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What is Affiliate Marketing About and is Affiliate Marketing Worth the Effort

January 26, 2016 4 Comments



I don’t know if you have any experience in making money online or if you are completely new to this, but I think if you are looking for the info about affiliate marketing you are probably new to this.

Affiliate marketing industry has been popular for over 15 years now and each year more and more people join affiliate marketing industry in the hope to make money and become another success story on the internet. And there are lots of success stories that I’ve heard so far.

I have my own success story and I know many other successful internet marketers. And in this article I’m going to explain what affiliate marketing is about and I will also show you some facts so you know exactly if affiliate marketing is worth the effort.

First off, affiliate marketing is the type of business activity when you as an affiliate promote someone else’s product or service in exchange for monetary reward from a product or service owner.

There are countless products and services in any field and you can easily find a program that pays generously for your affiliate efforts.




To be successful in affiliate marketing you need to know 3 simples rules:

Rule #1 – Choose a product or service based on your passion. Never promote anything if you don’t feel passionate about it.

Because affiliate marketing takes effort and time in order to succeed while results are not guaranteed and that’s why you need to do what you love to do in order to keep motivated in hard times.

By hard times I mean the times when you fail to make as much money as you expected.


Rule # 2 – Never promote products or services if they are bad. Promote only those that you like and know exactly that they are of high quality. Because if you promote the bad ones you will lose trust of your visitors and by doing so you will destroy your business.


Rule #3 – Try to choose a product or service that is not too cheap because in this case you will need to make tons of sales in order to make some decent commissions. And also choose programs that pay generously, at least 25% per sale.

In case of Amazon affiliate program it’s a different story and although Amazon pays on average between 6%–8% it’s still an extremely popular program simply because people trust Amazon and buy from it which means a good potential to make a lot of sales for you.


Where to find products to promote

There are countless digital products promoted by such networks as:


There are other methods to find an affiliate program too. The easiest way to find a program based on your interest is through Google search.

Just as an example, if you want to promote antivirus software you can type the name of that software or just any antivirus software + affiliate program in Google and get multiple results.

If you want to promote luxury cars you can type exotic cars + affiliate program or exotic cars rental + affiliate program. Here are two affiliate programs that I found after 15 minutes of search in Google.

You can continue your search in the same way and you will find tons of programs literally in any field.


How much you can earn from affiliate marketing

As you can see, finding an affiliate program is not difficult at all. The question is what you can do with the product in order to make money with it. I have over two years of experience in affiliate marketing and now I’m consistently making money from my websites.

But in order to make money from your website you first need to build your website. Then you need to choose a product and write content about your product and then you need to market it to the world and drive traffic to your website.

Once you have steady traffic to your website you can turn your website into a money making machine. But how much money you can make from your affiliate website is a big question.

To be honest, no one knows how much money you can make. It depends on how much effort you are willing to put in your website.

I’m going to be honest with you. Normally it takes months before you can start seeing profit from your website. But sometimes it can happen faster. I personally made my first affiliate commission after two months of starting my website. By the end of my first year I started seeing affiliate commissions on a regular basis.



Note: You can earn more than this or nothing at all. Results are not guaranteed


Just as an example, starting from October 2015 to December 31, 2015 I made $2511. Not a lot, but not bad I think. Recently I even made $394 for two days. By this I mean that affiliate marketing is worth the effort.



Note: You can earn more than this or nothing at all.

Results are not guaranteed


I know other affiliate marketers, friends of mine who are making much more, but they started a few months before me. So, the potential of affiliate marketing is really huge. It’s up to you to make it work.


Where to start

In order to be successful with affiliate marketing you need to start with the right program. This is really important.

# 1

The best place to start is the one that can educate you so you can understand exactly how to make money with affiliate marketing, what to implement, what to avoid, how to replicate what works for you in order to make more profit etc.

# 2

The best place to start is the one that gives you all required tools, such as website builder, keyword research tool in order to find the best keywords that will flood your website with targeted visitors ready to buy your product or service.

# 3

The best place to start is the one that provides you with the best web-hosting service for your website to keep it secure and fast to load for your visitors.

# 4

The best place to start is the one that provides you with the best support possible so you don’t have to figure out what works and what doesn’t on your own.

Building an online business is an ongoing process and you need support from an experienced team that can help you at any time 24 hours a day. Without quality support you will simply get stuck at some point and quit.


Wealthy Affiliate

All in one place

If you can get all this in one place your success with affiliate marketing can be much faster and this place is the same program that helped me start with affiliate marketing and achieve results mentioned above.

The good news is that you can join this program as a free member and try it for the first seven days. So, no start up fees, no obligations. Just give it a try and see how it works in real time.

If you decide to stay there you need to upgrade your account and pay $19 for the first month and then $47 each month after.

If you want to pay less, you can choose one time yearly payment plan ($359) and in this case each month will cost you $29. I think it’s the best option and I’ve personally been a yearly paying member since 2013.


Is affiliate marketing worth the effort?

I hope you now see the picture and understand what affiliate marketing is about and it’s well worth the effort and time. Give it a try and see how it works. Thousands of others have already tried it and are doing alright with affiliate marketing.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to welcome you inside this program and help you start with affiliate marketing.




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  1. Tamara says:

    Hello Rufat, you wrote a great article about affiliate marketing. I have some experience with affiliate marketing but still not successful. I think that the problem is that I have chosen cheap products with low percentage per sale. I have used Amazon, but will check your network list. Thank you for such valuable information. Tamara

    • Rufat says:

      I think cheap products is not the main reason of your failure. Sometimes it’s better to sell cheap products that sell like crazy than selling expensive products that don’t sell at all. I think you need to give it more time and then you can start seeing more success in affiliate marketing. You can also try other networks like JVZoo. They have quality products with low refund rate. You can promote them through paid traffic and see how it works for you.

  2. Sazi says:

    Extremely informative post. I think choosing the right product/affiliate link is the key thing to do. This obviously ensures better income. I used to be afraid of failing In this regard, always asked myself ‘what if I don’t make any sales.’ But definitely affiliate marketing is the way to go. I’m certain now that I have all the tools I need. Thanks for that.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, choosing a good product means means make or break your business. I recently promoted a product with low refund rate and sold two of them while the product was not cheap. I earned $400 in affiliate commission for two days after promoting it. I think it shows very well the power of affiliate marketing. With the right tools and approach you can make a good income.

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