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What is Visalus MLM? – Nothing Much

July 14, 2016 10 Comments



Product name: Visalus


Price: $37/month + upsells

Owner: Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, Nick Sarnicola

Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Visalus is just another MLM company that claims that you can make lots of money and to be honest, I’m tired of all these MLM opportunities. Over the last 6 months I’ve reviewed various MLM opportunities and unfortunately, most of them are in my not recommended list.

But it doesn’t mean that they are scams. When it comes to making money online, MLM is not the best opportunity simply because most people fail to achieve even a decent level of success.

Especially when it comes to Visalus, it’s a very decent opportunity due to many reasons that I’m going to discuss. I believe after reading my review you will see that my opinion is completely unbiased and I will show you some real facts.

In short, Visalus is a classic MLM opportunity, a decent one in my opinion and I’m going to prove it within my review. But it doesn’t mean that it’s a scam.


The main idea behind Visalus

Visalus is a classic MLM company that is specialized in weight loss products. Some people like their products while others don’t.

Like any other MLM program, the only pros they have is their compensation plan.

But there are some problems here too which makes this opportunity not so appealing. There are also some warnings from official organizations and complaints regarding MLMs.


Pros of Visalus

  • Compensation plan


Cons of Visalus

  • Requires a budget to invest into Visalus products
  • You need to be a sales person
  • Warnings from official organizations
  • Complaints
  • Visalus website looks untrustworthy
  • Visalus program is declining
  • Visalus training site is no longer operating


Though Visalus is not a scam, I can’t confidently recommend it to everyone due to many reasons explained in my review. If you’re looking for a genuine program, allow me to recommend you one that I’ve tried and the good news is that it’s FREE to try. No credit card required.


Visalus products

Visalus offers various products, such as weight loss kits, meals, drinks, snacks, supplements. You can either buy some of their products as a customer for your personal use or you can buy them in order to promote them and earn a commission from your sales.

But like any other weight loss products promoted by MLMs, they are not cheap. Almost all MLM programs that I’ve reviewed have overpriced products and it’s because otherwise they won’t be able to offer you their compensation plan.

I can’t say that their products are bad because I know some people who used Visalus products and they were happy with the quality. Anyway, Visalus products are expensive and you can find some other alternatives on the market for a lower price.




It’s not easy to convince other people to buy Visalus products because they are expensive and in fact they are going to replace your regular meal so you can lose your weight.

This means you have to buy Visalus expensive products on a regular basis and I don’t think it’s affordable for everyone. Anyway, here are Visalus products:


Featured kits:

  • Weight loss kit
  • Lifestyle kit
  • Fitness kit
  • Build your own


  • Vi-Shape Superfood
  • Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix
  • Vi Crunch
  • Vi Crunch Fusions
  • Shape-up Health Flavors


  • Neon
  • Visalus Go
  • Visalus Pro
  • Visalus Neuro


  • Nutra-bar
  • Vi Bites (four flavors)
  • Nutra-Cookie


  • Vi-Pak
  • Omega Vitals
  • Vi-Slim
  • Vi- Trim

UNFORTUNATELY, I can’t show prices of these products because like I said, Visalus has some major technical issues on their website. I tried to click on their “BUY” button and it sends to a non existent page associated with website.




In short, it returns an error and says: the site you were looking for couldn’t be found. I think anyone who has at least some experience online can easily understand that this type of technical problem is unforgivable for a solid company that claims to be such which is the case with Visalus.

But after some research I found some of their prices that you can see on the image below.




As you can see, their products are not cheap and you really need to work very hard in order to convince people to buy Visalus products.


Visalus compensation plan and how to be successful with Visalus

All MLM programs offer their compensation plan and if you want to benefit from it you have to become an aggressive promoter of their products.

In case with Visalus, if you can refer 3 people to Visalus and they become customers you will get Visalus product kit for free.

You have to first buy Visalus products in order to promote them which requires a budget. Promoting expensive products is not an easy task as you likely understand. If you have some experience in promoting MLM products then you may be successful with this opportunity.

Visalus team suggests that you first start with 7 days challenge, then 90 days in order to become a director. They suggest that you promote their products using social media platforms and also go public. Yes, that’s true.

Social media is a powerful thing. But you really need to spend ton of time hanging on social media sites in order to get maybe one customer.

And there is no guarantee that your customer will stay with Visalus long enough in order for you to earn a commission from them.

Like I said, you have to be very active and make appointments with people and show them products and ask them to try them out. If you are not a sociable person then you will have serious problems trying to promote Visalus products.




In the youtube video they recommend you to visit their website for the information regarding “Visalus Getting Started Training”, but the problem is that their recommended website is no longer operating!




You will see the same error message that says: the site you were looking for couldn’t be found. Anyway, you are advised to organize a party at your home and follow their instructions that you can see on image below.





The main problem with Visalus compensation plan like with any other MLM program is that their plans look great and fantastic only on paper.

Because in order for you to benefit from their compensation plan you need to invite ton of people to Visalus and even if you can do it, your invited people must stay as Visalus members first and then they must be active and invite other people and their invited people must stay active too.

If they don’t stay active and don’t invite other people you won’t make a big buck here. Plus your earnings start from 0% up to 25%.

You need to sell Visalus products for the amount of $200 at least in order to qualify for 10% commissions. Look at the image below.




Also, though Visalus compensation plan looks great on paper, you can’t fully benefit from it until you achieve a certain level within their referral program.

Being an associate in the first two levels you earn only 5%. If you reach 3-rd level and become a director you will earn 5% from four levels. And if you reach ambassador level you will earn 5% from all levels within their referral program.




As a director if you want to earn from four levels deep, your group of referrals must make close to $2.000 in sales. As a regional director in order to earn from 6 levels deep, your team must make over $12.000 in sales.

These numbers are really huge and it’s not easy to achieve this level of income. Like with any other MLM, you have to be very sociable and active in public and spend a lot of time with your referrals in order to explain to them how to invite other people.

And your success depends on how active will be your referrals and referrals of their referrals.

That’s why I don’t like MLM programs and never recommend them. But if you are a sales person and like this type of job you are free to join Visalus and see how it’s going to work for you.

Also, in order to become a distributor of Visalus products you have to choose one of their levels.

  • Basic level will cost you $49
  • ECS level will cost you $499
  • ESS will cost you $999

It’s true that you can make a lot of money with Visalus or any other MLM company, but another truth is that very few people can achieve that level because when it comes to MLMs, only people at the top make lots of money because they already have a huge team behind them.

Most people struggle to make a few bucks per month. That’s why many MLMs are called pyramid schemes by official organizations and below you can see the proof.





Can you lose your weight without Visalus products?

Yes, of course you can and anyone can do that. I have friends of mine who lost their weight in a couple months without buying any expensive products like Visalus or any other expensive magic drinks or meals.

There are tons of videos on Youtube that explain how you can lose your weight by following simple instructions and diet. Believe me, it’s not hard at all. You don’t need to starve in order to lose your weight.

Some motivation and discipline will be enough. This means that it won’t be easy to promote expensive Visalus products because most people won’t buy them.

Because they know that they can lose their weight without buying drinks, meals and weight loss kits that all MLMs advertise as magic products of super quality.


How can Visalus help you become successful?

Their training guide website is not operating. The only thing they recommend is to follow their instructions that I’ve mentioned above. All MLMs are good at teaching people how to become a good sales person.

If you think this is exactly what you have been looking for then you can join Visalus. There is no step-by-step training on how to promote Visalus using online methods, such as SEO – main source of traffic BTW.

And it doesn’t make much sense because you have to buy Visalus products first in order to promote them.

That’s why I think all MLMs in general and Visalus in particular are very specific opportunities and if you’re looking for a genuine program to make money online you better pass on this program.

BTW, Visalus company is declining and you can see the proof from the reports below.




Visalus Bimmer Club program

As I said above, you can qualify for BMW within Visalus compensation program – Bimmer club. Visalus team claims that they have the most attainable auto incentive program in the industry.

But you can participate in this program only if you can reach the rank of regional director or above.




They claim that this bonus program will cover the cost of a new BMW (black, silver or green) and they claim that a new person qualifies for a new BMW every 40 minutes.

I’m pretty sure that this is far from the truth. In fact, Visalus is not going to give you a BMW for free. Once you win BMW and start paying for it from your commissions you need to continue your efforts in order to earn enough commissions to pay for the BMW.

If your earnings drop you then need to pay for the BMW out of your pocket. Does it look appealing to you? Do you really need a BMW in a such a tricky way?


Complaints about Visalus

Though there are complaints about Visalus I can’t say that it’s a scam. But complaints that I’ve come across clearly show that Visalus is not a good opportunity that I could recommend to everyone.

Just read the complaints below and the decision is yours. I personally wouldn’t want to become a part of such a program like Visalus after reading these complaints.




Final word on Visalus

Though Visalus MLM is not a scam I believe this program is not going to stay long because as you can see from my review, their business is declining and I don’t think it’s going to improve.

Though their compensation plan looks appealing, in reality it’s not. There are some obvious unethical practices like their BMW program where they lock people into monthly payments that they are not aware of and can’t even afford.




Visalus website not only looks unprofessional, it looks untrustworthy. As you can see on the screenshot above, their website doesn’t load and some images as well.

I think these website issues prove that Visalus is no longer successful and it’s declining. Reports shown above prove this fact too.

In order to be successful with Visalus you need to have a solid budget and you need to constantly recruit new people into the program and they must stay active.

Because if they are not active, you won’t make any money. To keep people active is a big challenge because like I said, Visalus is declining and most people leave the program short after joining.

And remember that you are very dependent on your downline in terms of success. website that offers you a training guide is no longer operating which means for the most part you are on your own and your success depends on how active and helpful will be your MLM sponsor.

There are even more reasons that you’ve seen above and I think there are too many of them and I believe if you are looking for a genuine program, Visalus MLM is definitely not the right one. If you want the right one, just click on the link at the end of my review. I tried it and I can vouch for it.


Final glance at Visalus

  • Compensation plan
  • Requires a budget to invest into Visalus products
  • You need to be a sales person
  • Warnings from official organizations
  • Complaints
  • Visalus website looks untrustworthy
  • Visalus program is declining
  • Visalus training site is no longer operating
  • Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Tired of programs like Visalus? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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  1. Wade says:

    Hey Rufat

    I have been a part of an MLM program many years ago called Omegatrend. Basically a home products type of deal.

    The meetings are very ‘inspirational’ with those look at what I have achieved… type of presentations, which had you all motivated and ready for action.

    But making money relied on buying products that were a little more expensive than supermarkets and getting others to do the same.
    At that stage I was focused on reducing my spending so buying particular products that cost more just didn’t gel with me.

    I also found the meetings and sales pitch well, too pitchy. I found that this type of selling was just not for me.

    While this program was not a scam, it was not a great fit for me at all, and I find these type of systems less than desirable.

    That BMW scheme you pointed out is a BIG what the…. smells dodgy to me.

    Thanks for your time in reviewing this one.


    • Rufat says:

      Totally agree with you Wade. There is too much noise around this type of presentations and they are too pitchy. Spending money on products that may be hard to sell is another problem in my opinion. MLM programs can really inspire you, but I don’t think there is a good chance for success due to a competition and overpriced products being pushed to you. Visalus is not a scam of course, but it’s a very specific program designed for people with MLM experience and strong sales skills.

  2. Robert Allan says:

    Hello Rufat
    To be perfectly honest with you I believe that at the end of the day all MLMs are scam Pyramid Schemes and the only ones making real money are those at the top of the Pyramid.
    Therefore I agree with you about Visalus. Its just another program to get you to part with your money and you will see very little or no return on your investment.
    You do mention Wealthy Affiliate and as a member of that community I have to say this is the real deal simply because it does not say it will make you money.
    What it does say is that it will show you, give you the training and point you in the right direction how to make money. As far as I am concerned that is the big difference compared to these programs such as MLMs.
    Have a great day.
    Robert Allan

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Robert, I can’t completely agree with you because not all MLMs are pyramid schemes. Some are legit. But even in the best scenario, I wouldn’t recommend Visalus due to many reasons mentioned in my review. As for WA, I agree that the best part of WA is that they never promise instant wealth to anyone. You said it right. They just teach you how to make money, but they don’t guarantee success.

  3. Alec Terry says:

    Hi Rufat,

    I couldn’t agree more with you when it comes to all of the MLM opportunities. While it may not be a scam, I definitely do not think that its the best way to go about doing business. There are some positives, but I do find it to be extremely awkward to talk to people about it because it sounds like a pyramid scheme. And once your friend thinks you are trying to rope them into a pyramid scheme, it really puts a strain on the friendship.

    I know because I have tried to do MLM in the past and really did not like it. Thank you for your honest and candid review.

    • Rufat says:

      I really can’t say that all MLMs are bad because some of them have real products and their products are that bad. They have many successful members and their companies are operating for many years. But the truth is that most of them are not good and people lose their hard earned money. MLM is a good opportunity for some people that have good selling skills, are communicative, hard working and not shy. Only this type of people can achieve success with MLMs. It’s good that you’ve had some experience with MLMs and understand what I’m talking about. Not all, but many MLM promoters are really annoying when it comes to promoting MLM products and recruiting someone into the program.

  4. Tar says:

    Hello Rufat,

    There is something wrong indeed when a product is declining even if it helps people to lose weight. Normally, high quality products shouldn’t be an issue but then again, there are so many flaws which makes quality insufficient that lead to the downfall on Visalus. Ah the compensation plan, it’s always one where MLM sales agent would point out the benefits of registering to be a member and get referrals.

    • Rufat says:

      That’s true about Visalus. It’s not surprising that all MLMs have a good compensation plan because it’s the only way to attract people to their program. Those who can be good at sales can make a lot of money through MLM’s compensation plan. Unfortunately, most people can never achieve such a level of income. Anyway, I believe Visalus mlm is not the best program out there compared to other MLMs that I’ve seen so far. As you can see, Visalus does have too many flaws and there are other better mlm programs out there.

  5. Warren says:

    Rufat, what a complete and very in-depth look at this company. I don’t like MLMs and not because they’re MLMs but because I am not a salesman. I use to belong to Herbalife and Amway and I just didn’t want to bother friends and family and try to talk them into buying overpriced stuff. So I’m going to heed your warning and stay away from these guys. Thank for the info.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree with you Darren on this. Like you, I’m not a sales person and don’t like MLM type of businesses. Simply because they always promote products that are way more expensive than other similar products available on the market. And I perfectly understand their policy. It’s because they need to pay to their members through their compensation plan. Not all but many of them are really annoying trying to promote MLM products to everyone they know. But for some people MLM does work very well.

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