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What is Social Commissions – It’s not for Everyone

March 10, 2016 4 Comments


Note: It’s not an Advertisement


Product name: Social Commissions


Owner: Adrian Morrison

Price: $49 + 5 upsells

Overall rank 15 out of 100

Verdict: Borderline scam


What is Social Commissions? Social Commissions is a product from the desk of Adrian Morrison who is known as a successful internet marketer and his brother Anthony Morrison is a well known marketer too.

Based on my experience and knowledge I can say that these two guys have never created high quality products and their trainings always deliver little value to people though I don’t want to say that all their products are scams.

The main problem of their approach is that they fail to deliver what they promise to people and especially most of the time it’s related to Anthony.

When it comes to Social Commissions, I can’t confidently say that Adrian’s product is a scam, but it’s really not worth your time or money.

It’s really hard to recommend it to anyone and in my review I’m going to take a closer look at Adrian’s product so you can understand exactly what Social Commissions is all about and decide for yourself whether you want to buy it anyway or not.



Pros of Social Commissions

  • The idea of using POF is a nice idea
  • and you can make money using this method


Cons of Social Commissions

  • No quality support
  • Training is very limited
  • Unrealistic promises about making tons of money spending $5
  • POF doesn’t temporary accept registration for advertisers
  • Many upsells
  • Some technical issues on Adrian’s site
  • Many complaints


My first impressions of Adrian’s program and his approach

First off, I would like to say that Social Commissions is not for everyone and Adrian Morrison himself admits it. In his promotional video he repeats several times that his product is not for everyone.




He doesn’t even guarantee that you will make any money with his system. In the promo video he demonstrates how he conducts lessons with his students and they achieve fantastic results within a few hours and start making hundreds of dollars.

He shows that after 2,3 hours of applying his training material his students have made $150, $176 and $311. To be honest, I can’t prove that Adrian is lying to you, but I personally think that all these people are paid actors.




I have years of experience in making money online niche and believe me, I know a thing or two. Most of the time all those testimonials about people making millions of dollars are ordered at for $5-$10.




I’ve seen tons of such testimonials over the last few years and I personally don’t believe they are real. There are sure real testimonials too, but these I’m sure are paid ones.

It’s simply impossible for ordinary people to start making money in a few hours after applying Adrian’s training course.

I’m sure it’s he who helped them choose the right and proven products and organize promotional campaigns in a way so they could be profitable. If they did it themselves they would have never made a single dollar.


Can you trust Adrian?

To be honest, I find Adrian a bit controversial personality. On one hand he claims that by spending as little as $5 you can start making tons of money which doesn’t look realistic at all.

He brags that his students start making thousands of dollars in the first few months which is not believable. I know many internet marketers that are struggling

to make even $500 per month, not to mention $200 a day that Adrian talks about. On the other hand, he tries to be honest and tells that results are not typical and he can’t guarantee you anything.




He admits that many of you will not make even a penny with his system. And he admits that his training is not for everyone which is very important to note. I respect him for being honest.


What is Social Commissions?

Social Commissions is in fact a very limited training on how to use social network, such as Plenty of Fish – very popular dating site on the internet. In fact it’s # 1 dating site. It’s very similar to Facebook, but with a smaller audience.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of this website and the first time I heard about it was when I was watching a training video on CPA marketing by William Souza.

He is a very successful internet marketer and has been using this platform to make thousands of dollars. Next time when I heard about this site was when I came across Adrian’s course called Social Commissions.

From this perspective I know that it’s true that you can make money through Plenty of Fish. Because they have millions of members from different English speaking countries and you can advertise to them anything you want.

And the best part of it is that Plenty of Fish allows you to advertise depending on many factors, such as age, gender, marital status, interests, education, location.

Their members provide a lot of information on their profiles which makes this place an excellent place for targeted advertising.

But it doesn’t mean that money will be flowing into your pocket once you start advertising to people. It won’t happen. You must know how to advertise, what to advertise etc. It’s really not as simple as you might be thinking.

And remember that in order to make money with Adrian’s training you need to spend money on advertising which means if you fail to make sales you will be wasting your money.

The truth is that Adrian doesn’t explain how to make your campaigns profitable.




Some advertising tricks and technical issues

The normal price of this training is $49, BUT if you try to leave the page, Adrian is going to offer you a new price for $19. I really hate such an approach because in my opinion, it’s dishonest.

Imagine if you wouldn’t try to leave his page it means he would sell his amazing program for $49. Do you like such an approach? I personally hate things like that and I’m sure you hate too.


Note: It’s not an Advertisement


Note: It’s not an Advertisement


And I forgot to mention that there are number of upsells inside the members area too. I personally don’t like upsell strategy because it makes you feel that the product is not complete and you have to buy more and more products in order to succeed.

Also, when I tried to order his product I got this message. Take a look at the screenshot. It looks like this guy has serious problems on his website.





The most interesting part of my review of Social Commissions

I think the most obvious reason of the technical issue being on Adrian website is that he stopped selling his course and I will explain to you why. It’s truth that you can make money with Plenty of Fish IF you know how to do it properly.

The truth is that Plenty of Fish has recently stopped registration of new users wanting to advertise on their network. Take a look at the screenshot from their website.




It’s not known when they will start registration of new users again which means Adrian’s training is no more actual.


Social Commissions’ training

When it comes to Adrian’s training, it’s far from being a valuable source of education or information. In fact, he doesn’t teach you anything. He just shows you how to place ads on Plenty of Fish and link them to your website. That’s it.


Note: It’s not an Advertisement


Note: It’s not an Advertisement


If you need this type of info, you can find such videos on YouTube for free. There is no need to buy Adrian’s program. In fact, he tries to teach you affiliate marketing, i.e. how to promote different products and earn an affiliate commission when someone buys from your link (ad).

You don’t need lots of money in order to advertise on POF. You can start with $15. His training consists of 10 modules.

He doesn’t even explain to you the difference between linking your ad to your website or landing page and linking it directly to the offer.

Linking an offer directly to your ad doesn’t always work or to be exact, it doesn’t work well most of the time. You have to write a review of the product you want to promote and then link it to your ad.

Sometimes linking an ad directly to an offer does work IF seller’s landing page is good enough and converts well. Unfortunately, this sort of things are not explained by Adrian.


Can you really make money with Adrian’s Social Commissions?

As I said, Plenty of Fish does allow you to target different types of people depending on their age, gender, education, profession, interests, marital status.

The best way to monetize from this network is through promoting CPA offers that are free or promote weight loss products. And fortunately I came across another internet marketer who is of the same opinion.




You shouldn’t even think of promoting make money programs to that audience. By this I mean that without quality training on how to use Plenty of Fish the right way which Adrian doesn’t teach you, buying his course would be a waste of time.


Complaints about Social Commissions

I came across many complaints about Adrian’s Social Commissions on the internet after 5 minutes of search. I believe after taking a look at these complaints you won’t have any questions as to buy this course or not. You definitely should stay away from this one.










Final word on Social Commissions

My final opinion on Social Commissions is that the product is not a scam because the idea may work if you know how to approach this network the right way.

So, the idea of using Plenty of Fish is really a good idea. Especially for CPA marketers. But Adrian’s training is mediocre and I don’t really think you can achieve something big with such an approach.

But I respect him for being honest and admitting that his training is not for everyone which is true. And he doesn’t guarantee you anything BTW.

The bad news is that Plenty of Fish doesn’t temporary accept new registrations which means Adrian’s idea is not going to work for you. If you need to learn how to place ads on their site you can find tons of free videos on YouTube.

If you want to learn how to organize your campaigns the right way you would better start with a program that gives you free access for the first 7 days so you can try it before making a decision.

I started with this program too back in 2013 and now I’m doing alright. My recommended program will teach you everything you need to know about making money online or building landing pages or linking an offer to the landing page.

In fact, the program I’m talking about provides all-inclusive service. I recommend to start with my recommended free program and then upgrade your account for maximum results.

When it comes to understanding what is Social Commissions, I think you now understand that you definitely should pass this one.


Final glance at Social Commissions

  • No quality support
  • Training is very limited
  • Unrealistic promises about making tons of money spending $5.
  • POF doesn’t temporary accept registration for advertisers
  • Many upsells
  • Some technical issues on Adrian’s site
  • Many complaints
  • Overall rank: 15 out of 100
  • Verdict: Borderline scam




Tired of programs like Social Commissions? Here is my top recommended program!


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  1. New to Paleo, this helps! says:

    Thank you for the very detailed review of social commissions. It is unfortunate that most of these programs designed for you to make money online seem to provide very little value. As I can see, there are too many cons in this program and especially too many upsells. There are complaints and weak support. Fortunately, I have also found WA to be the real deal. The courses and community are second to none.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m afraid you’re right. Most programs that I’ve seen so far provide little value. When it comes to Social Commissions, it’s true that there are too many upsells. Plus POF is no longer accepting new advertisers which makes Social Commissions an outdated program. There are many complaints too, training is limited etc. Taking into account reputation of Adrian with other products I think you better save your money for a better alternative.

  2. Kris says:

    Rufat, this is in interesting review. I have seen this promoted on Twitter recently and have been wondering what the go was.
    Thank you for the warning though, I will be steering clear. Funny how you can’t even apply for new advertising on POF, even if you did sign up.
    Does that apply to all new advertisers, or just those associated with social commissions?
    I had never heard of plenty of fish, so thanks for bringing that to my attention also.
    Cheers, kris

    • Rufat says:

      You know, in addition to all the problems Social Commissions does have, their website is no longer operating which means you won’t be able even to order the product. No, it applies to all advertisers of POF. You can’t apply if you are a new user. I don’t know when they start accepting new users though. But I can tell you that Facebook ads provides a good opportunity to advertise to the audience depending on your preferences and I think it’s a good alternative to POF. When it comes to Social Commissions, I don’t recommend it.

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