Believe me, all these talks about easy money are useless. This is a fact that selling expensive products online is VERY difficult and in fact a friend of mine spent a good amount of money on paid advertising and ended up completely frustrated.

Please read his message carefully and learn a lesson from his story. Believe me, you will save your money.




Even if you join Super Affiliate Network, I really don’t recommend to buy their expensive packages.

Just watch their training videos and apply the knowledge to any other field, but don’t waste your money on their misleading membership packages.


Super Affiliate Network opportunity

The creator of Super Affiliate Network is Misha Wilson who is a well known internet marketer and in short, he is successful.

But I already told in many of my articles that if someone is successful it doesn’t mean that you will achieve the same level of success.

He is very helpful when it comes to support, but his private coaching will cost you $9.000! I don’t know about you, but I will never pay such an amount if there is no guarantee that I will earn my money back.

With his program you will learn all the basics of internet marketing and even advanced stuff, such as creating a list, creating capture pages, creating webinars, driving traffic, sending follow up messages and more.

The Super Affiliate Network training consists of 3 week training program. During all this process Misha will be in touch with you to make sure that you understand the material.

  • Week 1 – You will learn the basics
  • Week 2 – You will build your business
  • Week 3 – You’re promised to make your first sale

There is a strong focus on email marketing which is important for your business. But as I said, building a list takes time, effort and money while results are not guaranteed.

That’s why it really surprises me how Misha can guarantee that you will make a sale within 30 days.




Super Affiliate Network has several membership packages:

Basic membership $37 per month or $1 trial and then $47 per month. Within this membership you’ll get access to Super Affiliate Network bootcamp, Done for you system, capture pages, email follow up and monthly immersion coaching.

Annual membership will cost you $297. You will get the same stuff plus solo ad success formula, extra immersion coaching formula and 100% commission.

Plus membership will cost you $200 per month. The same stuff plus systematic profits, the magnetic selling machine, access to all courses, both old and new ones, a capture page, weekly coaching, sale funnel and more.

Pro Membership will cost you $2.497 per year. The same stuff plus you can earn $1.000 commission or even up to $3.000.

And finally, Diamond Coaching program will cost you $9.000.

You can’t earn their super commissions if you don’t buy their packages. First you must buy them and then start promoting in the hope that you will be able to convince someone to buy into the same stuff.


Too much hype

There is too much hype on Super Affiliate Network website and I don’t really recommend to take all their claims seriously. There is too much talk about shortcuts to online success through:

  • The Profit Boosting Bootcamp
  • Your Own “Done For You” Lead Machine
  • Maximum Commissions
  • Systematic Profits

I don’t want to talk much about this approach because I’m sick and tired of such misleading advertising techniques. Just read the disclaimer that I took from Super Affiliate Network website and the decision is yours.





Final word on Super Affiliate Network

Super Affiliate Network is a good program and if you’re looking for a training on affiliate marketing Misha’s program may be a good start.

You will learn some important things such as creating a list through email marketing, creating content for your site, creating your own capture pages, webinars, creating follow up messages, driving traffic and more. This part of Super Affiliate Network is good and the training is of high quality.

But I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with Misha’s approach regarding making unrealistic claims and promises and even guaranteeing you income in 30 days. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about and I’ve seen many programs like this one.

There are many programs on the web that try to teach folks how to promote high tickets items and they try to convince people that it’s extremely easy. This is simply not true.

There are many people who invest their hard earned money in similar programs and end up losing thousands of dollars.

A friend of mine ended up wasting a few thousands of dollars in a similar program that I’ve mentioned above and I think it’s the best proof to prove my standing. If you plan to join Super Affiliate Network that’s ok, but just be careful.

If you want to join a similar program without the requirement to spend thousands of dollars, I can recommend you another program I’ve been a member of since 2013.

You can find the link at the end of my review or in the comparison table above. It’s FREE to try. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you out.


Final glance at Super Affiliate Network

  • $1 trial
  • Quality training course
  • Tools and support
  • Upsells that will cost you over $2000
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Selling high ticket items is NOT easy
  • System is locked and requires a password on each step
  • Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Tired of programs like Super Affiliate Network? Read about my #1 Ranked Product Here!


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  1. Peter says:

    The comparison chart to Wealthy Affiliate certainly shows up a few weaknesses with this program. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for the past 3 months and am very happy with it. I feel that I getting good value for my money in support, community, tools and much more.
    Does the Super Affiliate Network have an affiliate program like Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Rufat says:

      Super Affiliate Network is a good program, but like you say there are a few weak points that we must take into account before making a final decision. I’m a member of WA too and there is a good reason why I compare these two programs. I think WA outperforms Super Affiliate Network. Yes, they have an affiliate program, but in order to promote them you have to buy their highly overpriced packages. I think this alone is enough to stay away from the program.

  2. lifebeginswithyourhealth says:

    My money is on WA and I know many people who have had good success with WA.

    I know no one who has had good success with super affiliate network, if I was going to take a risk it would be with WA.

    The best way to find out about any program online, talk the people who have tried the program in the past.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I know many people that are successful with WA and there are certainly people that are successful with Super Affiliate Network. I personally think it’s much easier and more safe to achieve success with WA because you don’t have to spend lots of money with this program. When it comes to Super Affiliate Network, everything is different. Spending a few thousands of dollars with Super Affiliate Network is going to put you in a risk zone. I wouldn’t recommend to start with Super Affiliate Network because it may be a complete disappointment and i think I gave my best answer in my review.

  3. Peteni Kuzwayo says:

    Hi Rufat

    You’ve done a great job at comprehensively reviewing Super Affiliate Network.

    What I really like is that your review is well balanced. You have a lot of good stuff to say about the program. But, you also highlight the hype.

    These smart marketers know that hype sells. And that’s why they make all sorts of crazy promises.

    Your review is excellent and should help a lot beginners. No one wants to waste $1 000 or $9 000. It’s just madness.

    Great work.


    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for the comment Peteni. I really appreciate and I’m glad you understand my points here. I’m not perfect and sometimes I may be wrong. But I always do my best to write realistic reviews and help folks make the right decision. I believe it’s really important to be realistic. Like I said, the program is good, BUT there is too much hype and Misha makes some unrealistic claims which is wrong in my opinion. In fact, one fact that he guarantees that you will make money is enough to say that Super Affiliate Network is a scam. But I don’t do that. The program is legit in my opinion. Upsells are very expensive too, up to $2000. Not good at all, especially for beginners. Anyway, I laid out my arguments and anyone can decide for themselves. And I also gave a good alternative that is free.

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