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Walter Green Free Money Machine – Are you Ready for Big Changes?

January 29, 2016 2 Comments



Product owner: Walter Green

Price: Free to join

Investment: minimum $200

Overall rank: 10 out of 100

Final verdict: Scam


Trading binary options has become popular for a few years now and since then almost every day a new binary program appears on the internet and with each program claims become more and more unrealistic.

Especially this program has been around for a long time and the people behind it are still scamming those who are new to make money thing. In the promo video Walter Green claims that thanks to his “amazing” program hundreds of people became millionaires in no time.

My goal today is to help you decide whether Walter Green Free Money Machine is worth your time and money or not. Keep reading because I’m going to reveal some amazing facts about this program.


What is Walter Green Free Money Machine

A piece of software that allows you to trade binary options provided you are willing to invest your money, at least $200. Most binary programs that I’ve seen so far are being advertised as totally free, but in reality they are not free.

Your investment will not be refunded because it’s not a form of payment for the service. It’s considered as your investment and if you have no experience in trading binary options you will most likely lose your money.

Walter Green and the people behind him are going to earn a commission from each of your investment while you are not guaranteed to earn anything.




Pros of Walter Green Free Money Machine

  • Free to join


Cons of Walter Green Free Money Machine

  • No refund
  • False promises about making millions of dollars
  • No support
  • Fake testimonials




Walter Green Free Money Machine in action

Truth about binary options programs

I always try to be honest with my readers and whenever I come across a program with realistic approach I share this knowledge with my readers. And whenever I see that the program tries to scam people I warn them.

When it comes to binary trading programs, most of them are scams, but by this I don’t mean that trading binary options doesn’t work or you can’t make money with it.

You definitely can, BUT it requires experience, knowledge and of course some money you can afford to invest with no guarantees to see any profit. You simply can’t start with $200 and become a millionaire. You can lose a few thousands of dollars before you start seeing any profit.

By this I mean that this business is very risky and if you are not ready to such risks you would better stay away from this type of business.


Is Walter Green a person you can trust?

First off, Walter Green’s websites (, are no longer functioning. This alone is the first red flag. If Walter Green is a real millionaire and helped many others become millionaires too why then his websites were taken down? There is no valid reason.




Walter Green is promoting his program through various online platforms, traffic networks and I’ve seen his promo video on the traffic monsoon network. His new website now is

I can tell you why Walter Green took his old websites down. It’s because of many negative reviews and complaints from people who have been scammed by him.

Take a look at the screenshot of people who have been turned to millionaires by Walter.




The truth is that all these people are paid actors from like this man who is a very popular actor to many online scams.




SEC and CFTC about binary options programs

The truth is that many people have been scammed by the internet based binary options programs.

The number of such cases is so high that organizations, such as SEC and CFTC have received many complaints from people who fell victims to online binary trading scams.

All this shows that you have to be very careful about internet based binary trading programs.




How to make money with Walter Green free money machine?

Your path to becoming a millionaire starts with investing $200 into Walter Green free money machine. Your business is predict market and decide how currency pair will behave.

You have to decide whether the value will rise or fall. To know this you need to learn a lot of stuff related to economics, finances and even politics because all this has a deep correlation.

There are special courses that you have to go through if you plan to get involved in binary trading business seriously. Without this knowledge you are going to lose all your money.

The main problem with programs like Walter Green Free Money Machine is that they want you to believe that by clicking on the buttons you will start making millions and the software will do all the work for you. I can tell you that it’s not going to happen.


How to choose a broker

When you make your first investment you will need to choose a binary broker: GTOptions, Anyoption or XB24. Before choosing a broker you need to find out if their reputation is good.

Because some brokers have a bad reputation and can easily get you into trouble. They will not lose anything while you will lose all your invested money. Walter Green Free Money machine offers you different packages



Standard – $500 -$999

Executive – $1000- $4.999

Gold – $5000 – $9.999

Platinum – $10.000+

As I told you above, in order to succeed in this business you need to have a solid amount of money you can afford to lose. If you have it then you are free to get into this business. I personally don’t recommend it.


What are Walter’s guarantees?

Walter Green promises that with his program you can earn up to $700 a day which means you can make $21000 per month. Is this true or real? Theoretically speaking yes, but practically most likely not.

I own another website and have reviewed over 30 binary trading programs so far and I can honestly tell you that most of them are scams and there are many complaints about them on the internet.

Among scam binary programs similar to Walter Green Free Money Machine are Millionaire Society, Larry’s Cash Machine, Guaranteed Outcome, Enigma Code, Millionaire Money Machine etc.

I’m just giving you this info so you can make your own decision. Remember that software can’t make you rich. It’s possible only through knowledge and experience.


Some funny facts about Walter Green Free Money Machine

Recently I came across some sites that claim that Walter Green amazing system was hacked and Walter Green doesn’t want to make his site public any longer for security reasons.

Can you really believe in this? If Walter is making millions why then he can’t protect his websites from such attacks? Does it look trustworthy? I think you know the answer.


Do I recommend Walter Green Free Money Machine?

I think there is no way to recommend this program. There are too many red flags here.

  • Changing website is not a good sign.
  • Using fake testimonials from Fiverr is the major red flag.
  • This business involves a high risk of losing money in no time.
  • There is no money refund.
  • There is no quality support.
  • There is no quality training.
  • And there are big claims about making millions the easy way.



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  1. Debbie says:

    There is no way in this world that I would trust a site like that! Wow, what amazes me is that it is legal to hire fake people to do video testimonials and lie and misrepresent themselves like that. I truly don’t get how that is legal.

    A few years ago, I read a couple of books about trying the stock market and I remember thinking that there are far too many variables and no way it could be accurately predicted. Not unless someone studied heavily the financials, and as you said even politics. That would be a full time job!

    Thanks for warning people about this! Much appreciated!

    • Rufat says:

      You’re right Debbie. This binary site is one of the worst ones I’ve seen so far. I agree that it’s absolutely illegal service to do fake video testimonials and in my opinion it shouldn’t be allowed on freelance sites. But unfortunately, this service is open and available and anyone can use it. This is so misleading and a lot of people fall for scams as the result of that. Trading binary options requires a budget and ton of experience and yet it’s a very risky investment. In any case, this binary site has too many cons and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. There are some legit programs out there, but I don’t which one exactly in order to recommend.

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